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Business Communication: Basic Concepts and Skills deals with the basic concepts and practices of communication and their applications in the business world today. South Asia Books is representing most of the major Indian publishers, including Motilal, DK, Manohar, Abhinav, Vikas, Eastern Book Linkers, Rawat, and Satguru. South Asia Books, located at Columbia, Missouri - mid-way between St Louis and Kansas City, USA, has since its start in 1969 evolved from a supplier of rare volumes from India and Pakistan to the major supplier for India related monographs for bookstores, wholesalers, libraries, and individuals.
South Asia Books is known to be the best collection of books on South Asia available outside of the region itself!
South Asia Books adds approximately 1,000 new titles annually, representing most of the major Indian publishers, including Motilal, DK, Manohar, Abhinav, Vikas, Eastern Book Linkers, Rawat, and Satguru. Communication Skills for Business Professionals is a student-friendly introduction to the principles and practice of effective communication in the workplace. Phillip Cenere is Associate Dean, Honours Coordinator and Senior Lecturer and Course Coordinator (Public Relations) at Notre Dame University, School of Business. The present-day global market demands employment-ready graduates with good communication skills.

Its stock includes thousands of titles available for sale, plus thousands of other used and single title books, including a large selection of art history and language related texts. Engagingly written and full of real-life examples, it explains the key theories underpinning communication strategies and encourages students to consider how to apply them in a contemporary business environment. Phillip previously worked as a features journalist and critic for multimedia and trade publications and taught across a range of business and communication subjects at The University of Wollongong, Macquarie University and The University of Technology, Sydney. The book will help prepare students to meet this important requirement for jobs in the corporate world by equipping them with the necessary knowledge and technical know-how. After working through foundation topics such as understanding the audience, persuasion and influence, negotiation and conflict management, and intercultural complexities, students will explore the various modes and contexts of workplace communication including meetings, oral communication, written reports and correspondence. Phillip is Managing Director of Engines of Success, a consultancy venture providing business and communications coaching.
The text incorporates discussion of new digital technologies such as virtual real-time communication, and dedicates an entire chapter to the specific considerations involved in writing for the web. He advises senior executives on corporate governance and stakeholder engagement and serves as a director on boards and committees.

With its emphasis on Australian contexts and examples, Communication Skills for Business Professionals is an excellent introduction to the world of professional communication.
It has exercises at the end of every chapter that reinforce the most important points taken up in it and also simple classroom activities to help initiate active learning based on real-life situations.
1 The Nature and Process of Communication 2 Types of Communication Section II: What Makes Communication Effective?
She completed a Masters of Professional Communication in 2000 and began lecturing part time in journalism, public relations and professional communication, in addition to police work. Her research interests include organisational communication, organisational culture and policing history.
In 2012, she was voted by the students as one of the University's best lecturers, receiving a Student Voice Award.

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