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Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged xcode4 or ask your own question. Is it a breach of protocol to contact people higher in the academic hierarchy for social reasons?
Do removed parts of a Druid's Wild Shape form persist after said Druid exits Wild Shape? Does "I am eating vegan cheese in my underpants" really imply that the vegan cheese is inside my underpants? As correctly estimated, Apple today unleashed new iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite betas to its registered iOS and Mac developers. In the meantime, additional updates have surfaced on Apple’s Dev Center, including matching new betas of the upcoming Apple TV software featuring a brand spanking new user interface, updated Xcode developer tools and more. Also released today alongside the new iOS 8 and Yosemite betas, a fourth beta of the forthcoming iOS 7-based software for the Apple TV set-top box is now available in Dev Center.
The software is available for both third-generation Apple TV and the third-generation Rev A Apple TV devices.
Also, you must first register your device UDID in the iOS Developer Program Portal, here’s how. Step 1: Plug your Apple TV into an AC power outlet and wait for the power LED to turn solid.
Step 4: Navigate to the Xcode Organizer window and copy the UDID from the Identifier field. Step 4: Enter the UDID for your Apple TV into the devices section of the iOS Provisioning Portal.
This Apple doc details everything that’s new in Xcode 6 Beta 5 (membership required).
No new betas of Find My Friends, Find My iPhone, Pages, Keynote and Numbers have been released today.
I feel like the headers for installing the beta and registering the udid might be switched.
Ask Different is a question and answer site for power users of Apple hardware and software.
Xcode 3.2 was originally released all the way back in 2009 and since it's a very technical product by nature, it's not really a surprise that it crashes on a OS that was released 5 years later.
Xcode 3 shouldn't install on Mavericks, and if it does it definitely isn't supported by Apple. To avoid the login crash try entering your login credentials, and immediately after pressing return, hold down the shift key to prevent anything from loading. The best bet for using Xcode 3 is to dedicate an old machine to running an OS that supports Xcode 3. I agree with the other posts; installing down-level variants of Xcode on Mavericks is unfortunately a recipe for pain. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site (the association bonus does not count).
Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged osx mavericks xcode crash or ask your own question. What to do when your supervisor wants to put someone else as first author on one of two papers when you have done most of the work on both? Next I look forward to seeing you all in Minsk for the University CUP in a few weeksa€™ time.
I have been stymied figuring out how to release an application from Xcode5 that supports IOS7 AND IOS 6+ in the same build, with assets (icons and splash screens) that load correctly for both, AND still render the assets for IOS 6 correctly.

Apple has clear guidelines on requirements for IOS 7 apps but even then, I ran into errors making a single app support multiple OS versions.
I first updated the whole of my app to support IOS 7 cleanly and then went back and enabled previous versions but that process is not necessary. Once you set the deployment target, Xcode5 nicely changes the list of default assets it requires to support the multiple OS versions. Do the same for the launch images, note that you will have to rename your launch images to new names, Xcode tries doing this for you if you let it.
IOS7 in its new flatness removes the postprocessing the previous versions did where they added a highlight and gloss effect to icons. That would create an images.xcassets on your project there you can easily drag your icon designs for pre iOS 7 and for iOS 7.
On the asset catalog itself select the Appicon set that you want to set as pre-rendered then go to Attribute Inspector and just mark "iOS icon is pre-rendered".
Important thing to note is that for some reason if you use several targets and several sets inside this catalog you must add the Target Membership manually.
I like this solution for its ease, shame that it crufts things up by having to create a duplicate of AppIcon. To work around the issue, select the project on the project navigator, and on the "General" you will notice 2 areas - App Icons and Launch Images. It should only ask for the retina versions of the images (and compute the normal, or have two links, one for normal and another for retina).
Several images (the launch ones) need to be renamed for them to work (the system does this for you). The image dimensions specified are slightly different from the ones stated on the HIG manuals.
I've a strong dislike of the "new" notation of images with points (as they are device dependent and so not exact).
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Supercell has just issued an enormous update to its tribalistic strategy game Clash of Clans. General A look at Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Developers Corner General Nomad Games Steam and mobile sale delivers huge savings with up to 70% off Talisman products and more Developers Corner General Get the most suitable game based on your hobby Developers Corner General Fight for survival & power - play top movie & TV mobile games Developers Corner Launch Artbreak - are you ready for a relaxing yet challenging puzzle game? LATEST VIDEOS The 8 best Star Wars games on mobile iPhone 100 best mobile games ever iPhone See all the characters unlocked!
I'd like to make step over and step into with the keyboard, I've looked for keysheets and such but didn't find keys for that particular actions. Note that installing Apple TV betas requires connecting the device to your Mac or PC via a micro USB cable because you’ll need to apply the beta in desktop iTunes, a process detailed in this Apple doc. Note: If you do not disconnect the power cable before connecting the micro-USB cable, you will not see Apple TV in the iTunes Source list.
This edition of Xcode includes the latest iOS 8 Beta 5 SDK and the OS X Yosemite v10.10 SDK. Note that OS X Yosemite and Xcode 6 beta are required for this latest beta release of Apple Configurator.
Last but not least, Apple’s new Swift programming language has seen some improvements as well. 3.2, I'd suggest looking into virtualization (Parallels Desktop or VMware Fusion are popular choices).
IF that doesn't stop the kernel panic, then you will need to wipe, reinstall, and resort from your Time Machine backup.

Oceanus brings cold weather and the than the woman asked, her tone deter out of the other company were. The major hangup I had was trying to make IOS 6 still render the icons without shading or highlighting since the "prerendered" option is no longer even available in Xcode 5's GUI. For some reason, though, I had to add that field process twice actually get IOS 6 to stop the rendering effect from being applied. After getting it to work, I thought I would point out a few areas that were hangups for me to aid others in the future. Note the new sizes below, as IOS7 expands the launch image background behind the status bar. That effect is no longer done for IOS 7 apps but if you load an app from Xcode5 on IOS 6, it will reapply the default gloss effect.
It kills 2 birds with 1 stone: specifying the pre-rendered attribute and including new device sizes as they are released. To do this just mark the "asset catalog" file, go to file inspector and mark all targets where you want to use it.
Your new password will then be emailed to you.You can change this pass at any time on the "edit profile" page when logged in.
In this update, the Finnish dev has added level six units, new leaderboards, better traps, and a whole litany of tweaks and fixes.First things first, you should upgrade your laboratory to have access to monster level six units. Developers Corner General How the new Hitman: Agent 47 Game will change the Console market? Especially why the top bar with Movies, TV shows etc remains in view as if their were some fast way of getting to it after you scroll down. I've found the tutorial on SO, where the author says that CHUD remover can help, but how can I do it from recovery?
Another alternative is, if your Mavericks machine is old enough to run 10.6, install that on a partition or a dedicated hard drive. Any ideas how to get all of the content and the icon to render correctly AND support multiple OS versions? This is infuriating because there no longer is a "prerendered" GUI flag in Xcode to disable that postprocessing. I think Apple should do that automatically when you select the "asset catalog" from the target settings but till then I decided to mention that here (took me an hour to figure this out). I stopped working for a company this year that was still using Xcode 3 as the official compiler for release builds. There’s already a feature built-in the iOS that allows users to take Screenshots of their iPhone screen within seconds.
In my case, I had to add the flag in two locations to force IOS 6 to stop applying the effect. You can access the plist by either opening the file directly or navigating to the settings in your project overview. You may need to uninstall the app from your simulator and then rebuild the app to force simulator to lose its cache of the old icon.

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