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Surviving an island of dinosaurs and other human-beings is tough enough, but now the dastardly creators of ARK: Survival Evolved have given us the tools to make things weirder, more wonderful or just plain hellish. We’ve gone out and tamed a number of mods in the wilderness since the release of the official ARK dev kit through the Tool section of the Steam Library. Do you ever look at canyons, inlets, and other natural divides and wish you had an option to build across it, making a versatile and easy access point? This mod offers small versions of dragons that are roughly the size of T-Rexes in the game.
There are often jokes and puns about Jurassic Park from the community at large within ARK: Survival Evolved. After you’re finished clearing the land away and making way for your base, do you ever feel like putting the natural elements all back together to make for a more scenic area? Inevitably, with a game that allows as much modding as ARK, someone was eventually bound to put this mod together properly.
When you’ve got an expansive industrial complex built from the ground up and in need of defense and attention in most areas, it helps to have good security. They exist in many other RPGs – rare creatures that you’re lucky to see and even luckier to slay. Feel like there should be at least a little bit of variation in furniture when it comes to different environments? Finding yourself wanting to build on rough terrain in ARK only to be obstructed by collision checks? If you ever found yourself looking at coastal tides and sighing at how static they always appear to be, then you might be interested in this mod. This is a mod that’s absolutely crucial for any player that keeps themselves and their bases landlocked, but want all the benefits that come with having the oil resource around. You worked pretty hard to bring down those boss monsters and make them your own didn’t you?
Taking the time to wait for your tribemates to craft a flare so you can find them is something that not everyone wants to do over and over again.
Did you take the time to capture, tame, and raise one of the ocean creatures of ARK and wish you had a way to propagate your work like many of the other land creatures you can tame? Do you ever find yourself wanting the industrial forge in your ARK settlement, but have no interest in the enormous amount of space that it takes up? This mod allows you to automate many different resource collection processes in your settlement.
This is a mod that allows players to build a laser turret and the crystals that the turret uses as fuel. An essential fix for those boring, unfashionable dinosaurs who can’t even be bothered to have interestingly coloured skin. Ark’s Anklosaurus model was a bit too slow and clumsy for this modder, who has therefore decided to tweak its stats to be more agile and speedy, and to get even faster as it grows. One cool way to travel around in Ark is on the back of an Argentavis, a colossal flying bird. Ark goes off-road with this Beta version of a mod that allows you to create your own vehicles using the in-game resources.
This mod adds a trading system to Ark, in the form of a new structure where you can swap various raw resources for different materials. This is a pretty cool addition that introduces biological harvesting and poison creation to Ark. As you can probably guess from the title, this isn’t one of the sexiest modifications out there. Here’s 65 square kilometres of not one but many islands spread across the map offering different biomes to carve a living out of.
The mod is in its own alpha stages right now and it’s missing some stuff like ambient sounds so it’s eerily quiet throughout these dino infested islands. You want better gear but don’t want to spend all your time flying about on your ‘dinocopter’ farming for drops?
The discovery of fire heralded the great torch industry for mankind, but honestly it needs a little nudge.
The ever-popular and almost obligatory increased level cap mod that - this will shock you - increases the level cap in the game and is intended for single player. This takes the default level cap from 83 (100k XP) to 100, however you’ll have to start a new character. Should our delicious body be destroyed then a backpack drops as per normal, but this too is guaranteed an 8 real-life hour death clock before it decays to nothing, and it emits smoke too. There’s plenty on the agenda for this mod and updates will keep coming as ARK is updated by the development team, promises its creator.
ARK: Survival Evolved has only just emerged from its dino egg on to Steam Early Access but already the mod community thrives. Already there are some Jurassic Park mods in the works, but they’re not so stable right now. Subscribe to get the best content of the week, and great gaming deals, as picked by the editors. PC Gamer is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher.
Welcome to Trollish Delver, a blog mostly about pen and paper roleplaying game inspiration.
It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Despite still being in Early Access there’s a ravenous appetite for more and more from mod creators.
After the Astronomia Company discovers prehistoric bones on the moon, you’re sent on an expedition to see what you can dig up on the barren, rocky landscape. The Center features kilometers of hand crafted splendor featuring a floating island, ancient ruins, underwater pockets, an expansive underground realm, and numerous biomes, just to name a few of the map’s enormous splendor. If you’ve grown tired of lighting torches that announce your presence or running around grasping and clawing in the dark, then this is a mod worth your time. If you take of humanity, you can finally take up life as one of ARK’s many beastial inhabitants.
However, if you don’t have the personnel, then your next best bet is to put eyes on your whole base from one place.
It adds a new effect to coastal waters, making them move and sway like an actual coastal tide would.
It’s easily one of, if not the most dangerous predator in ARK, far and above other creatures to an exponential degree. Biblical jokes aside, this mod adds sweet fire and lightning swords to your ARK weapon crafting options. It allows the building of an oil compressor, which will turn fertilizer into oil after some time.

In fact, it’s part of an ongoing project to add nine different islands to your ARK game, each with their own creatures and unique environments and terrains. Say, for instance, you don’t feel like walking around to all your perimeter defenses to punch in different values for them. A mysterious chamber awaits you, teeming with underground growth, foliage, and running waters that converge in twisting turning roots around an ethereal island and obelisk. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could take that tried and true system and apply many of it’s ideas to ARK?
The taming has been tweaked with new values for kibble and vegetables for keeping your dinosaurs happy, as well as making cave beasts such as snakes and spiders tameable as well. They’re meant to get the hearts of your war party beating and announce to your enemies that the time of reckoning is nigh, which is unfortunate for the puny sound currently inhabiting ARK’s regular wardrums.
The Auto Egg Collector, Auto Compost Bin, and Fertilizer Silo will streamline processes that you would otherwise have to handle on your own. The mod adds such structures as fence foundations, general foundations, ceilings, roofs, and walls.
This mod adds lots of new colours, and should work with other mods as long as they don’t change the game’s dinos too much. The dino’s bite animation has been removed, and it now has both tail swing and tail pound moves for you to choose between. Not only does this mod add a few more colour schemes for these creatures, but it also adds a special sub-species to the game that are strong enough to carry sabre-toothed tigers.
Right now there are several to choose from, including motorbikes, buggies, four-wheel drive beasts and more.
This means that you won’t find yourself weighed down with three thousand pounds worth of cotton wool, without anything to use it on.
Just in case you prefer being pursued by a semi-naked man wearing a literal bush around his privates to being hunted by a T-Rex, this one has you covered. Simply kill a creature, harvest all its gooey inside bits, and start whipping up toxin arrows, sleep pellets, explosive ammunition and all sorts of other amusing toys. It basically resizes the stairs in the game, which all appear to have been designed with Andre the Giant in mind. The little islands out at sea maybe a little more peaceful, but that’s just because you got lucky, as others are death traps.
Also the in-game map is currently the default one for the game, and terrain collision issues might be a problem here and there.
This little mod looks to solve the age-old dilemma with rare spawning dinos that are ready to challenge players with tough fights for their precious blueprint loots.
This mod helps really brighten things up by quadrupling the light radius from all newly crafted torches, so not the ones already placed. This is great news for anyone who wants to max out their survivor and gain an additional 33 more points to spend. That means no silly shortening of dinosaur names, a new rampaging Tyrannosaraus Bull who’ll take on anything and can’t be tamed, and removing ‘unrealistic’ damage multipliers. As the indie RPG continues to grow and the ARK dev kit gets updated along with it I’m sure we’ll be seeing some really ambitious projects. You can unsubscribe at any time and we'll never share your details without your permission. Instead of long winding tunnels full of complex passages and secret doors, the game encourages a couple of big set pieces per dungeon. I also create roleplaying games like Unbelievably Simple Roleplaying, Quill and Canary Overdrive, in addition to creating material for Tunnels & Trolls. Explore, Ransack and Learn to survive in this wilderness survival and hunting simulator for PC.
This mod is a total conversion that features an enormous new map, challenges, craftables, and opportunities for loot. There are tons of maps for ARK, but few will offer you the attention to detail and variety of The Center.
Bridge is a pretty self-explanatory addition to your building options that will allow you to finally link areas you’d like to travel by foot frequently. It allows the building of different sized gates and drawbridges from the fully primitive to the high-tech.
It will supply you with trees, bushes, and rocks that you can place and arrange anywhere you please. The mod allows you to play as one of over 40 species ranging from the common to the giant and majestic. With this mod, you can include a fully built up minigame in your ARK realm, allowing you and other players to race. This mod allows you to build closed-circuit television and camera systems that will allow you to employ security or merely keep a watchful eye on situations from one area to another.
It’s a clean, stackable mod that provides snow-covered rock furniture, perfectly suited for placement in your arctic biomes.
It removes the collision check from thatch, wood, stone, metal, and greenhouse structures allowing you to place structures partially into terrain. Not only does it allow for a little more versatility in the arrival and procuring of equipment, but it also stacks with other supply drop mods, making it a useful and versatile little map extension to have. Taking note of that, this mod takes aim at the giganotosaurs with the purpose of keeping them as the apex predator of ARK, but also bringing them in line to other creatures with more realistic stats. It will take the megalodons you know and make them into enormous monsters, complete with some stat changes. Besides the obvious benefit of having a torch that doubles as an effective melee weapon, these swords can set enemies aflame.
It stacks cleanly with other mods as well, so all you inland islanders have nothing to fear and everything to gain with this mod.
It modifies the supply drops to give more suitable gear and ceases the possibility of low level gear appearing in high level supply drops. Each island is slated to take up about 46 square kilometers, making the entire package quite the area to explore. Download this mod for a remote control specifically for programming your turrets at distance. It casts a light beam from your chest that will act as a compass to your tribemates that are awake and alive.
It will allow a smaller industrial forge to be crafted that will be more suited to smaller structures and platforms. ARK Reborn also offers several new tranquilizer options for bringing down the bigger threats in the wild. Designed to be unlocked after level 70, this mod allows players access to a special bench and blueprints that allow for castle pieces and structure. This mod will give more oomph to the ARK wardrums, aimed at giving them a quality not unlike that which can be found in Mad Max: Fury Road.
The mod also offers a work bench with which to build all the materials in the mod and a refrigerator and freezer for storing materials and keeping them from decay longer.

Now you can fly into battle on a giant eagle, before parachuting to earth on the back of a tiger. You can switch form third-person to an in-car view, and vehicles (presumably not the bikes) can carry up to four passengers. I’m not entirely sure about the accuracy of the title, but the Natural Colors mod changes the core colours for dinosaurs and dino materials, varying the overall palette and making for a more vibrant-looking world. It’s a neat system that will hopefully be added to the core game at some point, but for now this does the job admirably. On a gameplay level, it makes Ark feel a bit more like DayZ, with frenzied humanoid enemies rather than beasts. There are a couple of other mods that this clashes with, so make sure to check out the Steam Workshop FAQ. It also adds new colour variations to help spot these incredibly rare and dangerous hoarders. Publishers like Goodman Games are getting back in the swing of good old-fashioned dungeoncrawls with their Dungeon Crawl Classics range and as the OSR grows and grows so does the need for good underground exploration.But there's no reason why you can't have a great dungeon-based adventure with any edition or any fantasy game. This mod offers you multiple options for building fencing and setups faithful to the iconic film. Let your naturalistic side shine and weave forests, beaches, and gardens with relative ease. Build tracks on land or in the sky, allowing versatility of mounts and tracks for your racing pleasure. Get a little variation in your arctic ARK while also supplying yourself with properly themed building options. Get points from slaying enemies to strengthen your weapons and abilities, use the souls of your enemies to summon creatures to your aid, and go it alone or bring your friends to the fight.
Watch predators chase creatures into the ocean before themselves needing to escape before the tide endangers them. These bad boys are still dangerous, but with this mod, they won’t be impossible to tussle with. Make them into the true terror of your deep sea ventures and, of course, revel in terrifying others when you tame and ride one. In addition, you can change the color of the effect on each weapon to really make something that suits your fancy.
Quite simply, it will remove the tamed time limit from all bosses and give you unlimited time with them. Take on a new adventure on these islands to discover, hunt, and build across new threatening landscapes.
Cycle through range, targeting, and sleep states on all your turrets in a given area with ease.
It will give you all the tools you need to build a brand new kind of establishment: A lovely old timey pub. Use it to gather together without the process of casting flares to find everyone and circumvent an early speed bump in the game. Serve all of your forging needs without sacrificing the space for other items and structures. Finding your way up to them provides you with a large, clear new ground, fresh for the building of a safe and luxurious settlement.
Age of Ark is a conversion mod that allows you to play with the elements of ARK under many of the rules of Age of Empires. Build boats, weapons, and cannons to wage naval battles against your enemies or establish your fortune and fame with maps that lead to treasures and blueprints to establish rum distilleries and tobacco plantations. Light dinosaurs and other players aflame with effects that light up the night like a flying torch. Finally, Reborn offers several new structures like an electric fence to protect your settlement and stoves and dehydrators to expedite your consumable preparation. There is a single player and multiplayer version and both task players heavily, but the result is a literal fortress of stone and mortar to defend you from the unwashed world. There’s a few options to modify it and make sure your home base will be slinging automated, super-heated death at trespassers in no time.
We're going to look at exactly what you need to craft fantastic dungeons from your imagination.Dungeon HistoryThe key to making a great dungeon is to make it feel like a living, breathing place, full of tribes of monsters, an economy and architecture.
Additionally, utilize included offensive items to sabotage your competition in the race as you see fit! It adds special gold creatures that spawn in rarity, are more difficult to kill, and will give you the mother lode if you manage to bag one. As a nice little bonus, it takes the Broodmother and modifies her to have a rideable state. The mod provides bartops, fire pits, kegs, and all the functionality you need to build a place worthy of all weary travelers. Build your tribe, evolve your technology, and destroy the other tribes in a map made specifically for the gameplay of this mod. With this mod, you can bring the Warthog into your ARK experience and ride around in futuristic sci-fi style.
You don't have to go too far back into the past - just sketch out a few key historical events that led to the forging of your dungeon. For instance, a mad mage (aren't they all?) built an underground lair to keep out of the eyes of the king while he hatched his evil scheme. A year later a tribe of kobolds made their lair in the entrance and over time moved deeper into the dungeon while new creatures, like orcs and goblins took up residence in the upper levels. This is a very basic history, but you get the picture.Once you have an outlined history, you can start filling in more details about the monsters who live there.
This brings us onto our next point:Dungeon EcologyYou'll usually want two or three races occupying a single dungeon.
Usually different races appear on different levels of the dungeon, so figure out why certain races are where they are. Is it set up like a religious order with the pions inhabiting the top levels and the archpriests at the bottom?
More intelligent creatures are more likely to have more intricate architecture and furniture, whilst the dumber ones sit on crates and sleep on hay.The RoomsRooms are the real meat of the dungeon.
Rather than being an everyday medieval dungeon, make it an Egyptian tomb but with Norse influences, or represent the 9 circles of hell but have a 'heavenly' place right at the bottom level. Perhaps have 2 puzzles, 2 easy encounters, a medium encounter and a difficult encounter on one floor.
Don't have your goblins just sitting around waiting for a fight, have them wandering around or taking part in some kind of goblin annual celebration. Bring the place to life!The Big BadThis is the guy or woman the adventurers have been working towards, the meanest of the lot.

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