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2A girl is torn between 2 guys and absolutely cannot choose between them until the last 5 pages of the last book in the series (I can’t believe I even typed that!
My solution is to spice it up a bit, and add in books from genres that I either don’t read very much of or just switch to more adult fantasy books for a little bit.
I sometimes feel like that, but because each story is usually unique enough in its own way, I’m okay with most of them. Yeah, I was starting to feel this way about YA dystopia, and I just needed a break from it.
I know what you mean, I am definitely getting tired about reading anything to do about vampires, or intense teenage love triangles. I read the same type of books, but at the same time they are so vast in storylines, characters, and settings. Today is Mardi Gras, the cumulation of Carnival celebrations before the start of Lent tomorrow.
In the United States, the celebration of Mardi Gras is most closely associated with New Orleans, Louisiana.
A teenage girl’s baby brother is taken by fairies and as she chases after him, she discovers secrets about herself. In the year 2056, the entire Gulf Coast has been quarantined and separated from the rest of the United States due to an unrelenting outbreak of deadly Delta Fever. When his mom remarries, Miles chooses to go live in New Orleans with his jazz musician father. I loved Ship Breaker, Out of the Easy and Hurricane Song, thank you for the other Mardi Gras titles! Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
For people who read all the time or who read books in mostly the same genre, you can start to see a lot of similarities. Nightshade and The Mephisto Covenant both involved high school students who had to read this book for a class.
Other interests include Downton Abbey, heat lightning storms, Harry Potter land and (begrudingly) one orange tabby.

Love triangles, mysterious strangers, and just dumb high school mentalities get very annoying when you continue to read books centered on them.
I wish there were more books for people in their early to mid twenties, like fantasy books, that is not either Christain romance or like erotic romance. I read Divergent afterwards, and that was awesome, but I still am not dying to read any YA dystopia for a little while. There’s nothing terrible about these things, but I would love to have some originality in each book. Lent is a specific time in the Christian calendar when believers are meant to fast and practice self-denial. There will be parades, balls, and dancing in the streets today and tonight down in “The Big Easy.” Of course New Orleans is more than just Fat Tuesday celebrations. In an area that used to be New Orleans, Nailer works as a ship breaker, taking apart old, wrecked ships for scrap.
15 year old Fen makes a promise to her dying friend: to get the friend’s newborn over the Wall and to the safety of the Outer States.
They have some issues to work out – Miles much prefers football to jazz -but when hurricane Katrina hits the two begin working out those issues quickly. Louise’s mother pulls her out of school when young Ruby Bridges becomes the first black person to attend classes at William Frantz Elementary. Whenever I get tired of books like these, (which happens a lot in paranormal YA), I either read something a little more mature, or head over to another genre, ie high fantasy for example. I think it helps to read something you wouldn’t normally be interested in, if people are giving the book high praise. Or I avoid the subsequent books in a series if I think the plots will be too similar (like the Goose Girl series – I only read the first one).
Mardi Gras is sort of meant to allow people to go a little crazy before the austerity of Lent. Perhaps this is because she is half fey, half human, the daughter of Oberon, king of the fairies. It is a dangerous and dirty job, and young Nailer is always looking for more money and more opportunities.

Dreams that are even further away when one realizes that Josie is the daughter of a prostitute and lives in a brothel. As she makes this perilous trip, she is helped by Daniel, a young scientist who has snuck across the Wall to Orleans to try to study Delta Fever and find a cure. They have ended up in the Superdome, and what begins as a place of refuge quickly turns into a nightmare survival situation. Her mother also becomes a cheerleader – an adult who stands outside the school each morning yelling racist insults at Ruby.
I love the concept of the story, but it’s just not a favorite and it has to do with the writing.
I can understand seeing a person and becoming attracted to them but falling so in love that after two days of knowing the person you would give up your whole life for them is getting old. The very name means “Fat Tuesday” – as in: eat a lot of rich foods today before you have to fast tomorrow!
Perhaps some of these New Orleans-set YA novels will transport you mentally down south to New Orleans. As she pursues her brother, she discovers unlikely allies, love, and the fact that the Unseelie Court controls some humans…human who live in New Orleans.
When a rich person’s gorgeous yacht beaches due to a storm, he thinks he’s hit the jackpot. With her mother’s sketchy underworld connections dragging her down, will Josie ever be able to get out? If you really like YA, maybe you should check out it’s very small high fantasy stuff. I read The Map of Time by Felix Palma, and it was the most unique book I’ve ever read. But then a man from New York takes a room at Louise’s mother’s boarding house and his viewpoint is quite different from anything Louise has ever encountered.

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