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Powered by Pinnacle Cart Ecommerce Software Elite Survival Systems is your source for premium quality holsters, cases and tactical nylon. What’s your biggest concern about surviving life after an EMP attack destroys our grid?
Surely, by now you think you’ve assembled the perfect bug out bag and you’re ready to head for the hills and peacefully survive¬†TEOTWAWKI, right? Putting together a great bug out bag takes research, knowledge, and the literal application of your gear and newly acquired neural connections.
If you came here to learn a few new tricks, whether you’re a newbie or a pro, thanks for joining us! Sadly, too many people attempt to hide their inadequacies by using their computer for cover, and that’s not who we are. We’re constantly re-assessing our preps, and continuing to seek our failure points, so we can push beyond and grow to reach new potentials that would have otherwise gone undiscovered. The following instructions, will help you put together the best bug out bag for your particular needs. The key is to get a backpack with proper support, and molle webbing so you can attach additional items as needed.
You can get a lot of various multicam tactical accessories¬†from many of our favorite retailers. It’s important to have a change of clothes, possibly even inside of a dry sack incase you encounter terrible weather. You may even consider a set of camo-clothes and a set of civilian clothes, depending on your environment – so you can blend in or disappear.
I believe the reason I was able to get away with this in the moment, was that my friend and I were sharing the chores.
Without the aid of a bug out buddy, I simply wouldn’t have had the time to create a plate from leaves.
If you have the luxury of being able to afford a few high-speed tools, you should make your decisions based on a priority tree.

If you end up bugging out for more than three days, some of your supplies will quickly run out. With just a little training, you can end up with more food than you can (or want to) eat with these tools.
You figure you're still a day or two away from civilization, and as evening approaches, the temperature is falling fast. Shelter can be the difference between comfort and freezing to death, sleeping peacefully or being eaten alive by insects. In most environments you can easily find materials suitable of an adequate survival shelter. We’ve included resources in this page that will teach you how to make a shelter in a few different environments. This page shows step by step how to build an advanced survival shelter with a swinging door and a roof.
Here’s a guide that will help you decide what type of cutting tool you might want to bring with you next time you go on a hike. Welcome to ZAG!Thank you for visiting, we are in the processes of building this site so more content and products will be coming over the next couple of weeks. Insulation incorporates an ultra-thin barrier of anti-bacterial pure silver micro fiber which also increases its heat retaining capability. Internal baffle foot is re-inforced with 210D Nylon Oxford with PU2000mm waterproof finish to limit damage from boots. At Elite Survival Systems, we believe that an individual has a right to safety and defense of life, and that an immediate threat to life requires an immediate response. It's been days since the accident that sent you sliding into the rapids and tumbling over a waterfall. You start making camp, using your survival knife to cut the large amount of wood you'll need to fuel your fire throughout the frigid night. Choosing a knife you might have to rely on to keep you alive in the face of blizzards, blinding heat or bear attacks can be pretty daunting.

Any price and availability information displayed on Amazon at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product. This is essential, as it helps distribute the weight to your hips, and take the stress off of your back and shoulders. Body bruised, arm broken, head concussed, it was hours before you woke up dazed and vomiting on the bank of the river.
As it is, you have a serious problem: how to keep yourself warm, sheltered and fed long enough to reach the highway and salvation.
Shaking over the thought that you could have just lost an eye, you think back to when you stood in the camping supplies store to stock up on equipment and surveyed the vast array of knife choices.
On the next page, we'll take a more in-depth look at what uses a survival knife has when you're lost in the wild, and why the type of blade you buy matters so much.
Our mission is to create high-quality, intelligently designed products for concealment, discreet transport, and rigorous carry.
And over the past several days, one item in particular has endeared itself to you time and time again: the survival knife. We strive to better serve our customers and users while promoting best practices in our industry. Do you want a blade that's serrated or smooth, thick or thin, long or short, stainless steel or carbon steel? Our broad line of concealment holsters, packs, backpacks, and discreet rifle cases support almost every style of concealed carry.

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