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Living without chronic disease and energy is within your reach eating highly NUTRIENT DENSE food.
Massive amounts of dyes, chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, and toxins – the average is 14 pounds a year.
The Eat to Live concepts are illustrated by comparing NUTRIENT DENSITIES of different foods -eat more of the  NUTRIENT DENSE FOODS!
Nutritional science in the last twenty years has demonstrated that colorful plant foods contain a huge assortment of protective compounds, mostly of which still remain unnamed.
Only by eating an assortment of nutrient-rich natural foods can we access these protective compounds and prevent the common diseases that afflict Americans. Our modern, low-nutrient eating style has led to an overweight population, the majority of whom develop diseases of nutritional ignorance, causing our medical costs to spiral out of control. To guide people toward the most nutrient dense foods, Joel Fuhrman, MD, developed a scoring system called ANDI (Aggregate Nutrient Density Index), which ranks foods based on their ratio of nutrients to calories. Because phytochemicals are largely unnamed and unmeasured, these rankings underestimate the healthful properties of colorful natural plant foods compared to processed foods and animal products.
One thing we do know is that the foods that contain the highest amount of known nutrients are the same foods that contain the most unknown nutrients too. Keep in mind that nutrient density scoring is not the only factor that determines good health.
For example, if we only ate foods with a high nutrient density score our diet would be too low in fat. So we have to pick some foods with lower nutrient density scores (but preferably the healthier ones) to include in our high nutrient diet. Additionally, if a slim  or highly physically active individual ate only the highest nutrient foods they would become so full from all of the fiber and nutrients that would keep them from meeting their caloric needs and they would eventually become too thin.
This of course gives you a hint at the secret to permanent weight control – to eat the greatest quantity of the foods with the highest ANDI scores, and lesser amounts of foods with lower ANDI scores. For further information, read chapter 3 of Eat for Health, in which I discuss nutrient density and the importance of phytochemicals in detail.
To determine the scores above almost all vitamins and minerals were considered and added in.
Nutrient quantities, which are normally in many different measurements (mg, mcg, IU) were converted to a percentage of their RDI so that a common value could be considered for each nutrient. There is really no other way to eat long-term and be health and thin – your calories must be packed with nutrients. The fats in nuts, seeds, avocados, coconut, clean wild fish, and grass fed animals are HEALTHY. Eliminate bread (which are almost all empty carbs), pasta (again, most all you eat will be empty sugar), packaged foods, sugary juices, diet drinks (drink water and organic green tea), dairy, etc.
Dietary Reference Intakes for Energy, Carbohydrate, Fiber, Fat, Fatty Acids, Cholesterol, Protein, and Amino Acids. Meatless Monday: The issue of dieting is so prevalent in our society, our culture, and our media.
MM: If anyone follows the Standard American Diet, they certainly would not be a Nutritarian. MM: In your private practice, when patients switch to your dietary plan, what results do they experience? MM: So your patients become more active, they get off medication, they get their health back. MM: For all the parents in our audience, I want to plug our initiative called The Kids Cook Monday, but I also want to promote one of your most vital books, Disease-Proof Your Child.
Whenever you start your Amazon shopping through this link, FFV earns a small commission at no additional cost to you. From the book Eat to Live: The Revolutionary Formula for Fast and Sustained Weight Loss by Dr.
NUTS and RAW SEEDS, but not ground flax, are optional for obese or overweight persons while they follow this weight loss plan.
Recipes suitable for the Eat to Live program can be found throughout this website, in the Eat to Live tag section, and on the Blog. Does anyone have any idea if you’re supposed to weigh the cooked vegetables before or after they’re cooked to get the 1 lb figure? Hi all, I have not been here in a long time I had lost 23 lbs and looked good and felt better. Iva, If you had just looked at the info on this page almost all your questions would be answered. If you want to become vegan and have a difficult time eating a plant based diet just watch Earthlings on YouTube.
Personally I have been on this plan for a week and I did cheat and have a little meat, I still have lost 7 lbs! I did have a hard copy of the book but I guess that got lost so I am using your instructions and doing the best I can. I have not been hungry, but it is important to eat enough raw veggies (my thoughts anyway) give it a try you might just lose a little weight.
I ask this because I would love to be able to eat this way, however, I just don’t seem to feel quite right whenever I try this diet. I was wondering, in order to get adequate protien, is it safe to take vegan protein powder?
Today is my third day on ETL plan and I have already lost 1.2kgs, I know its fluid but its still amazing. I’m feeling lean and healthy and my lab tests are very good (for my age and medical history).

I need to lose 25 pounds and I lose weight very very slowly, so I will probably need to be in the plan for about 6-8 months. Read ETL 6 years ago, and had my husband read it as well…then the whole family made the switch.
Carl Swanson – Your comment about only loosing muscles mass and not fat defies all the scientific research. I just wanna say that I did this diet for a month and lost almost 10 pounds but looking back most of the weight I lost was muscle mass in my legs.
As a lifelong (66yrs)victim of the North American diet i find myself 100lbs overweight, out of control diabetes,high blood pressure and high cholesterol. For a Vegan diet that is very close to this one and works beautifully, try the 21-day vegan kickstart! Susan’s Kitchen BlogJacked-Up Vegan RibsJackfruit adds tenderness, moisture, and a pull-apart texture to these incredible seitan-based vegan ribs. Slow Motion MiracleA Watched Pot (And A Shout Out To Straight Up Food)  It was a hot and muggy day in northeast Portland. Nutrient Data from Nutritionist Pro software for an equal caloric amount of each food item was obtained. Since there is currently no RDI for Carotenoids, Glucosinolates, or ORAC score, goals were established based on available research and current understanding of the benefits of these factors.
Fuhrman’s nutrient density food rankings, scoring system, and point determinations of foods and it dietary application to individual medical needs is patented. It is the rancid, highly heated vegetable oil and trans- fats, which are one step away from eating plastic. 2004; Lipophilic and Hydrophilic Antioxidant Capacities of Common Foods in the United States.
Fuhrman’s #1 New York Times best-selling book, Eat to Live, originally published in 2003 (Little Brown), has sold over 1,000,000 copies and has been published in multiple foreign language editions.
From Paleo to Wheat Belly to a growing interest in vegetarianism, many people are either on a diet, off a diet, or thinking about a diet. Nutritional science has made exponential advances in recent years, and the only thing that makes sense is telling someone to eat fewer foods that are bad for you and more foods that are good for you.
I’d love to give our readers specific information about what they should be eating for good health. But the main reason is, America is eating too many animal products and too much animal protein.
It’s 60% of calories from processed food, which spikes up insulin–which is a fat storage hormone and promotes cancer–and then it’s 30% of calories from animal products, which raise IGF-1, which promotes cancer, as well. People can sometimes lose a pound a day the first week, and 10 to 15 pounds the first month.
To this day, when some people hear my plan, they’ll tell me, ‘I can’t do that.’ They can go to a hospital three times a week and get dialysis. I’m sure a lot of parents don’t understand the relationship between what their kids eat now and their long-term health. You say just by eating the right food, a person can stop or even reverse their Type 2 diabetes. Our healthcare system has evolved into an industry where doctors mostly provide drugs, instead of being teachers of healthy living. Mammograms will detect cancer in a woman after she’s had cancer in her body for about 10 years.
I always say in my public appearances, we should be teaching our children ‘reading, writing, arithmetic and nutrition.’ Because we graduate from high school, colleges, professional schools, medical schools, PhD’s, and people know nothing about nutrition. I spent my twenties drinking and smoking and partying until I got married and spent the second half of my 20s and the first half of my 30s having babies and yoy-ing in weight and health. You should see a doctor if that really happened to you as the body always burns glycogen first, fat second and spares muscle last as a survival tactic.
There was no way I could prepare our sweet potatoes the way I thought I like them best–roasted or baked in the oven. It is EMPTY CARBS that are killing American’s through obesity, heart disease, and cancer. Weight comes off pretty easily if you calorically restrict but, after a while, you can’t live with yourself being hungry all the time, and you go back to eating a normal amount of food and you gain the weight back. Studies have shown that if someone eats a higher concentration of dark greens in their diet, their cancer rates drop tremendously, more than 50%. A Nutritarian, on the flip side, is a person with the knowledge base that what they eat controls their health destiny. Even worse, processed foods and animal products both don’t contain antioxidants and phytochemicals. So that means in that 10 year period, once a woman is diagnosed with cancer by a mammogram, a majority of women will have the cells spread outside of the breast, because the cancer has been there a long time. Someone wrote, “The End of Dieting should be taught in schools.” Can you imagine if that happened, if high school students and school kids brought this information home to their parents?
It’s the most important thing that people should be informed about because it affects their ability not just to live longer, but also to be happy in life, to have normal brain function. I feel best when I have at least 18 grams of protein per meal, so I have been adding these in, just not sure how much can be taken safely?
My 3rd child will be 2 in August and I am about 30 pounds heavier than is healthy (and comfortable) for me. I know its only a few days but I’ve heard so many people say they could tell they lost weight in the first week. My question is are we allowed to eat out on the 6 week plan even if we choose veggies as the dinner option ?

I eat a big salad and bowl of bean soup or vegetable chili and feel full, but in a a hour or two I’m hungry again. The % RDI or Goal for each nutrient which the USDA publishes a value for was added together to give a total.
There’s a big difference between “going on a diet” and “improving your diet.” I’m not discouraging people from making good food choices but they have to make choices keeping the long range goal in mind. But now you gain more weight back than you originally had because you’ve slowed down your metabolic rate and your fat storing hormones because you were calorically restricting. You want to eat fewer foods that promote fat storage in the body and more foods that don’t promote fat storage in the body. Studies also show that people who eat a higher amount of onions, compared to people who eat a normal amount, their cancer rates drop 50-80%.
A Nutritarian knows that they can control their future health by the food choices they make. So the amount of vegetation and plant food is dangerously low, combined with the particular mix of the highly processed carbohydrates with the amount of animal products. If people are taking one or two medications for blood pressure or diabetes, for example, quite often after one week we are taking one medication away and by the first month we’re cutting the second medication.
They are a profession that’s diagnosing and treating disease, and the reality is, the treatments hardly work and the small benefits place people at significant risk, while the underlying disease process continues to advance. We know that processed foods and animal products and commercially baked goods are linked to depression. For me, I had been eating a certain way for 30 plus years, it was a hard adjustment for my body, but it turned around, and I’ve never been so grateful! All nutrients were weighted equally with a factor of one except for the foods ORAC score. And the long-range goal has to be: what can I eat to keep my weight stable, what can I eat regularly, and what foods can I eat every day that will lower my chances of disease like cancer, diabetes and heart attack. What makes my work unique is I am encouraging people to eat much larger amounts of healthier food.
Then the government started subsidizing meat and dairy, making these products cheaper, and now you have Americans eating animal products three times a day. So whether it’s headaches, asthma, pain, high blood pressure, high glucose levels or high cholesterol, we see people feeling better, thinking more clearly, being more physically active.
How you eat in your childhood has a bigger contributory factor with regard to diseases like cancer. If we can get to women before they get diagnosed with breast cancer, if we can get women to eat berries, flax seeds, onions and mushrooms, all these anti-breast cancer foods before they get a diagnosis of cancer, that’s when you have the most power to prevent the cancer from developing to begin with. Would it be better to add a couple more meal times to get all the food in or just stick with what I’m eating? The ORAC score was given a factor 2 (as if it were two nutrients) due to the importance of antioxidant phytonutrients so that a contribution  from unnamed and unscored anti-oxidant phytochemicals were represented in the scoring. You take years to gain all the weight, then you rapidly lose weight, then you get it back again. That’s 21 servings of animal protein a week, whether meat or chicken or fish or dairy, at every meal.
And number three, the drugs are not going to make you live longer; they might even accelerate your death.
They are linked to lower intelligence, to lower concentration in schools, to people’s inability to be productive in life. We no longer have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, after 3 years I found my vision had changed and I no longer needed glasses, depression went away, we sleep better, have more energy and are rarely sick and when we are, it’s so much less severe. The sum of the food’s total nutrient value was then multiplied by a fraction to make the highest number equal 1000 so that all foods could be considered on a numerical scale of 1 to 1000.
And we’re finding out that’s much too much animal protein, leading to increased risk of cancer, heart disease, and particularly leading to risk of hormonally sensitive cancers, like colon cancer and breast cancer. People with Type 1 diabetes should have this information; even though they will still need some insulin, this program can save their life. In other words, the American diet is detrimental not just to longevity but also to our performance and our happiness. It’s very simple: every food we are talking about in the G-BOMBS list, when people eat just more of those foods in particular, they have longer lives, they have lower cholesterol, lower rates of diabetes, and lower rates of cancer. A Nutritarian recognizes that certain foods have protective affects, and they choose to put these quality foods in their body. Assays for Hydrophilic and Lipophilic Antioxidant Capacity of Plasma and Other Biological and Food Samples. But instead of information about food, people are given more and more drugs, and they aren’t being told that the drugs will hurt them.
And, what if you did this at an age that was young enough to get the maximum benefits, before you have cancer in your body? The point is, these foods give people tremendous power to protect their own health and live a long life. We now have the evidence that can dramatically impact our life span, our quality of life, and really win the war on cancer in America.

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