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This movie is again based on a Chetan Bhagat novel named Five Point Someone which was a bestseller.
Omkara, the directorial venture of Vishal Bharadwaj is an adaptation from the book named Othello written by Shakespeare. Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises are the three titles of movies under the Batman series of movies directed by Christopher Nolan and the main lead of Batman played by Christain Bale.
The Twilight series of films are based on the Twilight novel series written by Stephenie Meyer. The most famous and successful book based film series would be Harry Potter series of films without a doubt, which concluded with its sixth and final film. The return of fall has brought back one of my absolutely favorite traditions – Friday Family Night. These are all movies based on books from my 100 Chapter Books You MUST Read to Your Kids list.
Again, if you’d like to check out the books that these movies are based on, check out THIS POST!
When Tom, a small-town restaurant owner, is confronted by two robbers, he guns them down and his declared a town hero. While the film follows the basic plot of the comic on which it is based, it uses the concepts presented in the comic as a springboard to tell a bigger story. Hollywood is so devoid of ideas these days that they’re turning to comics for their generic action movies.
But while Timecop: The Movie was just an excuse for JCVD to roundhouse kick people in the face while traveling through time, it managed to become a box office smash. Men in Black has gone on to become a beloved franchise, with three movies, an animated series, and a theme park attraction under its belt. The comic version of the MIB differs greatly from the eventual film, with the titular Men in Black fighting zombies, werewolves, and other monsters in addition to extraterrestrial threats. As a movie, Whiteout was a lifeless, formulaic thriller that managed to bomb at the box office. Despite the movie becoming a complete and utter flop, Rucka would revisit the world of Whiteout several times, with two well-regarded sequels being released. The story examines the ramifications of violence, and the important relationship between a father and his son.
Despite these criticisms, the writer of the original comic, Max Allan Collins, has returned to the comic that made him famous with two sequels, Road to Purgatory and Road to Paradise. Beloved comic book writer and noted weirdo Alan Moore is responsible for some of the greatest comics ever written, including Watchmen, V for Vendetta, and Miracleman.
From Hell is also considered to be one of the films that catapulted Johnny Depp into stardom, with his roles in Once Upon A Time in Mexico and Pirates of the Caribbean following soon after. Watching two cynical teenagers wander around their town, mock strangers, avoid schoolmates, and come of age doesn’t exactly sound like the most exciting film in the world, but Ghost World manages to turn these events into a story that anyone can relate with.
First released in 1993, Ghost World followed Enid and Rebecca, two psuedo-intellectual outcast best friends as they deal with growing up and growing apart. The movie has gone on to become a cult classic, becoming particularly popular among teenagers.
While Ghost World dealt with themes that everyone could relate to, Art School Confidential was a little more out there.
While the movie was adapted for the silver screen by Daniel Clowes, the film bears little resemblance to the original comic. While many comics are changed when being adapted for the silver screen, no property has been changed as drastically as The Mask. In the comic version, however, the mask drives its wearer insane, turning the person into a relentless killing machine. When police respond to a domestic violence call at Stanley and Kathy’s apartment, Stanley puts on the mask and murders 11 police officers.
The film ended up spawning a slew of spin-offs, including video games and an animated series, and was eventually followed by a dreadful sequel starring Jamie Kennedy. Images from the web about a movie based on the video game tetris is coming soon to a theater near you, hope you like them. It is a crime drama film with extremely dark shades to it with a very tragic climax, very beautifully made and unconventional in nature. These movies are based on a fictional superhero character Batman which is created by Bob Kane.
Have fun together as a family, and I hope some of these movies get you and your kids reading together! Please notice that unless specified otherwise the copyright of all the articles in this blog belongs to the author of this blog.

No Copy without reference or permission.I have spend a lot of time creating the contents of my blogs. With Captain America and Superman making tons of money at the box office, everyone is looking to get a piece of the comic book pie. Characters names are changed, backstories are lost, character motivations are totally different, and the ending received a complete tonal make-over. 2 Guns was a forgettable popcorn movie starring Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg as two criminals on the run, with plenty of explosions and one liners to distract from the pure mediocrity. Timecop originally appeared in an anthology series published by Dark Horse comics titled Dark Horse Presents, appearing in three issues before disappearing from the series. A direct to DVD sequel eventually followed, but it featured neither JCVD nor roundhouse kicks, so no one cared.
Additionally, Agent Jay, later portrayed by Will Smith in the big screen version, was a white guy. Only three issues of the comic were published before Aircel Comics was bought by Malibu Comics, who were eventually snatched up by Marvel Comics. Marshal fighting through the snow and the freezing temperatures of Antarctica in relentless pursuit of a dangerous killer. While Greg Rucka, the author of the comic, was quick to defend the movie and applaud the director for faithfully adapting the source material, critics were ruthless on the film.
But considering how well the film adaption did, the sequels will probably stay in the world of comics. Set during the Great Depression, the story follows Michael Sullivan Sr, an enforcer for the Irish Mob, who is forced to go on the run after his son witnesses a hit. Regardless, From Hell was the first major motion picture based on Moore’s comics, and led to the writer disavowing and speaking out against any and all future adaptation. The comic was met with critical acclaim, and is now considered a masterpiece of the alternative comics scene. The story follows Jerome, an aspiring artist who decides to enroll at Strathmore to pursue his dream.
The comic was intended to be a tongue-in-cheek look at art school life, and had no real plot. The beloved Jim Carrey-starring movie finds lowly bank clerk Stanley Ipkiss stumbling upon a magical mask that turns him into a living cartoon character, allowing him to lead the city in a conga line, produce giant hammers from nowhere, and basically get into kid friendly shenanigans.
The Stanley Ipkiss of the comic buys the titular mask for his girlfriend Kathy, but ends up donning the mask himself, which drives him to experience wild mood swings, leading to Stanley becoming abusive towards Kathy.
The comic found its own success, with the Mask even teaming up with the Joker and Lobo of DC Comics.
Keywords: a movie set on a boat, a movie is an example of which category of data type, a movie, a movies, a movie about friendship, a movie about life, a movie based on a true story, a movie like harry potter, a movie about hackers, a movie like 500 days of summer, a movie based on the video game tetris is coming soon to a theater near you . And yes, the movie not just matches the level of excellence that the book offers but went way beyond that.
It is again a fantasy novel wherein a girl named Alice follows a strange looking rabbit wearing a waistcoat and ends up falling down a large rabbit hole and this is where the adventure begins.
The film series have been directed by Catherine Hardwicke, Chris Weitz, David Slade and Bill Condon. Towards that end, I started thinking about all of the incredible films that are based on children’s literature.
Tell them that when they finish the book, they will get to watch the movie with the family. If your child shows a particular interest in one of the movies, surprise them with the chapter book! I’m a pastor’s wife, mom to four pretty incredible kids, founder of Chasing Supermom Vancouver, lover of children’s literature, advocate of imagination, and a champion for mothers everywhere. Anyone who to posts them on other websites, or for any publishing, please contact the author and get the permission first.
Before you do anything to make other peoples' hard work your own, just go through the Copyright and Fair Use Guide to avoid making a costly mistake!
It received mostly negative reviews, and it didn’t exactly set the box office on fire, but many were surprised to find out that 2 Guns was based on a graphic novel published by a small time comic company known as Boom! The writer of the comic, Steven Grant, immediately got to work on a sequel, creatively titled 3 Guns. The comic caught the eye of some Hollywood bigwigs, and the property was fast tracked into being the next big JCVD picture. The Men in Black was originally published by small time comic company Aircel Comics in 1990. The comic dealt with Jay and Kay pursuing a rouge agent by the name of Agent Ecks, who has dedicated himself to fighting the agency after learning that the MIB intend to shape the world to their will.

After the license found a home at Marvel, the comic giant shopped the title around for a big screen adaption. Critics praised the movie’s gorgeous cinematography and nuanced performances from the cast, but many felt as if the story was a little weak. From Hell, his acclaimed comic dealing with Jack the Ripper, was not spared from his wrath. The comic was optioned for a film, and Daniel Clowes, writer of the comic, was hired to adapt his story for the big screen. There, he falls in love with his nude model, befriends a belligerent drunk, accidentally burns a man to death, is accused of being a serial killer, and ends up in jail, shilling his art to serial killing fans like a more talented John Wayne Gacy. When asked to adapt his comic, Clowes turned the story into a sensationalist look at art school with a healthy dose of murder and love tacked on. But the mask ends up falling into the hands of various people, including an overworked police officer, a small-time criminal, a movie obsessed nerd, and a psychopathic serial killer.
There is a never ending lists of books whose stories have been made into films and these films have been highly successful. It is about a South Indian girl and North Indian boy falling in love with each other and all the effort they have to put in to convince each other’s families to agree to their relationship. It is a story of three friends who face the pressure of being in a top Engineering Institute in the country.
It is a tale of love, lust, deceit, crime, suspicion, revenge and at the end of it all regret. It is directed by Sanjay Leela Bansali, with Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone playing the lead roles.The Gujarati culture is depicted at its best in the movie in terms of clothing, dance and music. The Batman series of movies have fared immensely well and won itself a lot of praise and accolades as well. It is about a fictional magical place called Narnia and how the protagonists come to step into Narnia from the real world and the various experiences that they come to having in the realm of Narnia. The actors playing the main roles in the film are Christin Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner.
The main characters are played by Danielle Radcliffe(Harry), Emma Watson(Hermoine) and Rupert Grint(Ronald Weasely). Even a reluctant reader may be more willing to pick up and finish a chapter book that is based on something they are familiar with or have enjoyed. In fact, there are plenty of movies adapted from comic books that you probably didn’t know were based on comics. A History of Violence was hailed upon its release, with director David Cronenberg’s cinematography being praised, and actor William Hurt being nominated at the Academy Awards for Best Supporting Actor.
The comic dealt with the main character travelling back in time to apprehend an illegal time traveler, which leads to the Timecop fighting a robot. The movie received mediocre reviews, but the original comic remains a favorite in the alternative comics scene. It is about a director’s vision of how the story of the book would materialize the moment it is made into a film. After all the obstacles that come in the way, they finally end up getting married with the blessings of their parents. It is about how they go about facing their fears and finally discover themselves and what they actually want from their life. Wonderful performances by the actors and the grand direction made the movie worth a watch and also made it one of the top best book based movies.
The Dark Knight Rises, the last film of the Batman series, was also the last directorial venture of Christopher Nolan after which he retired. The film series comprises of three films namely-The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, Prince Caspian and lastly, The Voyage of The Dawn Treader.
The book revolves around a school of magic, Hogwarts,  that trains competent wizards and witches. The context they will have from watching the movie will actually help them read the book more fluently.
The actors who were a part of this flick were Ajay Devgan, Kareena Kapoor, Saif Ali Khan, Konkona Sen Sharma, Vivek Oberoi, Bipasha Basu and Naseeruddin Shah.
The story goes forth with the different adventures of Harry and his friends in the Hogwarts School of Wizardry.

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