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While reading is a satisfying and enriching activity in itself, the experience can become far more enjoyable if you have someone to share and discuss it with – hence, the popularity of book clubs. The first step is to decide what the focus of your book club is – decide why you are setting it up, and what you hope to achieve from it (i.e. Then, figure out what sort of books your club will be focusing on, and the method for choosing the book.
Once these points are clear, it is time to move on to figuring out the logistics – timings, dates, and venues for meetings.
Getting together a group of friends or like-minded people to form a book club is a great activity, and organising a book club need not be hard if you go about it in a methodical fashion.
Are you going for fiction, non-fiction, or a particular genre, like biographies, travel books, classics, etc?
The time and dates should be okayed by all the members, and most book clubs tend to hold monthly meetings, as this gives everybody ample time to finish the book.

Will the host serve as an official discussion leader, or will it be an informal exchange of ideas and opinions? Will it be a serious, discussion-oriented club, or one that simply meets for a light chat over coffee? Decide who will be setting the date and time, and what method this individual will use to communicate the information to other group members – phone, text, email, etc. Set timings for discussion, refreshment, and a certain amount of time for choosing the next book for the members to read. To keep it exciting, keep making appropriate changes to the format, or organise special events, like inviting an author to speak. Are you looking for people with whom you have something in common, or a more diverse group? Some book clubs select their titles for a whole year beforehand, while others select on a monthly basis.

The venue can be anywhere – a local cafe, a bookstore, a library, someone’s sitting room, or even an online chat room for a virtual book club. You can either choose a particular point for the discussion to focus on, or go for a free exchange of ideas – however, work on tactics that will keep the discussion relevant, and on track. You will also need to decide how big you want your club to be – smaller groups are more conducive for heavy discussion, while the larger ones tend to be more party-like.

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