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Made by tyman231 and TrentonYoThis mod adds new grenades to chuck at mobs, mine, and just 'splode stuff!
Suggestion; Directional explosives, sort of like claymores, they explode in one specific direction. As the title says, tell us what your favorite Hive mini-game and least favorite is, and why. Two years ago today, on December 24th 2011, I was sat at my computer at my families house, putting the finishing touches on the very first version of my very first Minecraft Mod, ComputerCraft. So Merry Christmas, and remember to play ComputerCraft before December 31st; if you do, you’ll find your Turtles will be dressed rather more festively than normal! Hey all, Just letting you know that the other mod I work on, qCraft, just got a big update. Grab the download now from, and expect this to appear in some of your favourite mod packs shortly.
I put these together last year and they were very popular, so this year I’ve revamped the site and added several new types of Computers and Turtles for purchase. This time last week, the Minecraft community gathered in Orlando, Florida for MINECON 2013, and I was lucky enough to join them!
First up was the Developing Mods panel, with myself, Direwolf20, Pahimar, LexManos, cpw, Benimatic, LazerTester and Kainzo, and moderated by Sacheverell. When I wasn’t on panels, I was helping to show people qCraft at the giant booth Google assembled for the event. One year ago, I booked a ticket to MINECON in Disneyland Paris, and recorded a short video submission to appear on a panel and talk about ComputerCraft.
Thanks to ComputerCraft and similar projects, lots of people are using Minecraft to teach programming. Developed with the help and backing of TeacherGaming, E-line media, Google and CalTech, it can now be found in the very latest versions of the FTB Unleashed, Tekkit and Hexxit modpacks.

A while ago I was interviewed by Mark Ward from the BBC about Minecraft, ComputerCraft, and its use in learning Programming. In June, inspired by my success in modding, I quit my job to work on Minecraft stuff and my indie games full time, and so far I’ve been lucky enough to keep paying the bills!
Special shoutouts are due to everyone in the ForgeCraft community (in particular, direwolf20 and Slowpoke101) for being great friends and giving exposure to what I do, my friends at TeacherGaming, for giving me so many fun projects to collaborate on and cheerleading me at every opportunity, and to Mojang, for letting me be part of Minecon this year, and for always working hard making Minecraft the best game it can be. They’re super tough and durable, they make great desk toys, and they support me in the development of ComputerCraft (Minecraft modding is my full time job now, so this is extra appreciated!).
I was primarily there to represent the qCraft project, but I had plenty of of time to talk about ComputerCraft and BILLUND too. Despite some variable questions, it went well, and over 1100 people turned up to watch us talk about modding. I was absolutely blown away by the presence qCraft had at MINECON this year; aside from the booth, we gave a very well received panel, were mentioned by Lydia in the opening ceremony, and we gave away over 2000 t-shirts with our logo on it. It was great to hang out with so many people from the Forgecraft server, my sometimes colleagues from TeacherGaming and E-line Media, friends from the community, the Mojangstas, and the hundreds of people over the weekend who came up to me to ask for my autograph or just chat about modding. You can watch the whole event on the Mojang livestream, but it doesn’t capture the experience of being there.
I’ll be talking about the process of designing and building Minecraft mods with some of the biggest modders on the scene, and a very special YouTube guest. As always, if you want to track me down, the best way is to Follow me on Twitter, I’ll be posting about my whereabouts whenever anything interesting is happening.
This mod comes up with a really creative ideas of making the mod suits the game which established in March of 2015. With a network of Quantum Portals, it’s now possible to link up all the different servers you play on to make a single, persistent world!
Some of the guys got together again for a second panel on Sunday evening, and that’s worth watching too.

I got accepted on the panel, and when I was there I made connections that eventually led to me being able to quit my job to work full time on exciting projects like qCraft. With quotes from myself, Minecraft Teacher and others, it can be found here on the BBC News website. Actually this name is a team of content creators that will always bring people the best tools and content provided including of world customization to modpacks.Blood N Bones Gaming Mod will provide you so many mods including of Advanced Spawn Control Mod, Block Physics Mod, Dimensional Control Mod, Suspended Server Mod and Triumph Mod which all of them require or need BNBGaingLib tobe installed which will allow every mods provided work properly. Precision, where they destroy several blocks in a straight line, and a Spread pattern where a cone of destruction is created. They offer a wide variety of hosting services for Websites and Game Servers (including modded Minecraft servers), so if you’re looking for a server, Try them out! Advanced Spawn Control is a mod that will allow a greater range of flexibility to a mudpack maker’s to actually control where the mobs will be spawned which also include dimension specific lists that allow diversity. By the end of 2012, it had been used by millions, and my future had been irrevocably changed. Next, Block Physics is a mod adding various falling block physics to the world of Minecraft to make all the blocks in the world become much more realistic. The Dimensional Control Mod is like a mod that will give the mudpack creators a greater control in term of dimension both existing ones and the new ones. Suspended Server Mod will actually prevent time from progressing in the world of Minecraft. Last one is the Triumph Mod is a simple mod that will remove Minecraft achievements and add in new achievements instead based on various triggers.So, there are so many new things added if all those new mods being installed to ones server that will help players to have much more fun while playing the game.

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