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All of Beverly Cleary’s books are amazing, but Ramona stands out.  That sassy little girl was just so much fun to read about! Okay, yes, The Berenstain Bears is a children’s book… but how could this list be complete without them?!
The Amelia Bedelia series is pretty endless, since it’s still being written now (although not by the original author).
Personally, I was never really into science fiction – but I made an exception for Animorphs. Judy Blume obviously has a TON of books to choose from (and she’s still writing new ones!), but this is a favorite published in 1993.
After reading Amelia’s Notebook, was anyone else inspired to create their own super-amazing diary, full of gorgeous hand-drawn pictures and tons of fun little add-ins?
For the Ameilas notebook, they actually came out with like a notebook for you to fill up yourself! Funko’s Pop Vinyl series is set to continue its Adventure Time line this fall with six new figures joining the current assemblage of Finn, Jake, Ice King, Marceline the Vampire Queen and Lumpy Space Princess. When you have confirmed your password, you will be able to log in through Facebook on both sites.
Thumbs up if you think the last episode of the show called Dinosaurs suffered from Darkness-Induced Audience Apathy. The following is a list of Top 10 Hottest Female Superheroes in comics, television and films. American actress and film producer, Jennifer Garner gained recognition on television for her performance as CIA officer Sydney Bristow in the thriller drama series Alias. Another Detective Comics character, Halle Berry plays Patience Phillips who is murdered and then brought back to life to become Catwoman.
Alicia Silverstone is an American actress, film and television producer, author, and animal rights and environmental activist. Lynda Carter is an American actress and singer, best known for being Miss World USA 1972 and as the star of the 1970s television series The New Original Wonder Woman (1975–77) and The New Adventures of Wonder Woman (1977–79).
Having played Buffy Summers to an entire generation, Sarah Michelle Gellar is a high school cheerleader (in Buffy the Vampire Slayer ) who is gifted and can fight demons and vampires. Pfeiffer took the role of Catwoman (Selina Kyle) in Tim Burton’s Batman Returns (1992) opposite Michael Keaton and Danny DeVito.
Hathaway played sly, morally ambiguous cat burglar Selina Kyle (Catwoman) in The Dark Knight Rises, Christopher Nolan’s final instalment in his Batman film trilogy.
The former former fashion model and actress, Rebecca Alie Romijn, best known for her role as Mystique in the X-Men films, and for her recurring role as Alexis Meade on the television series Ugly Betty. You might have seen cute, red-haired actor Cameron Monaghan in Disney’s Prom movie or in the Vampire Academy film. The society of The Giver is, on the surface, a utopia; no crime, peaceful, all that but this is caused by the population getting a daily shot that actually dampens their emotions. In our exclusive interview, Kidzworld asked Cameron about his own rebellious tendencies, what personal characteristic he would really hate to lose in a world with dampened emotions and hey, how would a musician and music lover like himself, get along without music? Kidzworld: Asher has a cool job as a pilot but he’s told never to venture outside the protected border. Cameron:  Asher is part of this community where they don’t have any idea that there is any other option (but to stay).
Cameron: (laughs) I’m always tapping a beat for myself on my leg or anywhere even when I don’t have an instrument. Cameron: I hadn’t read it before I auditioned for the role and, once I auditioned, once I read it, it made me want the role even more.

Kidzworld: Asher and Jonas start out as friends in the movie so did you and Brenton get to meet and get to know each other before filming? Cameron: We had a couple of weeks before filming where everybody got together in South Africa (Capetown area where the movie shot). Cameron: I guess first and foremost is, in this world where there isn’t emotion, because these people are taking a shot to suppress their emotional capacity, how do you still be interesting and compelling and relatable and human in some way? Kidzworld: Wrapping up, why do you think tweens and teens especially would enjoy seeing The Giver? These books might be geared towards girls a lot younger than me, but I would still probably read them even today – their classics! Way before we were obsessed with vampires and all sorts of mythical creatures, we had The Baily School Kids. Now that that embarrassing confession is out of the way, let’s just say that Goosebumps was amazing. Friendship bracelets are having a huge moment right now, and back then, making your own was the cool thing to do, and everyone had stacks of them on the wrists.
This was such an amazing series, and I know I’m not the only one who had stacks upon stacks of them all over my room. Another classic kid’s book, Amelia Bedelia always ended in some delicious baked goods. Jessica and Elizabeth were only the coolest twins ever, no matter what kind of trouble they were getting themselves into. BSC was my ultimate favorite, but I had forgotten about some of these- LOVED Amelia’s Notebook! No word on variant editions of any of these characters yet, but Funko typically releases quite a few during New York Comic Con in October, so fans may want to keep an eye out as it approaches. The character acquires cat-like abilities and is on a look-out for her murderer in the film.
She fight with her magic belt and lasso, a tiara which she uses like a weapon and a bracelet that can stop bullets, in The New Adventures of Wonder Woman.
For which she won six Teen Choice Awards and the Saturn Award for Best Genre TV Actress and received a Golden Globe Award nomination for Best Actress – Television Series Drama.
She described the role as being the most physically demanding she had ever played, and confessed that while she thought of herself as being fit she had to redouble her efforts in the gym to keep up with the demands of the role.
The Johansson plays Natalie Rushman and superhero Iron Man Tony Stark’s assistant in the film Iron Man 2.
They are younger in the book but I think the basic idea remains consistent, which is all these kids are innocent. I think I’m naturally a pretty introspective person; always examining and trying to understand myself. Basically, the movie is about a single mother who moves her three kids into the Amityville house. Each book gave you a different seemingly innocent character who was actually a vampire or Frankenstein, or something else crazy like that. Not only were the stories addicting, but these books were tiny enough to fit in any purse, backpack, whatever. Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.
Berry won the Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Actress in 2005 for Catwoman and accepted the award in person, one of few people to do so. Although it was not easy for the cute Hollywood actress, who looked oh-so-s.xy in the movie.

Hathaway trained extensively in martial arts for the role, and looked to Hedy Lamarr—who was the inspiration for the Catwoman character—in developing her performance.
In these movies her costume consisted of blue wakeup and some strategically placed prosthetics on her otherwise nude body. Dressed in a black body suit complete with guns and bullets, we think Johansson looks awesome with those gorgeous locks. This week, you can check out Cameron’s performance as Asher, lead character Jonas’s best bud in the movie adaptation of The Giver.  Asher is funny, a bit of a rebel and a pilot by profession who will cause serious trouble for Jonas. I had a few scenes that were group scenes with Jeff but not one-on-one like with Meryl Streep. You want to be respectful of mental illness and not come off cold but, at the same time, it’s an extreme thing to go through these wild, emotional peaks.
It has love and adventure and emotion and action and suspense; all these compelling story parts but, at the same time, it raises all these questions about humanity and human nature in society. Just hearing the names of those books makes me smile, and I’m sure they make you smile too.
And it spawned a thousand real-life babysitters clubs (including my own, which never flourished as well as I hoped). Elektra may be torn between the good and the evil, but she doesn’t fail to deliver some power-packed Ninjutsu sequences in the film.
Donning a lycra body suit and high boots, we want to see Batgirl zooming around in her motorcycle more often. She then appeared in its sequel, in Into the Blue later that year, and Good Luck Chuck a few years later.
I’ve always been a Dylan guy but just recently going back and listening to it, you can gain so much by listening to a specific album by an artist. Definitely having that time, for me, getting to know Brenton and Odeya (Rush who plays Fiona) a little bit, since they are such close friends with Asher in the script, was great. He put a piece of lime on director Phillip Noyce’s shoulder right before he walked out to the press conference.
They can still be happy in the moment but they don’t have a deeper understanding of those feelings. I had a fake body and prosthetics on my face for that part but then the creepy part is I start becoming possessed.. So, that’s been an interesting thing for the season and the ramifications with his family and his lover. The story follows Elektra, an international assassin whose weapon of choice is a pair of sai. Besides adventure stuff, just going to a ton of different restaurants and experiencing the culture and cuisine was great. I will make a very controversial statement and say “Meryl Streep is a very talented actress”. I, like anybody else, like my iPhone and social media and all that but when you are around other humans, you should act like a person.
That still exists regardless of age and, in some ways, it’s even spookier for them to be older and lack this basic understanding of life. Having not read the books, we have no idea who any of these characters are, but we can safely assume that they attend a Vampire Academy.

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