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Fern Michaels is an American author of romance novels, which includes category romance, paranormal romance and historical romance. Before becoming a mystery writer, Ia€™d written about fifteen books, mainstream novels mostly, some poetry, some books for children.
I can reveal at this point that Justine happens, just happens, to find just lying there in the jungle an appropriate murder weapon, and a very effective one at that.
When I showed the manuscript Ia€™d written to my publisher, I think he thought Ia€™d written something extra, something diverting between what I usually wrote. Suspense fiction has always been popular in Sweden but the volume has increased like an avalanche in the last couple of years.
Unlike most other crime authors, I write from inside the mind (and heart) of the murderers, from inside the unhappy, mostly quite common persons who suddenly find themselves in a situation they can't extricate themselves from in ways other than by using violence. Kindle Unlimited was launched in July 2014 and it quickly became a leading contender in the e-book subscription provider race.

Pros: This service boasts a selection of over 700,00 titles, by far the largest in the market. Pros: The San Fransisco based business offers 500,000 books from over 900 publishers, and like Amazon, they have apps for the iOs, Android, Windows devices and the Kindle Fire. Pros: Oyster comes with over 500,000 e-books and you can use their service on Apple and Android devices, Kindle Fire and the Nook HD.
One thing to bear in mind that if Amazons dispute with the Big 5 publishers is settled, Kindle Unlimited will have the largest selection of e-books and the most convenient service.
At the time of the Kindle Unlimited launch, the Scribd and Oyster services were already up and running. Kindle unlimited also offers thousands of audio books which allow you to bounce in between reading and listening your e-book. Scribd also offers books from HarperCollins and Simon & Schuster, as well as giving you access to Lonely Planet guides and reference books from Wiley.

They also have a deal with one of the notable smaller publishers McSweeney’s and Rodale. The good thing is, they all come with a one month trial so you can see which one has the type of books you like to read before you join.
Fern has written several short series, including the Captive series, Texas series, Sins series, Vegas series, Cisco series and Kentucky series. So what are the main differences and is Amazon going to rule this segment of the e-book market like it is in every other sector? Obviously, this service is compatible with all Kindle devices and by using the available Kindle apps, you can read your books on iOs, Android, Blackberry and other tablets and computers.

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