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The second type of preparing requires watching the weather and deciding how to get out of Manhattan before the bridges close and the tunnels flood.  And what to take with you with when you go. Over on the Urban Survival Site there is a list of 50 survival items that are often overlooked.
Your outdoor survival checklist should consist of at least these three things if you’re wanting to make your own survival kit. The only thing better than buying a high quality and durable back pack is buying one that comes pre loaded with all the survival essentials you could possibly want!
In this kit you will get a two person three day emergency kit that again weighs only 16 Pounds, that’s insanely lite for the amount of supplies it holds. Water is at the top of the list of survival necessities when in a situation where you’re waiting for rescue.
The ease with which to use this tool is also what makes it a great item to have if you’re new to the survival scene.
A flashlight almost seems like a trivial piece of survival gear to most people, until you’re stranded in the winter hills of Montana and feeling for your flint striker to light the fire that could save your life.
This flashlight has been made with durability in mind, which comes in very handy as a survival expert. Now As I’m sure both you and I have come to realize by now, a properly prepared bug out bag can be the difference between life and death in an emergency situation.
Now while a true bug out bag list might never be complete, I was simply looking for a place to start – a foundation to build upon. Actually, the list doesn’t really go into ammo at all, but that is something you probably want to consider carrying on your person, not in a BOB. I think the simple answer is that you can’t (in most situations) carry all of everything you could possibly need so you have to cut somewhere.
Scan through the groups of blogs to see the newest posts on prepping, survival, and homesteading. If you want to ensure your families and your own safety in any situation, you’ll need this stuff.

This bag only weighs 16 lbs and can carry enough survival equipment to last two people for at least 3 days. Of course you will get the outdoor backpack, emergency whistle, button compass and a magnesium fire-starter. As you learn and grow as a survivalist you will probably grow out of your need for this tool, but starting out it’s an amazing resource to have for sure! Having a flashlight in the wilderness is just as important as having your shoes in our opinion. The last thing you need is to drop your flashlight in a small puddle and have to go without just because you didn’t want to spend a little extra for a water proof and resistant flashlight. A quick search in Google however will bring back numerous results, all with varying articles and suggestions.
What you’ll find below are the answers from experts behind some of the biggest and best survival and prepper sites online. If you for some reason have to be separated from your pack, you don’t want to lose all your ammo too, which brings up a big dilemma.
I talked about this a little in our post on Is your bug out bag going to get you killed, but it deserves more conversation because so many people pin their hopes on this one thing. The ideas expressed on this site are solely the opinions of the author(s) and do not necessarily represent the opinions of anyone else. These items of course are not all that you will need to make it through most situations so you will need to do your own research outside of these necessities to ensure you’re fully prepared. Not to mention you get all the basic survival supplies at an insane bargain by purchasing it all together, if you were to seek out each of these items individually, this bag would cost around $250+ as opposed to the VERY reasonable $129! The kit also comes with adventure medical 1.0 first aid kit in case the truly unexpected happens.
All you need to do is find water and take a sip when you have this great resource from now on. Also the hard shell means it will hold up to a bit of abuse, so should you need to use it as a tool or weapon you now have that option!

I don’t consider myself an expert, but I was extremely grateful for the compliment and humbled to be included in a list with a lot of other successful bloggers in the field of prepping below. In fact 2 weeks ago I wouldn’t have been able to tell you what a BOB was or what in the hell TEOTWAWKI stood for. I think we can both agree that if it is important enough to be listed as “the one thing” every bug out bag can’t be without, it should be in yours. I look at this as something to give me shelter and a little food, not the whole work bench of tools I could conceivably use. I really like the 3 fire starting source approach to give you good coverage across many situations.
The author may or may not have a financial interest in any company or advertiser referenced. The list includes some great ideas and considerations for your own bug out bag as well as 9 other sites to investigate if you haven’t already.
But through the tremendous amount of resources available online, and the awesome people who regularly blog about this niche I’m slowing learning. There are a ton of other things like this that have excellent use, but I am aiming for light in my bug out bags. Any action taken as a result of information, analysis, or advertisement on this site is ultimately the responsibility of the reader. No Survival kit would be complete without a Mora Robust knife, nothing makes you feel more daniel boone esque than holding one of these bad boys!

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