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Other options, like .357 Magnum bird shot, work phenomenally well for close range bird and snake hunting and rodent pest control. One thing I really liked about the Ruger 77 series synthetic stocks are their cavernous buttstocks. The five-shot rotary magazine is the other great feature which proved itself by feeding magazine full mixtures of 38 Special and 357 Magnum loads. From an all purpose hunting, disaster preparedness gun, and extended survival rifle the gun is hard to beat.
Details About Max's Car, And Pics Other FURY ROAD Vehicles, From The New MAD MAX Film!! While Tom Hardy is awesome, that doesn't change the fact that this feels the same as recasting someone other than Harrison Ford to play Indiana Jones.
It feels the same as if an Alien film were made with someone other than Sigourney Weaver portraying Ripley. Now, if Hardy were to portray a new character wandering around killing barbarians in Milker's post apocalyptic Outback, then I think it might not be such a blasphemous feeling attempt at more Road Warrior style films.
Keep the title Fury Road, as that ties it into being more of a spiritual successor to The Road Warrior. I swear we've been reading about this thing for years, and as the years pass, does anyone really care at this point?
I'm sure the old time studio heads had their own prejudices and antiquated beliefs but built the major studios that still thrive today. I was thinking, since Jodie Foster gave Mel Gibson work, she should be the subject of a boycott also. I think he yells Freedom and counts to 7 in the nazi racist cut of Lethal Weapon 2 - not Braveheart. What you are doing is flooding the talkback with lots of FULL CAPS rants barking at us all to agree with your viewpoint and boycott Gibson.
I would love to see Hardy in a new Mad Max movie, with Mel as his same character who can no longer lead the fight. I agree that Mel will always be Max but there is definitely scope for a kick ass movie set in the same universe.

Everyone here has posted worse crap than what came out of Mel's mouth when he was drunk. From my perspective it is a light-weight, bulletproof, all-weather, manual cycling Mauser actioned rifle chambered in a cartridge versatile enough to take everything from small to large game.
For small game, cast semi-wadcutter rounds will pass through small game and not destroy meat, and the same round is effective enough to pass through a deer shoulder for a kill shot.
The design is infallibly simple and is the epitome of all-weather durability in all stainless with a synthetic stock. These traits are what make the rifle very fast handling — perfect for dense woods hunting.
The buttstock can hold a huge volume of survival accessories, including the 5” Fallkniven survival knife and UCO Stormproof Matches shown, and still have loads of room left for other items and extra ammo. If you are mounting up to a 1” scope you are ready to go, but if you will be using one of the popular 30MM tubed scopes, you will need to pick up a different set of rings.
When most of us think of a survival rifle design we think of bolt actions that can take the muck and still function. Not a precision sniper rifle, but a good performing rifle for its design intent and cartridge limitations where most shots will likely occur off-hand in the 10-50 yard range.
Skip the backstory kinda stuff that we saw in the first Mad Max, and just start this new road warrior's journey as that of a mysterious wandering loner. Sounds like it could be a movie about some pissed off Mexican guy ala Falling Down or Taxi Driver. Those that live in this harsh world therefore assemble vehicles that get 1 mile per gallon.
If I'm unsure about something, having someone holler their viewpoint is just the extra nudge I need. As long as he isn't building gas chambers in preparation for the fourth reich then who gives a flying fuck?
People know what Mel is all about, it's their choice whether or not they want to watch his movies. Mel not only gave us The Patriot (which inspired the American in me) and Braveheart which were all about individual freedom and liberty.

With the exception of Polanski (and other pedo's like him) I only care about what goes up on the screen, not in your personal life. Also most here have not had sex with a woman or a relationship so do not understand how a guy would feel about leaving his wife for some hottie only to find out the hottie is banging some black stud that your paying to help her career. Even 158 Grain cast bullets are a little more lead frugal than the other obvious 44 Magnum rounds, and unless you are loading them really hot, they do not require a gas check which is another component you may not have available.
The bolt action operation makes it a great rifle that can take huge amounts of abuse and continue functioning. The accuracy was no surprise to me, and with all the ammo types it netted solid 2” or less 10-shot groups off a rest with open sights at 50 yards. Short, handy, lightweight, and with the stainless and synthetic stock the gun is literally impervious to the elements. This is a feat which simply cannot be accommodated in modern semi-auto rifles or many other cartridges.
In my mind, pistols and rifles chambered in 357 Magnum are very versatile guns that can fill many roles. It features the same three position safety found throughout the 77 line, which allows for fire, safety with bolt manipulation, and a third position which locks both the firing mechanism and bolt.
At 100 yards those groups opened up to 5” with iron sights, which I still consider minute of deer accuracy with iron sights.
If you had stated your views on Mel Gibson in a similar way as suggested above I would have respected your viewpoint a lot more.
And his biggest Anti-semitic remarks but yet makes a movie about the most famous Jew of all. This third position is an important safety feature for those who like to carry a live round in the chamber at all times when hunting.

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