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The semi-automatic AR-15 based sniper weapon system, often referred to as a Special Purpose Rifle (SPR) or Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR), is a precision weapon ideal for close to medium ranges (25yd-800yd). In the AR-15 rifle, the barrel is threaded to the barrel extension which functions as the receiver on a traditional rifle. In any rifle, accuracy is largely the result of the perfect alignment of the bolt, barrel, and receiver as well as the quality of the barrel.
In the AR rifle, the upper receiver is simply a housing for the bolt and carrier and an attachment point for the barrel. The beauty of this design is that free-floating a quality barrel in an AR-15 rifle results in accuracy that rivals very expensive finely tuned bolt-action rifles. Take a rifle with a military barrel contour, hold the receiver so that it cannot move, and pull down on the barrel with one finger. If replacement with a rail system is an option, there are several systems that can free-float the barrel without gunsmithing. If a bipod is used, it should always be attached to the free-floating handguards and not to the barrel. As mentioned earlier, a 20” SS match grade heavy barrel chambered for 5.56 is primarily used when building a DMR-15.
For a Special Purpose Rifle or Designated Marksman Rifle, the ideal scope to mount is one capable of 1x-8x or 2.5x-10x magnifications. For dedicated long-range shooting with a DMR more so than an SPR, more traditional scopes usually work if mounted as far forward as possible in standard rings. The standard mil-spec trigger found on any AR-15 is rough, gritty, single stage, and usually requires approximately 8lbs of force to fire the weapon.
The 5.56 cartridge has had a reputation of poor to mediocre performance in combat though it deserves a much better reputation than it has. If a 5.56 projectile passes straight through a person, it makes a very small wound channel. Black hills now has incredible 55gr and 62gr TSX cartridges that expand reliably to an average of .45 inches, and tend to maintain about 100% of their weight for deep penetration.
These cartridges are in use by the US military and are used exclusively by many in the special operations community who have found them to be far more effective than standard M855 ammunition.
The standard A2 buttstock, while longer than ideal for a tactical rifle, works well for a scoped rifle.
For the designated marksman who wants more flexibility in his weapon system, there are several forward vertical grip designs that incorporate a built in bipod of some kind. The primary difference between these two sniper rifle builds comes down to length and weight. Enhanced triggers, ambidextrous controls, striker-fired mechanisms — these pistols have features on top of features to please every shooter. Dubbed as the 'complete sharpening solution for every knife you own,' Work Sharp's Guided Sharpening System lives up to the billing. Firefield's Heavy Duty Laser Flashlight Foregrip features an intense Cree Q5 LED 230-lumen bulb, reflector, red filter and a built-in 5mW red laser.
Our round table of military, law enforcement and other industry experts answers the age-old debate between .45 ACP and 9mm ammo. Less recoil, cheaper ammo, higher capacity — read on to learn why LEOs are going back to the 9mm! An evolving need for pocket pistols has left the market full of incredible choices for concealed carry enthusiasts everywhere. Rounding up some of the most advanced fighting carbines and combat rifles for the 21st century! Designed by Les George and produced by Pro-Tech Knives, the Wilson Combat Eagle Automatic is made from T-6 aluminum and 154-CM stainless blade steel. A simple handle change on the Ontario M-10 bayonet makes the Army’s M-9 a far better knife our troops should have.
Kel-Tec’s new twists on two age-old designs are ready for CQB combat or backwoods survival. I have been looking for a bayonet for my Bushmaster Carbon 15 and the M9 would not hook up correctly and where will these be available for sale to the public and at what cost? When selecting an air rifle for survival or simply small-game survival hunting, it is extremely important to choose one with both sufficient muzzle velocity and pinpoint accuracy.
But, with so many different manufacturers and models on the market today, how do you determine which air rifle to buy? While there are more expensive hunting air rifles on the market, the five air rifles listed above were all chosen because they deliver sufficient muzzle velocity for hunting small game along with pinpoint accuracy.
The gas spring, or mech spring may fail after so many rounds being fired & parts may be or will be very hard to get a hold of in a survival situations. The AR-15 rifle is a heavily sought after semi-automatic rife that has many applications and add-ons for anyone wanting to survive.
The original AR-15 was less than six pounds although heavy-barrel versions are now available and weigh upwards of 8.5 lbs.
The AR-15 is known for is accuracy and personalization abilities particular to each enthusiast or application. An AR-15 upper is the upper part of the AR-15 that supports the barrel assembly and to house and guide the bolt carrier group.
Did you know you could convert any .223 AR15 into a .22 and practice shooting while saving money?
The lower receivers contain the fire control system, the magazine well, and serves as the attachment device of the buttstock and pistol grip. You can either buy the individual parts, a kit, or an entire pre-assembled lower receiver ready to go for your AR-15.
AR-15 pivot pin sizes are super important – make sure your pivot pins match the upper and lower receivers. The application of your AR-15 should be taken into account when selecting a gun that is appropriate for you. Do you want to make it into a long range (sniper rifle?) You will want a heavier barrel and a great sight. AR-15’s are used in law enforcement and in military applications but are also used for sport and hunting. Other accessories of the gun that may also be taken into account when selecting the right gun includes the caliber, sight, optical devices and stock.
Handling the gun at a shooting range will give you the best idea of which options or manufacturer you feel most comfortable with. Your budget for your new AR-15 should be taken into consideration because the price points of the gun can vary significantly. The cheaper alternative would be to purchase a used gun which can picked up for around $600.00 and up. For more great tips and resources on the AR-15, feel free to check out our friends at Florida Gun Supply! My personal favorite (outright, full model) is the Colt LE6920 M4 Carbine (16″ barrel). I agree it is best to spend time and do your research and really think about what your needs are. Compared to a suppressed 9mm, the subsonic 220 grain 300BLK round has greater bullet weight, longer range and greater accuracy. For use outdoors, especially in a more rural area, the range of the 300 Blackout round is more than sufficient for self-defense and home defense: 450 meters or so. If you are not using a silencer, you lose one of the advantages of the 300BLK, especially indoors. But as far as I know, the honey badger has not been sighted in the wild yet, at least not on gun store shelves.
The spotter then has the defensive firepower of light semi-auto, with long-range capabilities to match his training should the need arise.
Several companies offer float tubes for service rifle competitors that are almost indistinguishable from military issue configuration.

The rails are removable, so only necessary rails need to be installed in any location around the handguard. In short summary, the correct free-floated barrel, optics, ammunition, and trigger are the most important factors. SPR-15s are essentially the same rifle as a DMR but are often found utilizing an 18” mid-weight barrel.
The charging handle generally will end up under the scope in this case and an extended charging handle makes operation easier.
It is an excellent intermediate barrier penetration cartridge, with excellent expansion and weight retention after penetrating vehicles or windshield glass. There are very expensive stocks out there that have buttons and wheels and really cool looks that would require three hands and an engineering degree to operate. Choosing something with only the necessary rails for the equipment to be mounted will shave unnecessary weight and bulk. Many of the newer designs are very awkward to use and have no real advantage over traditional designs. A Special Purpose Rifle (SPR) will almost always sport an 18” mid-weight barrel while the Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR) will utilize a heavy-weight 20” barrel.
Army’s Improved Carbine Competition (ICC) program is looking for the next generation of battle rifle. He recently casually mentioned, “Hey, we have a new bayonet, would you like to see it?” But of course! Soldier on duty in Iraq sends Tactical Knives a Romanian-made treasure that doesn’t quite cut it!
Therefore, it is imperative that you invest in a high-quality air rifle from a manufacturer with a longstanding reputation for producing air rifles that are both very durable and highly accurate. Well, to start with, you should be aware that air rifles are categorized by the method they use to propel the pellet and that, for small game hunting purposes, air rifles that employ either spring pistons or gas pistons are the best choice.
Gamo Hunter Extreme SE Air Rifle – The Gamo Silent Hunter SE is a special edition, single shot, .177-caliber air rifle that is capable of reaching a muzzle velocity of 1,650 fps using PBA pellets and a muzzle velocity of 1,250 fps using standard lead pellets. Benjamin Trail NP2 Air Rifle - The Benjamin Trail NP is a single shot, .22-caliber air rifle that is capable of reaching a muzzle velocity of 1,100 fps using PBA pellets and a muzzle velocity of 900 fps using standard lead pellets.
Crosman Nitro Venom Air Rifle - The Crosman Nitro Venom is a single-shot, .22-caliber air rifle that is capable of reaching a muzzle velocity of 950 fps using standard lead pellets.
In addition, each of the air rifles features an adjustable, two-stage trigger and they all include a variable power scope, which is a must-have item for hunting. And when they need clean water, elite soldiers are choosing the Paratroopers Water Purifier -- the smallest, lightest, and most durable water purifier on earth!
Because of the various add-ons and variety of companies that manufacture the gun have skyrocketed the popularity of the gun has attracted the attention of sport shooters and law enforcement around the world. Sport or militant operations may consider the application of a fully automatic AR-15 to satisfy the use of the rifle.
As the application of the AR-15 may mandate differing features you will want to discuss with your gun provider or online gun forums what the preferred features are for you and your desired use(s).
Because there are so many variations of the gun including barrel lengths and caliber sizes each gun may feel different in your hands. After they own one and handle it for a while, then I recommend buying a second and customizing it piece by piece to meet their exact desires. There are a lot of guys that have ended up spending 3x as much as they originally planned on their AR build just because they kept changing their minds on different components. Even compared to a 125 grain +P 9mm round, the subsonic 300BLK has about the same energy with greater bullet weight. The velocity of the round is lower, at around 2000 to 2350 fps, but the heavier weight bullet has better penetration and less loss of energy at its maximum effective range of around 450 meters.
You have less muzzle blast and flash with the 300 than with a .223 because you are working off of less powder. If you live in a silencer-friendly State, the disadvantage is the cost of the tax stamp, the wait, and the cost of the silencer.
The truth about guns blog notes that Savage Arms cancelled their plans to build guns in the 300 blackout, due to accuracy issues. You could get a nice bolt action rifle for hunting, in say .308, and be set as far as hunting medium game is concerned.
By dedicating the build of a rifle for this sole purpose, an AR-15 can become the top choice for a semi-automatic sniper system. The rifle can also be used as a backup for the sniper’s bolt-action rifle should it become disabled for any reason. The bolt locks into the barrel extension when it is in battery, and this group of parts lock together to contain the cartridge in the chamber and guide the bullet toward the target.
Much time and expense is spent on truing and matching the mating surfaces of these parts when tuning the accuracy in a bolt rifle. The upper receiver touches only the barrel extension where the barrel is held in place by the barrel nut. If the barrel moves while shooting with iron sights, the front sight moves as well and will partially compensate for the variation.
If a gunsmith is willing to take a hacksaw to the delta ring and weld spring, a two-piece design such as a Midwest Industries Two-Piece Free-Float Hangaurd can be installed without removing the front sight tower and flash hider.
Adjusting to a higher magnification allows more precision for longer ranges or smaller targets. Backup iron sights will rarely fit under the scope and would require removal of the optic if they did.
It was designed to be fired from a long barreled SAW at a husky potato-fed Soviet soldier wearing a flack jacket. Both Magpul stocks have adjustable length of pull but are longer than standard collapsable stocks. Both rifles will handle CQB and medium range sniping though the SPR carries a slight advantage for CQB due to shorter length and less weight while the DMR leans towards the other direction with less recoil and slightly higher muzzle velocities. We talked with an Infantry NCO who was astounded that the army had decided that whatever rifle was adopted, it should take a bayonet.
Also, this air rifle features a Monte Carlo stock with a raised cheek piece made from beech hardwood and a ventilated, rubber, recoil pad.
It features a weatherproof, synthetic stock with a rifled steel barrel sleeve covered with a fluted, polymer jacket with an integral noise reduction system that, Gamo says, is capable of reducing the noise of the pellet exiting the barrel by up to 52 percent. Also, this air rifle features a very ergonomic, hardwood thumbhole stock with a rubber recoil pad and a rifled steel barrel.
This air rifle features a very ergonomic, hardwood thumbhole stock with a rubber recoil pad and a rifled steel barrel with an integral sound suppression system.
Lastly, they span a broad range of prices that are specifically designed to fit most any budget. It’s so small and lightweight you can easily carry it in your pocket or purse, backpack or glove box. The purchaser of the AR-15 will be subject to specific regulations on a per state basis and should consult with their gun provider for these laws before they purchase any additional features that may be suspect to regulation. The most common are 154 thousandths for military and after market specs, and 171 thousandths. Next thing I knew, it had somehow malfunctioned and every time I fired, 4 rounds would fire! After a quick overview of the cartridge and rifle, I’ll discuss its suitability for prepping purposes. And even if the .223 has less bullet weight and theoretically less terminal performance, for practical purposes you would do well with either cartridge.
Companies such as Leupold, Schmit & Bender, Vortex, Valdada IOR, Millett, and Burris make this type of optic.
Magpul has released an enhanced version of their MBUS flip up iron sight that sports a lower profile for use with low mounted scopes. Fragmentation requires a properly designed projectile and sufficient velocity to cause fragmentation.

Today our soldiers are firing that cartridge from 14.5? barrels at 95 pound insurgents wearing man-dresses and durka durka towels.
A shorter stock and higher cheekpiece make little sense for the rifles we are discussing here.
They are also fairly heavy for those who wish to add weight for recoil reduction and to better balance the weapon due to the heavier 20” barrel. There are adaptors available to mount Harris or other sling swivel mount bipods to a Picatinny rail. His reasoning was that many units in Afghanistan do not carry bayonets, partly because of the type war they are fighting (chasing bandits around the hills) and partly because of the very heavy loads they carry.
There is also a rectangular hole cut out of the blade that mates with a stud on the scabbard, allowing the user to cut barbed wire obstacles. Those that employ a pre-charged air chamber are inconvenient because you have to use a pre-charged scuba tank, carbon fiber tank, or a specialized bicycle-type pump to fill them. In addition, it features a rifled steel barrel sleeve with a bull-barrel configuration, a single-cocking spring piston, break-barrel action requiring 58 lbs. It has an adjustable, two-stage trigger pull with a manual trigger safety and a 4 x 32 air rifle scope with a single-piece scope mount. It also features a two-stage, adjustable trigger pull, a manual trigger safety and a center point 3 to 9 x 40mm air rifle scope. It features a single-cocking, break-barrel, second-generation, nitro piston gas spring (Benjamin Trail says it’s 15 percent faster than the previous version with double the effective shooting range). It also features a two-stage, adjustable trigger with a manual trigger safety and a center point 3 to 9 x 32mm air rifle scope.
By choosing any of the air rifles listed above, you are certain to receive a high-quality firearm that will provide many years of service and will serve you well for the purpose of hunting small game. Between you and your four neighbors, chances are that at least one of the five households will experience a break-in… or worse, a home invasion. You’ll need to know what size yours is, and make sure your fire control pin, trigger pin, and hammer pin match. The result is a low recoil, short and medium range round that is effective from a short barrel (as short as 9″). Muzzle energy is about the same, but terminal effectiveness is greater due to the heavier bullet and somewhat better ballistic coefficient.
If you ever run out of the less available 300BLK ammunition, you can switch to the .223 upper.
The fact that you can easily switch between the two cartridges with minimal investment is a big plus.
Even if it is legal, you have to consider that a 110 to 125 grain 300BLK round is much more effective than any of the .223 rounds.
But with the 300BLK you have some hunting capability, and a much more viable self-defense gun. A traditional bolt-action sniper weapon is not ideal for clearing buildings and other close-in work that is common in today’s urban environments. Some sniper instructors did a demonstration while training designated marksmen that really drove these points home. Rigidity plays a large factor when balancing the barrel’s harmonics and reducing any barrel sway when firing. They also work against each other: the shorter the stock, the shorter a cheekpiece must be for the charging handle to clear.
There are a few companies that produce sturdy grips which split in half to become a traditional style bipod with fully adjustable legs. The blade is coated with black “Idroglide” which eliminates reflections and provides additional corrosion resistance.
The five air rifles listed below are all from well-known manufacturers and they all employ either a spring or gas piston to propel the pellet. It also has a two-stage, adjustable clean break trigger with a manual trigger safety and a center point 3 to 9 x 32mm air rifle scope.
I brought it back that same day – this time I researched which gun I wanted and got a very high quality AR-15. But be sure to get the right barrel for your gas system (not the pistol length barrels that 300BLK was designed for). On the other hand, I think the subsonic 220 grain ammo might be very effective at close range, with much the same bullet weight and velocity of a .45 ACP round.
Millett’s DMR-1, while not a Schmitt & Bender by any means, provides solid quality for the price. If possible, utilize both options for added redundancy incase optics become severely damaged while in the field. I know from experience that a collapsible buttstock on a scoped AR-15 never seems long enough even when wearing body armor. Some vertical grip bi-pods contain a built-in 120 lumen LED tactical light to combine three essential accessories in one compact package.
If you are following current events in Asia, who is to say the next conflict will not be one of a more conventional type, with World War II-style amphibious landings on numerous Pacific islands and massive infantry attacks by both sides? Makes a great complimentary gun for my Bushmaster and the same folks who started and worked at Bushmaster are now with Windham. Plus, it also has an adjustable, 4.5-pound, trigger pull with a manual trigger safety and a 3 to 9 x 50mm air rifle scope with an illuminated, glass-etched reticule. Other caliber changes for the AR15 require a change of bolt and caliber-specific magazines.
He opines that 3 MOA accuracy is good enough for taking game at 200 yards or less, and 4 MOA is good enough for 150 yards or less.
With the .223, you have cheaper ammo and good performance in self-defense, but it is less effective in hunting. The heavier 20” SS barrel stabilizes the rifle better than that of a carbine length barrel allowing the operator to fire slightly faster and more accurately.
I like a little more length on a buttstock and a rubber pad to grip body armor when necessary. Ask anyone whose home has ever been robbed what if feels like, and they’ll say it feels like they were violated.
The company is also behind the 2012 executive survivor’s kit.The company is led by an industry leader in product design and marketing.
It seems that most of the optics with ballistic drop compensating reticles for the 5.56 are designed for the M855 or other cartridges with similar trajectories.
An adjustable cheekpiece is ok to adjust for different shooters as long as it clears the charging handle. So if you are going to get a 300 blackout barrel, upper, or gun, you had better stock up on the ammo. One rumor says that you need 3 tax stamps to own one as a civilian, one for the full-auto, one for the silencer, and a third for some type of integral pre-silencer (!!?). The group fired from the sandbag rest was several inches higher on the target at only 100 yards.
From an M4 barrel, the velocity drops to the point that fragmentation often does not occur past 100 yards. Because not only do criminals violate what should be your sanctuary from the world and walk away. IMHO, get the best rifle you can afford, and spend your money on good ammo and good magazines.

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