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In the 1970s JBL developed the 4310 professional model speakers, which quickly became one of JBL's most successful products ever.
The JBL L100 Floor-standing speaker was introduced to consumers in 1970 at the annual Consumer Electronics Show. The JBL L250 was JBL's best-selling speaker all through the 1980s, and this speaker is still in limited production.
The  JBL 4333B is a 3-way speaker system with the addition of the improved 2405 tweeter. The JBL L40 was JBL's first bookshelf model loudspeaker that was produced in the late 1970s. There is no doubt that many music aficionados and lovers of vintage equipment hail JBL as the holy grail of speaker equipment. Sound capabilities and power usage are usually the first considerations when choosing a speaker system. Functional Notes: Operational condition of this pair is excellent… fully tested and no issues found. Shipping: Cost to ship this item within the Contiguous United States is a flat rate of $79 - including packaging and insurance. Cosmetic condition is Fair - While these speakers are attractive overall, they are not perfect.
Vintage speakers vintage stereo, There are many audio enthusiasts who would prefer to listen to a pair of vintage loudspeakers or a vacuum tube amplifier built sometime in the 1950s than the so. Vintage jbl speakers ebay, Find great deals on ebay for vintage jbl speakers vintage altec speakers.
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We will help you search for Bargain 84buy Now Bookshelf Speaker, guaranteeing you'll find the best prices out there. During that time, a new marketing director came aboard with the idea of packaging their products for consumers and launching a new sales campaign.

Each bookshelf speaker cabinet includes a 12-inch woofer, a 5-inch midrange, and a 1.5-inch tweeter. This flagship of JBL's consumer product line quickly became not only their most successful product to date but quite possibly the most successful loudspeaker of the decade. The JBL L250 was the embodiment of designer Greg Timbers' ultimate fine-tuning on a 4-way speaker system, and it remains his favorite. This tweeter features a diffraction horn property and is capable of reproducing in excess of 20 kHz.
Whether a consumer prefers floor or bookshelf speakers, there is a vintage JBL model to suit their needs. The biggest difference between vintage speakers and their modern counterparts is the materials they are constructed of; the basic design of speakers remains the same.
JBL began its consumer line in the 1970s with the L100 and continued to develop their product line to provide music-listeners with the sound they craved. We have daily phone support at 720-33-MUSIC, and we are always paying cash for qualityused gear. JBL produces loudspeakers as well as a number of associated electronics for both personal and professional use. Introduced to consumers in 1982, the JBL L250 remained flat to 30 Hz and so functioned quite well without the need for a subwoofer. Vintage enthusiasts are still able to find the JBL speakers they love most, and there is a great deal of information available regarding each model. Every item we offer for sale undergoes a thorough listening session and review of all functions.
JBL Professional produces audio equipment for sound studios, touring, and installed sound for cinemas. Consumers searching for vintage JBL speakers can make more informed purchasing decisions when they have information about the attributes of each of the top five models. Consumers, however, did not like it, so it was reverted back to the paper tweeter of earlier models, and the new version dubbed the 4311B. The L100 speakers feature a 5 inch squawker, a 12 inch woofer, and a high region diffusion-type tweeter.

The concurrent marketing of the B460 subwoofer as the JBL L250's ultimate accessory, however, made this the first JBL speaker system capable of producing frequencies outside human hearing on both ends. Audio Heritage reviewers found that no matter the type of music listened to most, the JBL 4333B has deeper bass and clearer highs than other models.
Audio Karma reviewers praise the overall dynamics of the JBL L40, stating they have a full, deep bass, flat midbass, and nice highs. Contact us find out how easy it can be to get a quick, fair, cash price for your gently used gear. Please view all of our high-resolution photos for full details of the cosmetic condition as well as exactly what is included.
The cabinet of the L100 was walnut, and the front grill was available in one of three colors: brown, orange, and blue.
Perhaps the best endorsement of this system is that it is the speaker most chosen by JBL's senior staff members. They agree, however, that this speaker system can overpower a small room, so setting it up properly is a must. Reviewers at Audio Karma state the L250 series is the best JBL speaker ever produced: love at first sight and sound. Blogging vintage speaker reviewers found the JBL 4311B to be very similar to JBL's popular L100 model in sound quality.
Online reviewers on Audio Review rate the JBL L100 with 5 out of 5 stars, stating it is 42 pounds of true sound, an absolute classic, and one of the best speakers of all time.
They also praise the JBL L250's timeless styling and the fact that they do not require a great deal of floor space. Other online reviewers commend the L250's detailed sound, stating they are clean and clear and produce a deeper and fuller bass.
They praise the 4311B's bright and punchy sound, but feel these bookshelf speakers lack soundstage depth.

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