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November 12, 2009--After 60 years in a watery Hawaiian grave, two World War II-era Japanese attack submarines have been discovered near Pearl Harbor, marine archaeologists announced today.
Since 1992 archaeologist Terry Kerby and colleagues at the Hawaii Undersea Research Laboratory have hunted for the samurai subs in manned submersibles. The results of the sub surveys are "information we're sharing across the Pacific," Van Tilburg added, noting how much has changed politically since World War II. Listen to your favorite National Geographic news daily, anytime, anywhere from your mobile phone.

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If all that isn't enough, our friends are serving you free movies in HD for your viewing pleasure. Navy seized the Japanese fleet in the Pacific, including five samurai subs, as they're called in the new film. See the funniest YouTube videos, pictures and images online or chat with Smosh readers in our online forums.

The subs were later sunk, to keep the technology out of the hands of the Soviet Union.The military didn't record where the boats had been laid to rest, thinking no one would want to know. The I-400--one of the largest non-nuclear submarines ever built--and the I-203 remain missing.

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