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In today’s society, I see large numbers of bicyclists riding around every weekend when the weather is nice.  They are all wearing the tight bright colored outfits that seem to be mandatory for bike riders today.
My bicycle riding days are long past, although I have been giving some thought to starting again and I even have a couple of bikes.
If you are a dedicated rider, you will know more about what to do than me, but if not, here are a few suggestions.  Check the general condition of the bike. It may pay to take your bike to a bike repair shop and have it serviced and see if they will let you watch so that you have the opportunity to learn. How about one of those kiddie carriers you use to pull your little ones or grandkids.  They can be used to carry all kinds of things.
If you haven’t ridden your bike, in years get going and practice.  Whether you are using your bike for daily transportation or as survival bike, it can be a very useful tool.
This has onboard electronic device charging ability, water purification and a maximum cargo load limit of 250 pounds. Secondly, if you are willing to invest the money required to create a square-foot gardening and a weed-free wonderland, go for it.  The downsides are not only cost, but lack of air circulation, need for more watering, and if wood is used to make the raised beds it will eventually rot and have to be replaced.
Here is a brief list and description of the top ten weeds you will encounter in your veggie patch and ideas on eradication.  If you are looking for a quick and easy solution other than chemical annihilation, STOP reading at this point because it will take a determination and a will to succeed that cause most people to either cover their gardens with grass seed or put in that in-ground pool they thought they always needed.
In our comprehensive Worst Garden Weeds Survey, gardeners rated several mulch types and organic herbicides based on their effectiveness in controlling weeds.
The tips most often cited were to do a couple of good hand weeding sessions early in the growing season before laying down mulch, and to keep reapplying organic mulches as they decompose throughout the season. Many respondents commented that black plastic mulch is effective because it blocks light from weeds, but it can leave a mess of fragments in your garden when it eventually deteriorates. Glysphate (Roundup) is a harmless as anything in the home and degrades to nothing in less than 2 weeks.
Biannual weed such as Burdock cannot be dug out with reasonable effort but cutting the seed head off in the second year prevents more of the bastards.
I do agree with you on your point about how if you are in a survival situation that its best to pick your battles.
However, I disagree with you that Roundup is harmless and landscape fabric is 100% effective at stopping weeds. Wood chips break down but if you use wood chips and landscape fabric both early in the season, you may not have to worry about weeds for the first year, but this isn’t a long term solution. If we have a survival situation, wood chips and landscape fabric might be extremely hard to come by. Before I begin, let me state to everyone who is reading this that I am not trying to say any scope will make you a better shooter. Scopes do enhance our abilities though by augmenting our ability to focus and select objects usually at a distance.
Real Avid AR15 Pro Pack Premium Maintenance Kit – A quality maintenance kit is a good idea when you no longer can go to Amazon for spare parts. For the purposes of this article, I am only going to focus on Red Dot sights and Rifle scopes. Red dot sights are usually preferred in close quarter combat (less than 20 yards) situations where target acquisition speed is crucial. If you plan on pushing your rifle out to longer distances (50 to 300 yards), have older eyes or want the best lenses for low-light (not night vision) you are typically looking for a rifle scope that has some magnification factor and greater light transmission. EOTech’s are not cheap and this one is currently $499 on Amazon which is a pretty decent price, but you have to determine if spending this much on an optic is necessary for your skill level and what you plan on needing in a SHTF scenario. If you like the idea of Red Dot sites, but are trying to keep from spending a new car payment on one, the Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 is a much more economical option. Moving away from Red Dot sites and going into scopes, another good option is the Nikon P-223 3×32. For excellent magnification and much longer range, the Redfield Revolution 3-9x40mm TAC-MOA is a great scope with a very good price point of $265. There are many more options depending on what you are looking for and this great video from Nutnfancy lists off many more options. ROFL…I was at the range for some group therapy with a friend and we had a discussion over magnification.
I bought a rear flip up sight from La Rue Tactical, but I still have the standard front sight post that I want to remove and have flip-up front and rear.
I have read the article and in my opinion its right on target, I have a few different weapons with different optics on them, its difficult to have an optic for every situation, I have the holographic, red dot, 3x9x30 Ilum, and I recently purchased the P-223 3x20x40mm, some are more expensive than others and they all perform well, my suggestion is when SHTF, any of the weapons that you choose to use, or if you find your self with the only option of being left with only one weapon, insure that your are proficient in that weapon and you are able to use the iron sights, if any of your optics happen to fail, you’ll be able to remove your optics, remember your zero and use the iron sights, back in the day we would use a sticky return address label, wright down the zero of the weapon and put it in the hollow pistol grip of the weapon, just a thought. Purely competition at this point but someday if the stars are right I will have a chance at bagging a mulie. My swipe was mainly aimed at those who think they will be marauders or something after the shtf and snipe people to get what they want.

Lastly, you seem to be a brand name dweeb who thinks that spending more money will make you a better marksman and that thinking will get you nowhere fast. Oh and anyone who lies about shooting looters from the top of the Superdome or killing people at a gas station and then the cops just letting him go or yes, even punching Ventura in the face meets my definition above. I think you are way out in left field on the war and sniper stuff but agree with you on the Simmons scope.
When those cans are shooting back at you in low light, you will re-think your budget priorities.
EOTech with a quick release or Iron Sights, a magnifier on an AR15 is foolish for anything but showing off at the range or puffing up on a Blog. The EO or Iron sights are what I want on my AR15’s while putting a scope on the LAR-8 works better for me.
The EOTech is great for cqb and with a magnifier you can also turn it into a 3x scope in a pinch.
A case for the bicycle as a survival vehicle  FYI I am always willing to post articles submitted by readers. One positive aspect of chickweed is that you can feed it to your ducks and chickens, they will love it. Out of those who’d tried each type, here’s how the methods ranked, including the percentage of respondents who found each effective. Grass clippings will block weed growth better than the same thickness of hay or straw, but will usually not last as long. Others noted the usefulness of landscape fabric laid beneath a layer of straw for keeping weeds out of paths. Almost all of the gardeners who commented on organic herbicides said the ones that work only offer a temporary fix.
For example, if you are faced with starvation and eating processed food, I will take my chances eating processed food, probably very happily. Even if you take the large number of clinical trials that have shown a link to cancer in Glyphosate, and the fact that the entire EU has implemented a two year ban on pesticides and throw all of that out. I have spent hundreds of dollars on landscape fabric and this never guarantees you will have weed free areas. If only it was that simple, I would be very happy, but the home improvement stores wouldn’t sell as much. If your garden is new or if you are like me and have a year gone already for the weeds to strengthen you will have this problem.
Plant the whole bed so it is full of plants–no rows or paths in the bed, just fill it with plants. The ideas expressed on this site are solely the opinions of the author(s) and do not necessarily represent the opinions of anyone else. Even if you have the venerable AK-47, the scope that you use will greatly determine your capabilities after your natural skill and training have reached their limits. No amount of money you spend on optics will make you a better shot with whatever rifle you have and there are people who can shoot better than you(or I) could ever dream with nothing more than iron sights. It’s compact size also leaves you more room on your picattiny rail for a magnifier if you want, but if you are buying a magnifier, why wouldn’t you get a dedicated scope? When I first started prepping I was convinced that I would need a red dot sight for close quarters, but my thoughts have evolved since then.
I have one of these myself and while there are some things I don’t like about it (the adjustment knob is hard as hell to turn) it is a great little optic that gives me the same red dot feature for a much more reasonable price of around $80.
No, this isn’t the same quality (or cost) as a Leupold or NightForce, but if you are looking to spend 1 to 2 thousand dollars on a sniper scope, you should be looking somewhere else for advice. The magnification was nice in the urban environment of Fallujah or for viewing the tree line across the river when we were out in the ‘burbs, but as far as target acquisition went, I thought the scope got in the way. As it is, my post is always getting in the way (slightly) of my scopes so I have to raise them up.
I bought a $40 Simmons 3-9×40 scope and can easily plug Dr Pepper cans at 300 yards with my 270 sighted at 100 yards. Actually you will probably never need to take a long range shot unless you are planning on being a true American hero and kill unsuspecting people from a comfortable distance. Kris Kyle was a psycho liar and I am not afraid to say it and yes it is obvious that is who I was referring to.
I have a $45 3×9 32mm Simmons on my 22 bolt action Mossberg boyhood rifle and I can pump shots into a quarter sized area at 50 yards using no tripod (I rest the barrel on my clenched fist atop a table surface). As you evaluate your mulch options, keep in mind that clear plastic — the lowest-ranking mulch type — will only work to kill weeds if it’s used in summer and pulled tightly over soil, creating a hot environment weeds can’t tolerate. If I am dying of thirst, I won’t turn my nose up at water that has fluoride in it or that was stored in containers that may have BPA in them.
Do you really believe that spraying chemicals that are designed to kill anything on your food is the best idea?

You might have a reduction for the first year, but eventually grass and weeds grow through and over the landscape fabric. The author may or may not have a financial interest in any company or advertiser referenced. A good scope is a huge benefit in allowing you to accurately acquire a target and with a properly sighted rifle and good fundamentals hit what you are shooting at. The over simplified version is that Red dot sights usually have zero magnification and project a red (hence the name) dot onto glass for a heads up display instead of the typical cross-hairs, of where the bullet will hit. Now, I am not comparing the quality of the Bushnell to the EOTech, but it is an option you could consider.
There isn’t an adjustable magnification with this scope, but once you have it sighted in at 100 yards, there are reticules for targets at 200, 400 and 600.
For me, it was more convenient than switching between binos and rifle, but I used my iron sights when it came time to put lead down range. He deserved what he got cause what goes around comes around and I am glad someone shut his lying mouth. It is nice to be able to try to maximize the range of an AR type platform and the right optics can aid in that. This method of capturing radiant heat from the sun under clear plastic is often called solarization. Start your mulching regimen early, before weeds get a foothold, and don’t be shy about applying a lot — if you can, mulch 6 to 8 inches deep with hay, straw or leaves, or 2 to 3 inches deep with grass clippings. Many gardeners considered vinegar an effective herbicide option if applied directly to weeds on a sunny day. Any action taken as a result of information, analysis, or advertisement on this site is ultimately the responsibility of the reader. There are many different configurations that are possible given the role you intend your AR-15 to be in but I wanted to discuss what I think are some of the best AR-15 scope options you have right now in order to help you hit what you are shooting at in a SHTF scenario.
Will you get $1000 worth of value out of that scope you have your eyes on, or would something much less expensive be perfectly suited to your needs? It is nicely set up so that if your rifle is sighted in, and you have a target out to 600 yards, you can elevate the rifle to get the bottom reticule on the target and the ballistics should work out.
Also more than two ARs is a waste unless you are expecting to equip others as well as yourself in an emergency.
Perhaps if we fought wars of necessity instead of these political wars then we could give praise where it is due without that nagging feeling of shame. If ya need a scope for 200 yards you need to get some glasses, unless your shooting dimes and trying to show off. I love trijicons in low light conditions because the reticle is pretty bright and it is very easy to pick up on.
Organic mulches are a quadruple win because they suppress weeds, build fertility, retain moisture and are often free. If you’re cautious about protecting the soil food web in your garden, note that vinegar can do minor harm to soil microorganisms. One thing about this scope is the lack of magnification makes sighting in at 100 yards impossible without a shooting scope or someone to tell you where you are hitting. I agree that booby traps are an important part of that defensive strategy though I don’t think anyone has ever been called a hero for setting a booby trap, but I could be mistaken. I STILL believe him and others over the pathological idiot who used to govern Minnesota, if that is to whom you refer.
Actually I may have gotten too dependent on it and really should practice more longer range shooting from the kneeling and standing positions. Dig a trench and bury the edges of the tightly pulled plastic in the trench so the heat will build up, and keep the plastic cover on the garden bed for three to six weeks.
Simply gather grass clippings and leaves from your property, or get them from friends or neighbors who don’t use lawn herbicides.
Once sighted in you won’t be able to choose between head or body really, but you should be able to hit them.
For me this is a good balance of close quarters capability and long range assistance with the reticules.
Most of you buy the most expensive seeds you can find, but you wont put big bucks into staying secure?

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