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The first thing you need for a toddler first aid kit is a box or bag or some kind of a container that keeps all of the following items in one place. What I did not have was any of these things in a central location or bag that I could find.
I wrote this post because I think sometimes we get complacent and think we have what we need for an emergency, but when it arises you find you don’t. Thanks goodness I am past the toddler stage but this is a pretty thorough and accurate list if I do say so myself.
We have a central medicine box, but you’re right, it would be so much faster to have all of the wound-related stuff in a little bag that you could grab and take to the bathroom or wherever. First Aid Training Industry News Stay up to date on everything first aid related in our First Aid and Industry News section. Injuries occur every day in Australia and there are 5 major causing factors of these incidents. There’s nothing scarier than being stranded on a dark, blistery night with nothing to keep you warm and full but your unheated car and a few crumbs left in a potato chip bag. It is imperative that you keep a first aid kit that includes band aids, gauzes, stomach-settling meds, water purification tablets, medical supplies and more. You’ll want to include a toolbox that holds in it at the very least a screwdriver, hammer and wrench.
Keeping an extra source of light for if you’re forced to navigate during a power outage or out in the dark after leaving your car is crucial, which is why you want to keep a few quality flashlights with you along with backup batteries. A radio that either takes batteries or can be hand-cranked is perfect for an emergency when there’s no electricity.
This small metal contraption could make the difference between life and death if you are too weak or far away from help for your voice to carry.
There are tons of extras to add to your kit, including toiletries, cell phone chargers, a non-cordless telephone set, fire extinguisher, matches in a waterproof container, important documents in a waterproof plastic bag (insurance documents, copies of birth certificates, backup credit card, list of important phone numbers, travelers checks, extra cash), extra set of keys, pen, paper and an extra set of glasses.
You need to keep a solid inventory of emergency preparedness gear items in your vehicle in case something unplanned comes up.
Road flares and warning triangles prevent mishaps from getting much worse by warning other drivers of the danger well in advance.
Your chances of needing this are probably pretty low (unless you live in Alaska, that is), but when the weather gets nasty in the winter, you might find yourself stranded.
Needless to say, you don't want you or your loved ones to come into harm's way, but life throws bad stuff at you all the time, and that's true on the road, as well. If you have to pull over in the rain, snow or mud, you don't want to mess up your nice shoes.
If your car battery's dead, and you have no way of finding out what's going on out there in the world when your car won't work, an emergency radio is sheer brilliance. Flashlights are for chumps (okay, we love flashlights, too), but when it comes to checking on your car with both hands, a headlamp is better.
For gauze pads, buying larger sizes works best, because you can always cut them down to the size you need.

I carry around the benadryl single dose liquid capsules just in case, and a small pack of supplies.
It is recommended that you keep enough water to last for three days–at least one gallon per person per day. Also, you’ll want to make sure you always have handy any prescription medication that you require for survival. But in all honesty, the more tools that you find reasonable to include, the better your chances could be of getting out of a jam if the time ever came. If you are forced to leave the protection of your home or vehicle, the blanket will not only be your warmth, but your shelter. A whistle can be heard from yards away and could help rescuers find you if you can’t get to them (remember, Titanic?).
Audi, Mercedes-Benz and BMW all have impressive entrants and Lexus and Cadillac shouldn't be left out either.
Honda just released photos and some details about the upcoming Civic Hatchback, and we're excited that it's almost here. We've selected ten important items to keep in your car, aside from obvious things like your mobile phone (which you carry everywhere, anyway). Maintain crucial body warmth by keeping a compact and reflective blanket in your vehicle that traps body heat more efficiently than a standard cloth blanket. Cans can lose pressure, causing improper inflating, and this is especially the case with drastic temperature changes. Be prepared with a dedicated set of waterproof boots so you can tend to matters without making things worse. If your car should become submerged, you can't always just kick the window to break it or open the door due to pressure differences. If your lug nuts on your tires are loose, or you need to undo a battery cover to get your car jumpstarted, a good tool kit will come in handy. When all else fails--your phone doesn't work, your laptop is dead and you need something to write on, a notepad and pen works like charm (if you haven't forgotten how to use them, that is). If you have small children, being prepared with an up-to-date first aid kit becomes even more important. An Antiseptic (such as Bactine): Cleaning scrapes or wounds is important for preventing infection. Also when preparing an emergency disaster kit, thinks about any little-ones and include things to make them a little more comfortable and less scared.
This industry is constantly growing and expanding so it is important to visit this pager regularly to be first aid informed. That makes it tough for Jaguar to really stand out, but the XJL manages to earn its spot near the top of the heap. Photos show what amounts to the best looking Civic trim so far (at least we think so) that makes good use of the dramatic taillights and the overall new rakish design. Sure, you might have an umbrella so you don't get wet walking 20 yards from your car to your office, but aside from that there's probably not much that's going to do you much good when things get bad out there on the road.

A pair of good wellies or insulated and waterproof hiking boots work incredibly well and can also prevent injuries if you're changing a tire or pushing your car out to get going again. Keep one in your trunk, and you'll find yourself using it over and over again, even if the emergency isn't your own. Find one that has elastic adjustability, long-lasting LED bulbs and adjustable aperture for wide and focused beams. Write down license plate numbers, accident information or even just an important note for someone. Keeping a first aid kit within easy reach will provide you with considerable peace of mind. If soap and water are not on hand, using an antiseptic will help flush out debris and provide a mild pain relief.
These packs are for one-time use only, so it’s a good idea to stock up your first aid kit with them.
In the case that someone may suffer from severe allergies, having some sort of antihistamine on hand is a good idea.
Keep an index card with the numbers of your doctor, the national poison center, and all other emergency contacts. It has everything you want in a luxurious long-wheelbase sedan -- a powerful supercharged V8 engine, premium interior materials and advanced technology. Keep in mind that you need to check on their condition at least twice a year, in case some of them cease to work or need new batteries. Scissors come in handy not just for cutting gauze pads, but for cutting clothing, adhesive tape, and anything other materials or obstructions that may present themselves in an emergency. Latex gloves will provide a clean and sanitary way to protect you against bacteria, blood, bodily fluids, and other potential contaminants that you may encounter in an emergency situation. Include a small bottle of aspirin or ibuprofen to combat headaches, migraines, or pain due to injury. Antibiotic ointment can be used on scrapes, cuts, wounds, and other injuries to prevent infection. Alcohol wipes are particularly convenient to have in your first aid kit because they don’t take up much space.
Also, it’s a good idea to write down the name of members of your family who have allergies, and any medication they take on a regular basis. Many of these tools also come with a seat belt cutter should you get stuck in one of those situations, too.

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