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On October 29, 2013, the Texas Legislative Medal of Honor was posthumously awarded to Audie Murphy.
Murphy earned and received every decoration for valor that this country had to offer plus 5 decorations presented to him by France and Belgium. This website was founded in November 1996 by a teacher and donated to the Audie Murphy Research Foundation, a licensed non-profit, public benefit organization.
Among the reasons for developing the website was a growing concern that the memory of Audie was beginning to fade and that he would be forgotten.
On October 29, 2013, Texas Governor Rick Perry, under heavy pressure from voters, fans, and admirers world wide, posthumously awarded the Texas Legislative Medal of Honor to Audie Murphy. And today a heavily supported petition is being circulated among fans, veterans, voters, decorated heros, Hollywood movie stars, and elected leaders.
It is our desire that this website become a collection of accurate and authentic resources children can learn from.
The Australian literary community has introduced iconic novels that have been loved by many people of all ages around the world.
South African-born Australian advertising director and novelist Bryce Courtenay has become one of Australia’s best-selling authors.
Best known for My Brother Jack (1964), George Johnston was a war correspondent and Australian journalist before abandoning his career in the 1950s to begin writing full time. Adapting her own life experiences into fictional stories, Australian novelist Helen Garner established her voice in the Australian literary scene upon the release of her first novel, Monkey Grip (1977).
Originally publishing her literary works under a pseudonym, Australian novelist, essayist, playwright and artist Joan Lindsay has become an icon in the literary scene. Australian writer and feminist Stella Maria Sarah Miles Franklin wrote under the name Miles Franklin and was best known for her novel My Brilliant Career which was self published in 1901.
The winner of several Man Booker Prizes and Miles Franklin Literary Awards, Thomas Keneally was made an Officer of the Order of Australia in 1983. One of Australia’s most esteemed novelists, Tim Winton is an Australian novelist and short story writer whose books are all still in print today. A reward chart or chore chart can be a great way to teach children to develop good habits and a good work ethic. I've created a few different reward charts below that you can customize using Excel 2007 or Excel 2010.
The following printable reward charts and reward chart templates are for personal or educational use only, and may not be placed on the internet, resold, etc. A children's reward chart ought to be fun, and if you don't want to use stars or stickers, you can have your child color in shapes or pictures to mark their path along the reward chart. This weekly reward chart could be used for multiple children, or you could change "Name" to "Week" to show multiple weeks at a time for a single child.
This reward-based practice chart worksheet lets you keep a log of minutes practiced each day, for 10+ weeks at a time. One of the main reasons to have a rewards chart is to focus on positive rather than negative behavior. Pricey toys or trips or other excessive rewards will likely end up being counterproductive and teach the wrong principles. Some examples of rewards stars might include a treat (debatable), an inexpensive toy, a trip to the park, extra TV time, an extra book at bedtime, a family outing like going out to eat or to a movie, a new book, etc.
As children get older they may no longer need a special rewards chart, but checklists and calendars may still come in handy.
Kids get excited about rewards charts, but they will lose interest and motivation if parents are not consistent. Murphy Memorial Website is dedicated to the preservation, memory, honor, and history of the late Audie L.

When Audie Murphy's body was discovered his incredible life was given a combined total of 1 minute and 30 seconds of coverage by the major television news networks ABC, CBS, and NBC. In some cases distorted and inaccurate accounts of Audie Murphy's life were being published and reprinted. Evening television news interest for the award was much stronger than the coverage given to Murphy's death (see inset news video link).
The petition requests that the United States President award Audie Murphy the Presidential Medal of Freedom. From Man Booker Prize winners to patrons of literary awards, Australia has plenty of novelists to share with the world, and it is these novelists who have contributed greatly to the community, creating characters that have become close to our hearts.
Tsiolkas is well-known for his 2008 novel The Slap, which won the Commonwealth Writers’ Prize in the following year alongside many other awards including the Australian Book Industry Awards Literary Fiction Book of the Year, this novel has since been turned into a TV miniseries in both Australia and the United States. Courtenay is known for his book The Power of One (1989), which he feared would never sell, but which has since been adapted to film and re-released as a children’s edition. Creating what has been widely considered as one of the most important Australian novels of all time, Lindsay claimed to have written Picnic at Hanging Rock (1967) over a four-week period.
Having published six books since 1999, Zusak is best known for The Book Thief (2005), which won awards both nationally and internationally, was translated to over 30 languages and was adapted to film in 2013. Throughout her time, she was committed to the development of literature, and more specifically an Australian voice. Having won the Miles Franklin Literary Award four times, he is best known for his 1991 novel, Cloudstreet. Although it's not always the only motivation required to get kids to do their chores, practice the piano, or maintain good behavior in a classroom, a reward system is very effective. Each of the printable PDF files contain both a color version as well as an ink-saving black-and-white version. The screenshot shows tables in multiple colors, but that is just to show how you can change the color scheme easily by modifying the theme or table designs. Track total weekly minutes and the grand total and list rewards for meeting the week goal as well as larger hour-based goals (e.g. It was designed to be a printable reward chart, so first edit the template by adding the list of names. The column label text is oriented vertically, so this template is not fully compatible with the Excel Web App or Excel for iPhone. Parents and children are happier when the parents aren't in a constant state of nagging and disciplining. The ultimate goal is to have the child feel the intrinsic motivation that comes with accomplishing work and achieving goals. The act of adding a star to the chart and receiving praise after completing a goal may be reward enough. Avoid using a reward system that could lead to poor health, spoiling, unreasonable expectations, or a sense of entitlement. Whatever you decide, the child should be able to understand what the rewards and expectations are. When stickers or marks are taken away, the chart becomes a punishment as opposed to a reward. Over the years, the media's interest in Audie Murphy has waned more and more to the point where only an annual local mention of a hometown celebration commemorating the hero's life might be published. Unfortunately, those who knew him best and could set the record straight, including close friends, military comrades, and immediate family members have rapidly passed away over time. Audie Murphy's movies are watched regularly on many movie channels by a large viewing audience.
The basis for the award is Murphy's outspoken and pioneering efforts to get the Federal Government to recognize and improve treatment for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder for all military veterans.

Photos are provided courtesy of the AMRF and may not be reproduced or copied for commercial purposes without permission of the copyright owner.
Courtenay was also known to meet readers in the street, offering them a free book; but one thing you may not know about him is that he developed the concept behind the Cadbury Yowie alongside Geoff Pike!
Johnston was honoured for his services to literature by being appointed an Officer of the Order of the British Empire in 1970. Being her most celebrated work, which sparked great interest due to being a seemingly true story with a vague conclusion, this novel has since been adapted into a movie. However, it is his most recent novel, The Narrow Road to the Deep North (2013), that is highly recognised, awarding Flanagan with the Man Booker Prize in 2014. Recognised for his service to the literary community, Winton was awarded the Centenery Medal and is patron of the Tim Winton Award  for Young Writers. Positive reinforcement builds self-esteem and having a reward system allows you to use the threat of not getting the reward, which is more positive than the threat of punishment. You could use shapes that correspond to the task, or just use whatever fun shapes your child likes. In addition to a weekly reward for each task, you can list bonus rewards for total # of stars. Supermarket tabloids, a staple for many consumers, are more focused on creating news instead of reporting it. In doing so, we hope visitors will reflect on all of those who have fought, sacrificed, and died, past and present, for our freedom.
Further, in 2013, the Stella Prize was created and is awarded annually to the best work by any Australian woman.
You can also remove the existing shapes to print a blank reward chart if you want to use stickers.
Great for piano practice logs and other musical instruments, but also works for sports and other time-based activities.
The stars shown in the screenshot were added within the spreadsheet using conditional formatting.
If we promise our child something because we know it will motivate them, but can't follow through because of time or money restrictions it will defeat the purpose. Digital books and Internet websites can be self-written and published by anyone without regard to research, documentation, cites, or truth.
So, if you (or your kids) don't like the blue theme, you can change the entire color scheme within a few seconds. They will no longer believe or trust you and will not be motivated to do the rewards chart. Smaller children will need rewards more often, but as they grow you can expect more from them. Unpredictable, violent and incredibly dangerous, he is chaos personified and has taken on everyone from his archenemy Batman to even the Man of Steel.But Gotham remains his primary home and Batman his biggest adversary, and no hero is perhaps better suited as in many ways, the Joker is the polar opposite of the Dark Knight. The weekly reward chart shows an example of using different table designs on a in a single reward chart. Both were created by a great tragedy, but Batman has since vowed to do whatever it takes to prevent similar incidents, the Joker revels in creating chaos and destroying lives, believing that life’s a big joke and psychotically demonstrating that in a moment, it can all change.Not much is known about his past, but his acts during the present are what define the Joker as one of the greatest threats to our heroes and the people they've sworn to protect.
Postal service buckled under worldwide public pressure to issue a commemorative stamp in Audie's honor despite years of officially refusing to do so. He's killed a Robin, crippled Batgirl, and tortured and murdered countless people throughout the DC Universe—all just for a laugh.

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