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Once you’ve taken advantage of the deals available from Carlton Leisure on flights to Melbourne, you may well find yourself with a little extra money to truly enjoy this great city.As soon as you get off the plane you’ll discover a multicultural metropolis, lying at the southern end of the east coast of Australia. The thought of an all-inclusive holiday might have you shaking in your boots, but there might be things you don’t know which make an all-inclusive holiday more affordable and more appealing than you think. When you think all-inclusive you probably think of luxury, excess and extravagance, but believe it or not, you might actually end up spending more money on a self-catering basis. If you can be flexible with the dates and times of travel, then you can actually find extremely good deals on cheap all-inclusive holidays. When planning a holiday, if you are thinking about going down the self-catering route, you have very little to plan ahead of reaching your destination.
As well as the threat of breaking the budget, the constant penny pinching can put a real dampener on your holiday. With some careful research and planning, an all-inclusive holiday for you and the whole family could be a lot less stressful and a lot cheaper than going self-catering!
Barbados is one of the finest examples of the stunning diversity of the Caribbean, with rugged outcrops in the east, vibrant bustle in the south and tranquil beaches in the west. The SoCo is a stylish, art deco hotel chanelling Miami Beach on the southern coast of Barbados. Set on a beautiful beach on the west coast offering an ideal location for those seeking the convenience of an all-inclusive holiday combined with the personal service of a smaller resort. Located on the South Coast of Barbados on the beautiful Dover Beach and within walking distance of the vibrant nightlife in St.
Sitting on a fine sandy beach this stylish all-inclusive resort sits on the fashionable southern coast of Barbados - the perfect place for relaxation. Barbados retains British charm deliciously blended with West Indian roots, irresistible rhythms and a contagious easy-going attitude. The most easterly island in the Caribbean, Barbados is found south of St Lucia and north of Tobago. Barbados is a delightful island blessed with a stunning combination of silky beaches, year-round sunshine and a luscious green landscape. One of the best Caribbean nations for foodies – there is a blend of high-class beachfront restaurants and delectable local specialities. The south coast of Barbados is the most common holiday destination with fantastic modern resorts and a fun nightlife concentrated around St Lawrence Gap, plus a gorgeous boardwalk to stroll along.
The west coast of the island is perfect for beach-seekers and really is home to some breath-taking stretches of sand and sea.
Barbados is a truly magical place to visit, and even though it is so small, you are bound never to be bored.
A great deal of time and energy has gone into landscaping Hunte’s Gardens, which are well worth a visit. The festival includes musical competitions and other traditional activities, and features the island's calypso music. Barbados is also one of the best Caribbean nations for foodies – there is a blend of high-class beachfront restaurants and delectable local specialities almost everywhere you can go on the island. Breath-takingly beautiful, Barbados hosts a great blend of pristine beaches and bustling cities, topped off with endless sunshine.

Barbados' crystal clear beaches are a huge hotspot for holidaymakers, but there's much more beyond those sparkling sands!
With fantastic beach activities, delicious restaurants, fun kids clubs and All-Inclusive amenities, it's no wonder Barbados is so popular for family holidays. With such a wide variety of cafe's bars and restaurants, choosing where to dine out in Barbados can be a little tricky. An all-inclusive family holiday in Barbados is the best way to enjoy a stress-free break with everything sorted.
Travel to the south coast of Barbados for your holiday in the sun - filled with beautiful beaches, delectable seafood and a whole host of fun. Welcome to the Platinum Coast, where the resorts are luxurious and the amenities are opulent.
Enjoying a beautiful summer climate that is timed perfectly for the UK school holidays, as well as fresh Atlantic breezes that help keep the temperatures manageable, Barbados boasts a host of attractions that make it perfect for a family escape.
Crane Beach's world-renowned shimmering sands are surrounded by colourful coral reefs, and boasts a rich cultural heritage in a more secluded region of the island. Eating out in Barbados is an experience enjoyed by all visitors to the island — you don’t necessarily need deep pockets, there are some great local Creole dishes to be had. Gourmet dining here is the best in the Caribbean, but you can also experience some great local foods at excellent value too. Head to the beach for sunbathing, swimming and surfing; alternatively, you can indulge in some retail therapy in Bridgetown.
Historical Victorian architecture meets hi-tech new developments to create an interesting and unique city that’s always welcoming and ready to show visitors everything it has to offer.If you’re looking for culture, head on down to Fitzroy to experience the real rhythm of Melbourne. Package deals can offer outstanding value as they will include everything you would ordinarily spend money on during the course of your holiday: from flights, airport transfers and accommodation, to all food and drinks during your stay.
You really only need to book travel, flights, train, taxi or car rental and accommodation, the other fine details are usually organised when you get there. During an all-inclusive holiday, all of your food and drink will be included in the price of your holiday, this is really useful if you tend to lose track of your holiday spending money. If you wanted to break it down to cost per meal or drink, then you would actually be getting a better deal on an all-inclusive package as the price per meal or drink is likely to be less. Serving delicious cuisine and enjoying lovely views onto the beautiful blue sea, this is a great hotel at a great price. Enjoy the two swimming pools, the five great restaurants and directly access to a pristine sandy beach. The bubbly and well-developed South coast is the most common destination with attractions scattered along Highway 7, stretching from the capital Bridgetown all the way to Miami Beach. It is arguably the easiest of the Caribbean nations to get to from the UK – there are a number of carriers offering regular flights for your holiday to Barbados. This little gem of an island in the Atlantic is only 21 miles long by 14 miles wide, but packs an almighty punch by virtue of its idyllic beauty.
A stay at The SoCo Hotel - available exclusively through Tropical Sky - in the south coast resort of Hastings will put you right in the heart of the area, as the stylish art deco resort is situated at the start of the boardwalk itself. The bustle gets a little hectic but the people remain graciously friendly and always willing to chat.

If it’s a bracing walk or a spot of surfing that appeals then a visit to the stunning Bathsheba Beach, on the east of the island, is a must.
The garden has been created from a sink hole, and is arranged in terraces where you can rest and soak up the atmosphere, taking in the delights of this tropical paradise. This friendly, multicultural society is one of the real charms of Barbados; the people are kind, helpful and open. As in many other Caribbean and Latin American countries, Crop Over is an important event and celebrates the days when sugar cane was king.
The festival gets under way at the beginning of July and ends with the costumed parade on Kadooment Day, held on the first Monday of August.
Check out our travel guides for some of the highlights, top tips and travel inspiration from our Tropical Sky Experts, along with some essential information you may need for your holiday.
Tempt your taste buds with the tropical blends of Barbados' traditional cuisine, from spiced flying fish to sweet-baked coconut bread. You’ll find interesting street music, superb cuisine and some great little fashion boutiques that take a lot of beating, wherever you are.
At the time this might seem like the cheapest option, and it certainly spreads the cost, but when you consider the additional costs once you are there, you may actually end up spending more money on a self-catering basis than if you had meticulously planned an all-inclusive holiday. Think about it, even if you have the best intentions, planning a daily budget for food and drink, you are likely to go over. In keeping with Sandals Resorts standards you’ll find an excellent Luxury Included offering here.
The clubs, restaurants, beaches and great shopping of bustling St Lawrence Gap is a Bajan holiday experience that should not be missed. The highest point of the island is Mount Hillaby rising magnificently to 1,105ft – giving amazing views of the island, particularly the northern and eastern sides. Cricket is the national pastime and watching a game here is quite a different experience to that in the UK. For the younger children there is much to see at the Barbados Wildlife Reserve, with monkeys, tortoises, deer, peacocks and pelicans roaming free. If you enjoy a bit of a bet, some good food and maybe a cocktail or two then the go along to the Barbados Turf Club. At the end of the sugar season, there was always a huge celebration to mark the culmination of another successful sugar cane harvest – hence Crop Over. Flinders Quarter is equally good for culture vultures – there’s galleries and cafes aplenty, all ideal for whiling away long, sunny afternoons.Sticking to the city centre after hours will reward you with the best nightlife in Australia, filled with jazz clubs, trendy bars and an ever-growing clubbers dream. And if it gets you in the mood for some sports, Barbados’ range of golf courses is unmatched in the Caribbean. Locals will inevitably welcome you with open arms so take the opportunity to get to know the real Australia.With so many activities waiting for you in this wonderful city, take a look at the deals available from Carlton Leisure to book a trip today. It is worth thinking about the kinds of things you will be doing on your holiday and decide if you would actually be better off paying up front and spending your money on an all-inclusive holiday.

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