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I read somewhere that it has a safety feature that will not allow the firing pin to hit the primer when the muzzle is pointed down. I would take my Henry AR-7 over that if they were both on a table with with 55 gallon drums full of each ammo. Wranglerstar makes the argument that they are and I have to agree, they are all excellent choices.

Major Fail. What do you do if the optics get damaged? You don't shoot many shotguns do you?
They made a hole in the forend so you could put a multitool in it. I guess putting it in your pocket is too simple. I know this subject will have a lot of different opinions and I would like to hear yours.A So check out his video below and let me know what you think.

Gerber bear grylls extreme survival kit ideas
2 person emergency survival kit backpack

Rubric: Free First Aid


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