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Illustration, design, print and mailout organisation of numerous items for CBRE Global Investors Annual Conference including: Banners, Signs, Maps, Invitations, Envelopes, Badges, Brochures, Menus, Stage Decor.
To ensure it was an appropriate cover for a children's book, we focussed the cover around the pink colours which feature predominantly inside the book, and kept the illustration of Samantha herself quite simple, setting her up as the bright and bold focus point of the cover.

Alan Scragg a€“ a€?Scraggiea€™ provides cartoon illustration, book illustration, humorous illustration, caricatures, character design, animation, graphic design, comics and cartoon strips for newspapers and magazines, greeting cards, websites, advertising and PR agencies, publishers and corporate clients. This is quite a simple but effective design, which places the central character of the story in the middle of the page, with the various activities she partakes in silhouetted in the background.

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