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Basically, we have a similar system to yours, with an additional layer in there. "Immediate" is stuff that is always on our bodies -- est. Plickety: I'm duly impressed with your totable file box - mind you, I've been duly impressed by you two for some time now! Nope no detectors, or Dosimeters (which I find kind of funny anyway, oh look it's red I'm dead). We do have KI though, and dosing with that should start immediately anyway, regardless of whether you've got, suspected to have, or not had exposure to any radioactivity post strike. Where we are going to be has prevailing westerlies, Fairbanks is about 100 miles from us (there is no current nuclear weapon with enough destructive force to fry us where we are) and behind two mountains, Anchorage is south of us by about 130 miles, and the Highest mountain in North America is between us and it. Very cool - you two have your stuff together! The Dark Times will probably feel like a vacation to you! My wife took him to an urgent care clinic, where they prescribed "layering" with alternation of acetaminophen (like Tylenol)  and ibuprofen (like Advil). This way, you have a better chance of keeping the fever and aches down with different medicines, rather than wait for the next time window if you happened to have only one medicine.
I've noticed that a lot of basic first aid kits these days no longer contain any of these medicines. We also stock melatonin, since stress might make it hard to sleep and sleep is goof for your immune system.

Has been invaluable to me over the years in discerning when I need to take action and when the body is likely to heal itself. In fact, you've mentioned something that I hadn't thought about doing - which is why I really like these exchanges 'cause I'm always learning new good stuff. I'm also doubly impressed at the way you actually did a real run-through to see how fast you could accomplish the bug-out. I should have remedied that already .  As soon as we finish the move up I will have to re-pack with more appropriate gear!
Then 3 hours later, you start the acetaminophen dose, which also lasts about lasts 6 hours.
You don't want to repeat a dose of the same medicine too close to the previous dose, because there is a toxicity effect. If you're trying to survive a natural diaster or emergency, you may find yourself susceptible to illness or pain, and it would be helpful to keep these things handy.
But I recommend this for everyone - especially if you are responsible for young children (don't forget diapers!), or if you have elderly relatives (depends), you'll want these four things in your emergency stash.
Nyquil, Dayquil, and especially Zicam, which stops the exponetial growth of viruses in your system. It is basically 8 or 9 teaspoons of sugar, one teasppon of salt to a liter of potable water (not exactly the same as gatorade or pedialyte, I think they have a little potassium too) but portable in an emergency.

You can buy it in single serving powder form (in packages of "sticks") that you can tear open and mix into your water. Personal hygene kit, Medkit, rain poncho, Utility belt, emergency blankets and Bag, Knife sheath, axe, mess kit, Mug, various plastic bottles, MTAC holster, XDm Mags, and ammo, Robinson XCR mags and ammo, Remington 870 and Ammo, Moving up right, we have head net, and gunbelt, Light sticks, regular canteen pad and Modular Sleep System. We might have been able to simply mail the long guns to ourselves, if we had an address, but the USPS whined about the size and weight of our double Pelican cases and UPS doesn't want to let you ship to yourself (although it's legal).
Zicam comes in tablets, which are the preferred method of storing it: the spray pump tends to clog.
Our "medium" survival kit is in a stuff-sack inside our "long-term" survival kit, but it can be easily removed and added to our "short term" knapsack (once we've redistributed) as well -- est.
Long term -- we could essentially live on "forever".  Basically, short, medium and long are a nesting system. But I can deal with more cold, if I'm not coughing up blood and bleeding from every orifice.

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