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Everyone was asked to help win the war, by making extra efforts and working harder on the 'home front'. With so many men away in the Forces, millions of women worked in factories, on buses and trains, and in hospitals and schools. Posters showed people how to put on a gas mask, how to plant vegetables, and how to collect scrap metal. Posters, radio, films and newspapers were used to keep up people's spirits, make the most of victories and make fun of the enemy. To prevent road accidents in the blackout, white bands were painted around trees and lamp-posts. A Home Guard book explained that pigeons could carry messages; the book pointed out that 'pigeons cannot talk' and so could not reveal secrets to the enemy if captured! Soldiers were invited to watch children's dancing classes put on shows - the men got a free cup of tea! Countries (including Britain, France, the Soviet Union and the USA) who joined forces to fight the Axis Powers.
Weapon first used in 1945 when two bombs were dropped on Japan, killing more than 100,000 people.
A network of civilian volunteers who assisted in the war effort by helping in air raids and rescuing people from bombed buildings.
Short for National Socialist Party (in Germany), a follower of Hitler was also called a Nazi.
Non-Politically Correct Reporter, Director, Alternative News, History, Politics, Culture, World Events, Views. As soon as the Nazi’s arrived in Vienna there was an outbreak of vicious anti-semitism.

The men themselves were tall, young, handsome, smart and polished, and I realised, unbelievable though this may sound, that I admired these soldiers and was even proud of them. Who were these men and women who surged to the streets, breaking into Jewish homes and shops, looting and stealing?
I have amended the date accordingly, although it it not clear from Clare’s memoir that the incident involving him took place on the 12th. Around midnight, President Miklas, realizing his own position was hopeless, appointed Seyss as the new Chancellor of Austria. Some stalwarts dig snow from a hole with a plank they have found, while others use their mess tins. Admiral Doenitz, who immediately came on the air, said his task was to save the German people from annihilation at the hands of Bolshevism. Children saved pennies, collected scrap metal and food waste, and knitted woolly hats for soldiers and refugees. There were Americans, Canadians, Australians, New Zealanders, Africans, Indians and West Indians.
The American airmen arranged children's parties, and many children got to like chewing gum and American 'candy' (sweets). So conditioned was I, the 17 year old Jew, by my Austro-German upbringing, so deeply ingrained was all I had read, that I could not see these clean-limbed young men as my enemies.
What were they like, the creatures who drag Jewish men, women and children out into the streets, forced them to their knees, and ordered them to scrub away the Schuschnigg plebiscite slogans which had been painted on the pavements and the walls of houses, often by the very people who are now falling about with laughter as they watched their Jewish victims.
Meanwhile in Germany many Jews were lulled into a false sense of security by the gradually increasing persecutions imposed by the Nazi regime. At dawn on Saturday, March 12, 1938, German soldiers in tanks and armored vehicles roared across the German-Austrian border on schedule.

But the Germans entered Austria on 12 March 1938, reaching Vienna the same day, not on the 15th.
Afterwards, like badgers in their setts, they cover themselves with everything available and try to sleep.
Sewing classes and leaflets showed people how to make coats from blankets, or baby clothes from old pillowcases. There were also people from occupied countries: French, Poles, Czechs, Norwegians and others.
The Nazis, the SS, the SA, they were my enemies, but not the young and handsome soldiers of the Wehrmacht.
Germany would have to continue the fight against Britain and America as long as they "hindered this purpose". Many of Austria’s seven million ethnic Germans had longed to attach themselves to the rising star of Germany and its dynamic Fuhrer, a son of Austrian soil. For many of the men hunger is all-consuming as a result of the painful stress the march has inflicted, crushing their bodily strength. Could I have been one of them, attracted by the power and the glory of Hitlers’ Reich? While you will be able to view the content of this page in your current browser, you will not be able to get the full visual experience. Please consider upgrading your browser software or enabling style sheets (CSS) if you are able to do so.

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