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At first, the LodeCraft resource pack might make Minecraft players think of that old video game, Lode Runner. Enter your email address to subscribe to MCSix and receive notifications of new posts by email. Welcome to Top 5 Minecraft Resource Packs (Texture Packs) for 1.6.4 compiled by 9Minecraft Team!
Sphax PureBDCraft Resource Pack 1.6.4 is THE resource pack designed to let you play Minecraft as if you were in a Comic book! Sorry to my subscribers i have been in college and have not been able to put out new content lately but i figured while i was on vacation i would try to work on a few things and get more content out. Nice job , I would suggest looking up some shading tutorials so the skins don't look so flat. Note: In order to use HD Minecraft Resource Packs, you will need to either patch your Minecraft using MCPatcher HD or OptiFine HD.

However, the vastly improved textures included in LodeCraft have nothing to do with that old but still good game. However, it should work perfectly fine even with some of the worst computers out there, and that gives LodeCraft a universal appeal that few other resource packs for Minecraft enjoy. This world will have a epic looking bee house right behind the main base just working on the idea behind the building right now in a test world. Just make sure it's on top in the resourcepacks screen and you can overlay it on any resource pack. OptiFine is preferred as it includes all of the features of MCPatcher, and greatly increases Minecraft speeds and graphics settings.
This particular pack has a kind of fantasy theme going for it, with textures that bring to mind games like DooM and Hexen.
It’s not the best fantasy resource pack out there but it’s certainly not the worst one either.

All creations copyright of the creators.Minecraft is copyright Mojang AB and is not affiliated with this site. The pack contains excellent realistic textures for your Minecraft worlds and survival adventures, by the way these textures are ideal for the construction of various buildings. MCPatcher tends to be updated on the same day as Minecraft updates, so use it instead if you are in a hurry. LodeCraft works fine with Minecraft 1.8 and it is still getting updates from its creator, so it should keep working.
And don’t forget to leave a comment below this post to leave your feedback about this awesome pack.

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