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Age of Booty: Tactics invites you to a world where the cannonballs fly, the rum flows, and pirates engage in battle for the world’s most coveted treasures. The sequel to the popular BADLAND game is finally here, but it’s not made by the same people.
Priced at Square Enix’s usual $16 entry fee, Final Fantasy VII features all the gameplay from the original that launched back in 1997.
LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens is loosely based on the 2015 blockbuster movie of the same name (you probably figured that out on your own). In Party Hard, you play as someone who is really tired of the neighbors having loud parties.
In this official game based on the Suicide Squad movie, you have been selected to lead a special task force comprised of highly dangerous incarcerated Super Villains. Originally released on PC in 2006, Titan Quest is an action RPG set against a mythological backdrop. In our “Download This” series we highlight some of the best games you may not have heard about. By now, you’ve probably spent a good enough time catching everything there is to catch in Pokemon Go. Newly leaked images of the Nexus Sailfish have shown up, giving us our first real look at the design of the upcoming Nexus.
Samsung has started rolling out an update to the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge that not only brings the latest security patches, but also introduces users to Samsung Cloud. Google has filed a request with the FCC to test wireless fiber internet service in as many as 24 cities. Samsung opted to include an iris scanner into the Galaxy Note 7 but that has led to the question of whether it’s a better overall option than the fingerprint scanner. You play as Lana, a girl who wakes up in the town of Silver City (Midwest, USA), after it’s been hit by a comet, amidst the virus plague, which has turned the people into wild creatures. Amy doesn’t have a release date yet, but we’ll keep an eye on the game and update you as we learn more about it.
Though the idea of a plague-causing comet seems a little ridiculous to me, the rest of this game seems interesting enough for me to want to play it. I kind of thought that the plague and virus were unrelated but happened around the same time.
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare PlayStation 4 version is already out in a wild and earlier this week, an early owner leaked "Exo Survival Zombie" mode from the game via stunning looking cinematic trailer. Survival mode in COD: AW has 4 tiers, 4 maps in the first 3 tiers, 1 map (Riot) in the last tier. To get the final 2 pieces ('zombie top' and the zombie player head) you need to reach round 10 on Riot (the 4th tier) at which point a DNA bomb drops, and you then have to fend off a single wave of zombies for about 3 minutes before evacuating and getting shown that cut scene that leaked earlier. Are you guys happy with this new addition to Call of Duty franchise from Sledgehammer Games? Scavenging – You’re able to roam the world and use lookout towers to scope out homes, businesses and supply stores to mark on your map to check out for loot. Supplies and Weapons– Supplies are needed just as much as it is to keep outrunning the Zeds. State of Decay not only satisfies players with the destruction of the zombies, but gives them a sense of heroism. Later today, the DLC to the much awaited The Walking Dead series by TellTale Games will finally debut on the PlayStation Network. Mark Fajardo is the Editor-in-Chief of Just Push Start, which means he's somewhat the big boss around here.
Some games, as noted in the review, are provided to us by the publishers for review purposes. All intellectual property, trademarks and copyrights contained in any articles or content (including but not limited to text, pictures, screenshots etc.) on the site are owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders. The creators of the series have Dead Island Dying Light, an action game features first-person survival horror set in an open console of this generation and the next world. It has been optimized to be better suited for mobile with touch controls, the ability to turn off enemy encounters, and even max our your stats in the options. As with all LEGO games, this one follows the same story with a lot of added hijinks and laughs. This year, EA has released a full-on NBA Live game for mobile devices. Build your team, dominate your opponents in 5-on-5 action, and connect with the NBA in live events 365 days a year. Instead of calling the police, you decide it’s a better idea to kill everyone using your knife and the environment.

A shape spins in the center of the screen while your arrow spins around it in the opposite direction. It is up to you and your Squad of antiheroes to defeat the horde of enemies that try to stop you. It tells the story of a sword master’s life and his deep immersion in the art of swords.
You also know that it’s getting much more difficult to play the game without purchasing in-game upgrades.
While the company has worked on a wide variety of games from thrillers to dating-sims, they also own shares in sister company, VectorCell, headed up by Paul Cuisset, who created the Moto Racer series of racers.
Amy takes place in the year 2034, after the world is plagued by a series of natural disasters, and the outbreak of a virus. Lana meets with an autistic eight-year-old girl by the name of Amy, with “curious powers” and tries to escape the virus plague with her.
But I guess the comet have hit a specific spot or the tremor something could have released a virus into the city. If the comet and plague are unrelated incidents that occur around the same time, that just makes me want this game even more. Today, another early owner "Reddit user Sedroc" of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare leaked some more details about zombie mode were leaked. To unlock the 2nd tier, you need to complete 50 rounds overall in the 1st tier, to unlock the 3rd tier, you need 75 rounds overall in 2nd tier, for the 4th and final tier, you need 100 rounds completed in the 3rd tier. While you will receive that satisfaction for running over zombies in your vehicle, you are living out what you would do in real life if this became a thing. State of Decay is based highly on personal player action while you set out to maintain defenses, keep your community under control and build good morale. Home base is where you stock up on supplies, make upgrades and switch out with others in your group when you need a break. Controls are pretty basic and you have two different ways to go about combat: Stealth and Brute Force.
It’s not necessary to take on more survivors than needed but this will build a stronger army for your defense.
You aren’t just living out a pre-planned story, you’re creating and determining your own fate. You can continue the survival adventure with both DLC in Breakdown and soon releasing and announced at PAX 2014, Lifeline coming soon next month!
Given the ability to see yourself tossed into the middle of the madness, you are ultimately tested on how well you can do. For a limited time, the first episode of Season One will be offered for free on the PlayStation Network this week. The goal is to complete missions, upgrade your weapons and shields, improve your skills, and create glitches in the system. Capture the spotlight and build your legacy in the most authentically competitive basketball game on the planet.
You can collect items for special powers and personalize the cube to your liking. Help the Cube rise up to the sky to beat the level.
I thought it would be cool to put the Gear 360 inside the feeder and get some close-up views of the birds chowing down.
Also the screenshots (as of now) makes it looks like an inferior version of Dead Space, so hopefully the trailer will look more impressive.
On your quest for survival, there’s a never-ending slew of dilemmas both at home base and in the outside world.
From exploring, you’ll get tired and need to switch out to another friendly survivor in your group to keep yourself from exhaustion. Before purchasing the 400 Days DLC today, make sure that you have the first episode installed on your PlayStation 3. It’s possible to play the game and win without them, but it makes for a much less enjoyable experience. Create your character, explore ancient civilizations like Greece, Egypt, Babylon, and China, and fight against hordes of legendary creatures. Whether your group is complaining about not having enough supplies, bickering with each other, or mourning a fallen ally, it’s relevant that you need to consider the needs of your community, unless you want them to turn on you. This helps with creeping up on lone zombies and then swiftly executing them with your LB and Y button to take them out undetected.
Your home base really needs to be kept fully stocked on basic needs such as food, medicine, ammo, construction materials for home, and more.

This makes the game unique by being able to switch between allies which all have their own different stats and personalities.
Better known by her Gamertag, KittieOnALeash, she’s a Web Developer by day and Digital Hero by night. If you want to play 400 Days but does not have Season One, simply download the free first episode this week. This game differs from every other Zom-game such as Left 4 Dead, Dead Island and even Dead Rising by putting you into an open world as the survivor. You could live out on a desolated farm protected from zombie hordes, but risk being stranded by foot if your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. Daily portions of all of these are used, so keep a good eye on what you need to gather on supply runs.
From there you meet up with another survivor, who leads you to a gated church community as you then are left to start to face the reality and rise to the occasion.
Scavenging takes a large role in this game while somebody’s got to get the supplies, and hopefully make it back home.
A nice town-home at the end of the block may be a more valuable option for the explorer that needs to loot nearby for resources. Each character has RPG-like stats that you can level up by doing things to meet the requirements. The game simulates real-time, so when your console is off, you’re community still lives on.
Krystal’s other pastimes include watching horror movies, making digital art, jamming to nu-metal, watching anime and creating gamer jewelry to sell in her Etsy store, G33K Castle. This game is your story affected by your decisions while literally struggling to survive day by day. Use your gun wisely as the blast can bring a zombie party your way and they will come uninvited.
Hand-to-hand combat with the Zeds is pretty brutal but it gets the job done quickly. Once a zombie is downed, you can tap your Y button to deliver a finishing blow. There is some uninspired dialogue which gets annoying after hearing the same 2 voices after supply runs. Not only are you playing as one character, but you are able to play with all able-bodied characters available. You have the option to search quietly (and slower) or risk making a lot of noise to speed up the process. While they can’t really be repaired unless a workshop has been built, they will last for a good while.
The initial fear that happens once nighttime approaches and the fear of running into those scarier zombies always creates a fun factor. While this is a game, many things are taken into account such as how your stamina, health, tiredness and such other pointers. Realistically, backpacks fill up and you’ll need to either call for other scavengers to help bring home the load, or run it back to base yourself. While scavenging for supplies, once you find a stack of materials, your rucksack is completely filled.
A sleeping quarters is handy for your survivors to gain rest, and upgrading a lookout tower will keep your safe zone alert and protected. It’s important to keep a good morale in your home community to be able to use good weapons and help with the load.
The only way to drop the supplies off is to head all the way back to home base (not your outlooks) to dump off the supplies. Situations may occur where an ally falls sick, and we all know what that means in an apocalypse.
The game has its minor bugs and somewhat clunky combat, but yet it’s still SO enjoyable and addicting to play making it a most favorite zombie survival game to date! There are pickup trucks in the game that should be used to carry and transport multiple bags.
It had been a part of my top games of last year and I can’t wait to see what Undead Labs will bring to us gamers in the future! Clearing the streets sometimes would be much easier if you had the option to bring an ally along with you, but the game only allows this with few random missions.

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