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The military started buying survival knives in bulk and worked with the manufacturers to get the best possible knife for their troops. In the 1980’s military survival knives saw a resurgence with the release of the Rambo movies. Having the right blade can mean life or death for some, especially to an outdoorsman whom relies on a knife that’s used for survival purposes. A good survival knife is the most important item of your survival gear and is one of the 15 essentials that all survivors should have with them.
Anyone who has ever spent quality time in the outdoors will vouch for the usefulness of a good knife but to the survival expert his knife is one of his best friends and the most closely guarded of his survival gear. Choosing the right survival knife is more than an exercise in individuality – your very life may hinge upon its proper selection. This knife comes with a blade that has a beautiful satin finish or the tiger striped blade. These blades are used quite a bit by the military as combat knives and they are exactly what you would want if what was stalking you for two days wasn’t a bear but an insurgent! This SOG Seal Pup Elite knife comes with or without the black TiNi blade (or with the tiger stripe as pictured above) and as a serrated knife or a straight fixed blade knife. You can find more detailed information such as technical specs and styles on other SOG Knives here. This is a great picture of how to cut rope or paracord without having to take your knife out of its sheath. The second knife is the Recon Bowie that was used during the war in Vietnam as well, and looks very similar to the original Bowie. Some time ago, we introduced you to our list of the best tactical folding knives for carrying in your pocket everyday. While not usually conducive to everyday carry, fixed blade knives are instead designed to defend against bigger threats and tackle bigger cutting tasks than their folding knife counterparts and should be with you anywhere that survival is paramount. Ka-Bar’s USMC fighting knife has a long history of use by both military personnel and civilians for self defense and survival applications. Walk into most any firehouse, especially in the county where this author lives, and at least one of the firefighters employed there will have a cold steel knife in their pocket or with their firefighting gear.
This particular fixed blade knife by the company, the Recon Scout, features a durable Kray-Ex handle and a 7.5 inch long high carbon steel blade that has been heat-treated and tempered to mimic the strength and sharp edge retention of a Japanese sword. Of all of the knives featured on this list, Gerber’s Fixed Blade Deluxe Knife is the most suitable for self defense applications. The fine edge drop point blade itself measures in at a bit over 3 inches, is crafted from 420HC steel, and boasts a rubber over-mold handle with a diamond texture that ensures a secure grip when the time comes to use it.
Gerber’s LMF II is another highly versatile fixed blade knife designed to perform a variety of different functions in the field. While Gerber worked hard designing the LMF II to be the right survival knife for any situation, they also didn’t want you to be stuck in the middle of nowhere with a dull knife during extended use.
Although lighter and smaller than many of its other fixed-blade counterparts, this Rick Hinderer-inspired Fieldtac Knife will undoubtedly tackle heavy duty cutting tasks without fail thanks to a tungsten diamond like coated blade made from chip and crack resistant Vanadis 4 Extra powder metallurgical cold work steel. Benchmade arguably produces some of the best folding knives on the market, and that craftsmanship generously carries over into their stock of fixed blade knives as well.
A polished, S30V stainless steel drop-point blade leaves nothing to be desired during cuts, while a contoured G-10 handle offers the superior grip you would expect in a survival knife. The Leatherneck-SF, which is short for Semper-Fi, is a military-inspired bayonet fixed blade similar to KA-BAR’s USMC Fighting Knife designed for both close quarters combat and utility cutting tasks encountered in the field. While it may not be the right knife for everyday carry in your pocket, the Tops Hoffman Harpoon Knife ($58) will definitely add some nautical flavor to your current knife collection. Designed by survival expert Karen Hood, CRKT’s HoodWork Survival Knife features a well though-out construction that is adaptable to a variety of survival situations. The second fixed blade from Benchmade to land on this list is the Contego Knife, a blacked-out all purpose tactical knife large enough to tackle demanding cutting and self defense tasks. The Schrade Extreme Survival Special Forces Fixed Blade is a pro hunter knife with hidden tactical functionality. The Tops Screaming Eagle Hunter is another military-inspired survival knife originally developed for the soldiers in the U.S.
If you’re here looking for a worthy outdoor, survival, or hunting knife, this is not it. Whether you are out hiking through the woods, on the hunt for food, attempting to survive in the wilderness, or setting up a camp, a good tool on hand is going to make life much easier. The SOG Seal Pup is a specialty knife that has both a smooth and a serrated edge in one 4.75 inch AUS-8 steel blade that has a clip point shape. Best of all though, it is lightweight at only 5.4 ounces and corrosion resistant, as long as you keep the blade oiled, clean, and dry.
Most people, according to the SOG Seal Pup reviews, claim that this single blade is ideal for hiking, backpacking, hunting, fishing, and everything else.
Even though you will get the SOG Seal Pup nylon sheath, you may want to take the advice of others, depending on what you plan to use your knife for and how often you plan to carry it. First, military personnel and law enforcement agencies approve of it, what more could you ask for in a knife?
Like everything else in the world, survival knives have also evolved tremendously over centuries to become more and more effective, thanks in no small part to human innovation.
Established brands across the world have come up with crucial design modifications that have made these survival knives extremely versatile. So if you are buying a survival knife for the first time or are planning for an upgrade then you need information and in this post we bring to you information aplenty. Read on to learn more about the design and build of the best survival knives, where and how can they be of use to you and reviews of some of the best survival knives available online. Survival knife is a life- saving tool that comes in handy if you need to spend time in the wilderness while camping, hiking, hunting or unfortunately estranged. It can also be used as a safety tool to save your life or someone else’s during life-threatening circumstances like accidents or disasters. It is designed in such a way that it can perform tasks like chipping, pruning, batoning, skinning and cutting effortlessly.
A survival knife can help you make through unusual situations like cutting through the thick undergrowth of a forest, hunting and skinning animals, cutting away branches to set up a tent or a campfire, cutting away seat belts in a car accident, digging through the ground or debris and even for self-defense.
A great survival knife lets you do a hell lot more, including bringing out the inner craftsmen in you while chipping away at a piece of wood. Apart from helping in keeping you fed, warm and safe in difficult situations, the survival knife might just let you stay alive for a little longer. The blade of a survival knife may be smaller than the traditional machete standards but it is still enough to chop down an entire tree. In such a case, a survival knife can easily chop down small branches and scrape tinder to start a lively fire for cooking, scaring away wild animals or to maybe even send a smoke signal.
Firewood needs sparks to light up and when you are stuck in a survival endangering situation, finding a matchstick or a lighter would not be likely.
You can easily chop up thick logs, branches and sticks to serve as poles by using just a little leverage. Once the tent skeleton is set up, you can then cover it up by cutting up some big leaves or shrubs and bushes in the nearby area. A secure shelter could definitely mean the difference between life and death in those freezing nights and soaking rains.
With a blade that sharp, a survival knife can make a pretty neat tool for hunting or fishing. You can tie up the knife to the end of a stick to serve as a makeshift spear or use it to make a wooden hunting tool like a fishing rod. You can also skin, gut or clean your catch with great ease and enjoy cooking a hearty meal as this knife takes care of fire too. Even if you hunt down food or gather an armful of fruits, you can not exactly push them as a whole in your throat.
The meat needs to be cut up in pieces so that it can be cooked properly and the fruits and veggies need to be peeled or chopped down. With the help of chord, wood and stones, you can make a number of life-essential tools like a stone hammer, a wooden bow, a slingshot, a shovel or even a sled.
Now these tools may seem primitive but when it comes to surviving in the wild, they hold a great promise. All you need is a little imagination and patience with your knife to design the deadliest of your companions in the wilderness. You might need to dig up a few holes for fishing out for bait worms, or water or even a shit hole while you are out there on your own with nothing but your panic. But a task as simple as digging becomes a nightmare if the ground is frozen solid or covered with rocks. A survival knife can spare the flesh on your hands as its sharp edges and pointed end break through several layers of soil in a single strike. If you are not really an outdoorsy person and are by now wondering how exactly would a survival knife be of any use to you than this is where you find your answer. A survival knife can be a critical resource to rescue you or someone else form fatal circumstances. It can be used to cut the seat belt of a car, smash glass windows or smash through debris to pull out a trapped person. It can assist in cutting up bandages or carving out a wooden staff or a makeshift plaster for a broken bone.
It can also be used to cauterize a wound to stop the bleeding and prevent infections but you need a lot of courage to press a heated knife to your skin in order to do that. Since a survival knife is small and easy to carry around, it can be a very effective self-defense equipment. Though a survival knife is not made to inflict any serious injuries but it can do enough to save your life. Read on to know the essential features that your knife absolutely has to have in order to ensure you survival. You will find a blade and a handle in all survival knives but the best one will have much more than these features. They are designed using the best of the materials so that they remain sturdy and reliable for extended periods of time in impossible situations.
Just like a non-fat muffin is no muffin, the same way a folding knife is no knife at all. It is weak, inefficient and unreliable. While a folding blade might easily break with some heavy-duty work, a fixed blade will take on the tasks relentlessly and there is a very slim chance that you injure yourself by accident. A folding blade also requires constant maintenance as the hinges need to be kept from coming loose and avoid getting jammed or rusted.
A fixed blade is stronger and hence very hard to break which ultimately means more reliable. In a Full Tang survival knife, the metal of the blade extends all the way down to the bottom of the handle which makes the knife much harder to break.
The biggest advantage of this design is that is enables you to use your knife effectively as leverage or hammer it down like a chisel, which is not advisable with a Partial tang survival knife as it will snap without a doubt. Sure the cost of the knife will go up with all the extra metal that is needed, but it is better to carry one Full tang knife rather than several Partial Tang knives because frankly, you will need more than one. There is something called an optimal length for a survival knife blade and that lie between 4 to 6 inches. Any blade bigger than that becomes a burden to carry around, and a smaller one will not be viable for every job. With a blade length of 4 to 6 inches, you can achieve an unmatched versatility, be it felling trees or skinning game. You might need a 10 inch blade if you were in Game of Thrones and needed to behead everyone. But for surviving, the above mentioned length is the best as it becomes easy and safe to carry plus you can do all the intense work while maintaining precision. This size is the most optimum compromise between bulkiness and versatility of a survival knife. You can choose between a stainless steel blade and a carbon blade while purchasing a survival knife. Of course there is the superior titanium blade for those who have the money but otherwise they are pretty much your only options.
Though stainless steel remains sharp for a long time and does not corrode easily but once it becomes dull, it will take all your energy, patience and time to restore the blade to its previous glory.
A carbon blade can corrode pretty quickly if proper care is not taken therefore you will need to invest in blade oils and sharpening kits.
So if need the knife for just a couple of days in the wild then stainless steel would do, but if your stay is prolonged, then go with a carbon steel blade. Also a thick single edged knife with a flat end is always preferable over a double edged knife simply because it is safer and more convenient to use. You can grip the flat end part with your hand to apply leverage where needed or maybe hammer it down with a stone to push it through dense materials. Thickness is directly related to the strength of the blade and its ability to perform enduring tasks.
Imagine a scenario when you are using your knife and it suddenly slips from your hand and you end up losing your finger. Rubber handles with grooves and textures do a great job in making sure that the knife stops trying to wiggle free from your grip. It should be the right size for your hand, enabling your fingers to curve around comfortably.
You can hammer or strike the flat end with a solid thing like a stone or a log of wood to drive the blade through thick materials.
It would be even better if the tang is protruding out as a flat rectangular piece from the rear of the knife.
When it comes to survival knives, a lanyard hole might easily be the most underrated feature. Its utility seems lost on many but when you need to work with both your hands and blade, then the lanyard hole provides a very convenient way to keep track of your survival knife.
You can slip a small cord through a hole and string it up your belt, neck or any other place that seems convenient.
This might seem like a not-so-important feature but it comes in very handy when you want to drill holes into wood, stones or any other hard material. You can’t have a bare knife swinging close to your body while moving for obvious reasons and for the same reasons you can’t carry it in your hands also. As a bonus, it will keep the external elements like air, dust and water away from the blade which are responsible for corroding and rusting the metal faster. One of the best materials that sheaths are made of is Kydex and the worst could easily be Nylon as your razor sharp survival knife would be poking out a hole in it in no time. Although there is a finger-guard that protects your fingers from slipping and consequent slicing, Choils and Jimpings are small yet efficient features that work as an additional protection for your fingers. Choil is a small metal groove that lies just between the finger-guard and the start of the blade. If you are planning to pass down your survival knife to your grandson, then it needs to be saved from the vagaries of time. Quality knife accessories help in maintaining the freshly-bought-from-the-store state of your knife. A great knife sharpening stone makes it a lot easier to maintain a sharp blade especially if you prefer carbon steel which loses its edge pretty quickly after a few days of heavy usage.
A dull survival knife is of no practical use to anyone so unless you know how to use a whit stone, a knife sharpener will be your best friend. The best of the sheaths secures your survival knife so that if you accidentally drop your knife, it’s not sticking out of your foot. Bottom line: just make sure the knife is tightly secured in the sheath and doesn’t poke a hole in it. You don’t want to open your backpack every time you need your knife and you certainly don’t want to carry it in your hands and restrict your movements.
A Belt Clip enables you to carry the knife around without hassle and access it easily in need. Although you can use any kind of rope for the lanyard hole in your knife, investing in a good quality lanyard cord means extra safety as it won’t snap or break in critical situations. There are a variety of lanyard coils available in the market and one of the best ones is the military grade nylon paracord. This removes moisture and dust particles from settling in on the blade surface and corroding the metal. After cleaning the blade properly, applying a thin layer of blade oil will prevent it from coming in contact with external elements. When you are out to buy something on which your life depends, you can’t afford to be ignorant. A sturdy survival knife that can withstand heavy usage and precision work is the way to go. Size of the knife is equally important as long and bulky knives are a pain to carry and the ones that are too small are useless for strenuous jobs like splitting wood or hammering. This size is big enough to chop trees and small enough to perform intricate work like making tools, skinning game and carving or chipping wood.

Keeping your blade length to the optimal thickness and size widens the utility range drastically.
Though stainless steel knives are highly corrosion resistant and affordable, they lose their edges pretty quickly.
Carbon steel blades, on the other hand are a much better option as they are sturdy and stay sharp for a long time. Survival knives are also available with titanium blades and are far superior to carbon or stainless steel.
The handle of a survival knife should be such that it fits your hand perfectly and grip is non-slippery. Also the handle should be such that it has a solid striking surface when you need to hammer it down.
Full tang knives add to the effectiveness of the handle by ensuring that it doesn’t break while prying and batoning. A pointy tip is a bonus when it comes to using the knife as a spear, digging holes or prying something loose. A solid pommel is needed in a survival knife so that it creates a flat surface at the bottom which can be hammered or used directly to strike.
When you want to drive your blade through dense wood, you need to pound the solid flat back of the pommel with great force and a hollow pommel would definitely break under the pressure. There are a number of brands available online that provide for some of the most brilliantly crafted survival knives of this time. Given below are the reviews of some of the most popular macho purchases of the survival knives market.
Fallkniven A1 survival knife is hands down one of the best survival knives that are available out there. The total length of the knife is 11 inches with the blade constituting a comfortable 6.3 inches. The Fallkniven A1 is a Full-tang knife with a small part of the metal protruding from the bottom of the handle. This survival knife uses the extremely tough and laminated VG 10 steel that can easily endure extreme stress when bestowed upon it. The design is flawless, menacing even, with every little feature that can possibly make any difference taken care of.
The blade is made from one of the most coveted High-Carbon 1095 steel which remains sharp for a long time but need proper and continuous maintenance to avoid rusting and corrosion. The Full tang survival knife has two removable Lined Grey Micarta handle Slabs which are screwed in to provide for a textured and comfortable grip in the handle. The EESE 6P-B survival knife can be safely kept in a Black Molded Polymer Sheath that comes along with the knife. Not only is this Knife or Kukri absolutely gorgeous, it has an interesting story behind it. This is the knife that is issued to Gurkha soldiers of Nepal that are serving in the Afghan War.
The blade is made using High grade Carbon steel that keeps the knife super sharp even after heavy rustic use. For the scabbard, we have a cotton layer covered with natural buffalo leather in brown color. This Extreme Survival knife is as the name suggests build to withstand extreme situation with an ergonomic design to maximize its utility. This knife is carved from one single piece of SAE-1070 High Carbon Steel which is one of the best materials to exhibit extreme endurance in extreme situations.
The ESEE 6P has made its name into the survival knife world because of its unique design and a well-developed design. This is a Full-Tang Survival Knife with two removable lined Micarta handle Slabs screwed on the bottom to serve as the handle. The ESEE 6P knife comes along with a beautiful Desert Tan Brown Sheath which is made from Molded Polymer.
The Gerber LMF II Infantry Knife is tough, as tough as the former military man Jeff Freeman who designed it. The blade of the knife is a 420HC Stainless Steel which maintains its sharpness for a long time and is not easily corroded when exposed to the elements. The LMF II handle is made from glass-filled polymer called Zytel which is wrapped around by textured Vulcanized Rubber to ensure a non-slip grip in every situation. The Survival Knife comes along with a Nylon Sheath featuring a built-in Knife Sharpener to keep your edges ready to go. Bushcraft is one of the topmost survival knife makers that are doing wonders in designing high-quality blades meant to keep you alive. Their knives are adept for heavy duty work like hammering and batoning and are very easy to maintain.
To give the knife extra resilience, Bushcraft uses the High Grade O1 Carbon Steel which can be quickly sharpened when needed.
The G10 Handle perfectly complements the blade with lovely contours on the surface and a rounded pommel.
A Leather sheath provided with the knife is used to keep the knife tucked away from external elements that causes the metal to degrade. It is designed in such a way that it can do almost anything and everything including sawing, whittling, scraping and more. The Tracker 2 is made from High Grade 1095 Carbon Alloy which takes its sharpness and strength to the next level. The Kydex sheath with two rotating steel spring clips is perfect to keep the traction-coated carbon steel away from dust and moisture.
When you take this knife in your hands there is a pretty good chance you might end up feeling like Rambo. AUS 8 stainless-steel is used to make the blade and is finished with Black TiNi to prevent premature rusting. The handle is made using Glass Reinforced Nylon that is precisely textured to prevent the hand from slipping.
The Companion carbon MG might look similar to a kitchen knife but the similarity ends there. With an overall knife length of 8.6 inches, this knife is compact, lightweight and hence very convenient to use and carry. The High Carbon Steel blade is infused with the famous Scandi grind which remains retains its edge for a long time and is pretty easy to re-sharpen. The simple Rubber handle has a patterned grip that produces a non-slippery hold on the knife. The Morakniv Companion carbon MG comes along with a Plastic Sheath with a belt clip and a drain hole for added utility. The KA-BAR BK-22 is a military grade knife so that it will be super strong and reliable is a given. The 10 ? inch long KA-BAR BK-22 is a survival knife whose cutting power can only be described as devastating. The blade is fashioned in the Drop point style so that is gives an extra edge to the knife when it is used as a hammer or a leverage. An extremely resistant Zytel handle is screwed on to the metal tang and provides for a firm and comfortable grip. The Sheath of this survival knife is made using Heavy-duty Polyester with a front pocket to keep your knife safe and secure. The blade is forged using ATS-34 Stainless Steel which comes along with a Black Traction Coating that keeps the external elements from corroding the blade and in turn extends its life. A Black Linen Macarta Handle is screwed on to the Full tang knife and additional finger grooves enable a sturdy grip on the knife. The Tom Brown Tracker 3 comes with a Kydex Sheath with two rotating steel string clips to hook it up on your belt or your bag for carrying it around safely. Since 1995, the Fallkniven F1 is the official Survival knife that is being given out the Swedish Air Forces. It is a simple yet versatile knife that is very easy to carry and has decades of Swedish craftsmanship to account for its tough and viable design. The 4.5mm thick Blade is made using Laminated VG10 steel which means that the blade is made to last even in extreme situations. For safe-keeping, the Fallkniven F1 comes along with a durable injection molded Zytel sheath with drain holes so that the steel is not corroded by dust and moisture. When you buy your tools from the same place as the military, it would undoubtedly be incredible.
The SOG survival knives are made incredibly tough to withstand the most adverse situations that are possible in the wild.
The overall length of the knife is 10.25 inches which is the optimum size to perform both rough and fine tasks with the knife. The grip of the knife is firm because of the Textured Kraton handle that has a very high level of heat and water resistance.
A Black Leather Sheath with a snap closure and a belt loop is included with the knife for hassle-free handling when not in use. The Cold Steel Survival Rescue Knife is designed to be extremely versatile to stay true to its name. Cold Steel makes use of sophisticated innovation to forge this gorgeous knife that gives it an edge over demanding tasks. The simple yet efficient design of this SRK is perfect for taking down an entire tree, animals or even another person.
For the blade, Cold Steel has used the Japanese AUS A8 Stainless Steel that is proven to stand the tests of time. The handle is made from a hard and dense polymer Kraton and is checkered along the length for a high-friction grip. A Secure-ex sheath tightly packs in the blade so that the blade doesn’t come in contact with the elements and gets corroded quickly. Schrade has reputation of designing high-quality and dependable Survival knives that are fit to fight your survival battles. The Schrade SCHF3N can be used for almost any task in the wilderness be it chopping, slicing, whittling, digging or hammering. Extending up to 11.875 inches, it is big heavy knife and will be great for your hunting trips. The Schrade SCHF3N Blade is made using the extremely durable 7Cr17 High Carbon Stainless Steel which retains its edge and is resistant to corrosion. The Micarta handle has finger grooves and a high-friction surface so that the knife doesn’t slip in hot and humid conditions when your hands can get all sweaty.
A Black Nylon sheath is also included with the knife which can be easily hooked on to a belt or strapped on to your leg or waist. Morakniv, based in Sweden, has designed the Companion Heavy Duty knife with only one thing on their mind, survival. You can take this knife out with you on hunting trips, camping, trekking or on other outdoor adventures and don’t have to worry about preparing a hearty meal or a campfire.
The Morakniv Companion uses High Grade Carbon Steel for its blade so that it retains its edge for a long time. Morakniv features an extra-large Rubber handle in its survival knives which has been textured to provide for better control of the knife by improving the grip. We have been advocating for fixed blades in this whole post because they are unquestionably extra-strong but there are some top-end folding knives that have turned out to be just as great. The Combative Edge SR-11 is one such folding knife which can be used to complete even demanding tasks and then be simply slipped in your pocket.
Jimpings on the opposite side of the blade enable better control by providing a solid gripping surface for your thumb and fingers. You can also string up the knife by passing a rope through the Lanyard Hole provided at the bottom of the handle so that you can easily work in small and uncomfortable positions without losing the knife. The Helle Temagami is designed by a fellow survivor, which is a pretty good reason to trust this knife with your life.
A symbol of Norwegian Craftsmanship, this knife has the perfect combination of steel and wood to assist you in the wild. The core of the blade is made using Carbon steel which is then laminated with layers of Stainless Steel to get the perfect combination of sharpness, strength and longetivity. The Helle Temagami Carbon Steel knife comes with a Scandinavian style brown leather sheath which fits the knife snugly thus eliminating the need for snatches.
Covered completely with a deathly black hue, the looks of this knife are chilling to the bone and the sharp curves of the blade are enough to crumble away anything that gets in its way.
The blade of this survival knife is forged using Stainless Steel and features a plain straight edge. The ABS Rubber handle has finger grooves and finger guards to ensure that your fingers stay away from the blade and tight on the handle. The SOG knives have passed some of the harshest tests by the US Government which makes it one of the best survival knife makers in the world. The 0.24 inch thick blade is made using the High Grade AUS 8 Stainless Steel which is known for a superior edge retention and rust prevention. A Glass Reinforced Nylon handle has incredible shock absorbing abilities during heavy use and abuse.
For safekeeping, the knife can be kept in a Black Kydex Sheath which is one of the toughest materials available for sheathing survival knives.
Designed to serve the US Marine during the Second World War, the utility and brilliance of the KA-BAR USMC knives is not lost even today. This is one of the most popular fixed-blade knives in the world and rightly so considering the excellent utilitarian shape, size and strength of the blade. The knife measures about 12 inches overall and of that the blade covers the first 7 inches. Leather is patterned intricately around the handle of this Full-Tang knife forming concentric circles around the curves of the handle. The KA-BAR USMC comes covered up in a Leather sheath with straps that holds the knife securely in place. The ESEE Laser Strike knife has a very simple yet friendly design which can perform the gutting, skinning, chopping, slicing and whittling tasks in a flourish.
The ESEE knives are made using the fines quality material so that you can rely on it even in extreme circumstances.
The 10 inch length feels perfect in the hand and is ergonomically designed for all kinds of tactical operations. The fixed blade is made using the superior 1095 Carbon Steel with a Black textured Powder coating to improve the corrosion resistance. Then Canvas Micarta handle provides a high-friction textured grip so that it becomes easier to control the impact of the knife.
The tough Kydex Sheath is one of the best sheathing materials that tightly clasps the blade and protects it from elements. The Buck 119 Special knife brings with it a sophistication that makes it one of the top selling Buck hunting knives. The knife actually glimmers in light because of the smooth Satin Finish, which you have to admit is kind of cool. Buck uses 420 HC High Carbon steel in most of its knives which may not be the first choice for many but it provides the razor sharp edge of a carbon Steel and the superior corrosion resistance of the Stainless Steel and that too at a very reasonable price. The Black Phenolic Handle is designed gorgeously with a curved surface to rest the fingers and includes extra-large finger guards to keep them safe. Buck includes an elegant High Quality Leather Sheath with the packaging of this knife to safely strap in the blade when not in use. The Ontario Black Bird SK-5 is one of the most popular Blades made in America that is specifically designed for making the maximum possible with the minimum. This 10 inch knife has half of its length dedicated to the blade which has a 0.13 inch thickness. This Full tang Knife features a reliable G10 handle complete with a finger-guard and Finger grooves to enable a superior hold over the knife for both demanding and precision work.
You can keep the knife in a MOLLE compatible sheath that is provide by Ontario Black Bird along with the knife. The 4P CP now boasts of increased length, improved and reliable design and more durable forging techniques. These improvements along with the ESEE credibility make this knife a great choice for your camping trips. The 9 inch overall length of the ESEE 4P CP is optimum for performing all kinds of tasks in the wild and it still remains easy to use and carry. This survival knife blade is made using the highly durable and resilient 1095 Stainless Steel which has great edge retention capabilities and does not corrode very easily. It is a Full tang knife where the metal is protruding out of the model and includes a Lanyard Hole for housing Paracord. Included with the packaging is a Coyote Brown Leather Sheath to securely tuck in the knife.
There is a lot that is going on in a Cold Steel Leatherneck-SF which is remarkably extreme. This survival knife uses advanced innovative design to make more use of every component that features in the knife.

Its all rounder design and deathly serious look is what makes a favorite of the armed forces. As far as big blades go, the Leatherneck-SF is a long and heavy knife with an overall length of 11 ? inches.
Cols Steel has virtually made the blade unbreakable with the superior 5 mm thick German D2 Steel construction protected by a DLC (Diamond like coating) coating. The 5 inch long handle is made using Kray-ex with deep grooves and textures to improve the grip and comfort. For carrying the blade Cold Steel provides for a secure ex-sheath which prevents the knife from getting corroded in all types of environments. A man by the name of Webster Marbles created the first modern style hunting knife and survival knives have taken their queue from that first hunting knife. For instance, the saw teeth on the back of the blade were originally put there so that a downed pilot could cut his way through the thin metal of the fuselage.
Although these knives worked well in the movies, they couldn’t hold up to the rigors of the real world environment. Rubberized handles, better blade materials, and even built in features make today’s military survival knives some of the most incredible tools and weapons man has ever created. A quality blade, solid construction, and useful features are key specifications one should consider when buying a pocket knife. With a good knife you can make or obtain just about anything you need to live and even prosper in the outdoors. Inexperienced outdoorsmen and survivalists will often pass them over to select blades that will mark them as survival neophytes to those who are in the know. This model is based on the original Special Operations Group combat knife, used during secret operations of the 5th Special Forces and other elite troops. Stash one in your bug-out bag, on your belt, or in your survival vehicle before you head out into the wilderness this spring. The knife dates back to World War II, where it became standard issue to United States Marines as a hand-to-hand combat knife versatile enough for utility use as well. You’ll definitely find your way out of the brush with this knife, or at least do some damage trying.
Although any knife here could easily fend off an attacker, the Ghostrike kit was specifically designed for concealed carry thanks to the accompanying low profile modular sheath system that allows you to carry the knife discreetly on your belt, ankle, or anywhere else you can conceal it. The second reason is the use of the full-tang blade at the butt of the handle to incorporate a heavy duty pry bar.
The Knife also boasts integrated lashing holes that allow you to convert it into a spear for hunting food or defending yourself with a greater reach.
The full tang design further strengthens the knife, while a lightweight G-10 scaled handle and a contoured spine provide a secure grip when putting it to work. Among the many worthy of this list is the 162 Bushcrafter, a durable survival knife that boasts Benchmade’s proven reliability in outdoor settings where surviving the elements is paramount. A leather sheath outfitted with both a D-ring and retention strap includes an integrated flint rod loop that adds to the knife’s overall outdoor functionality. The knife boasts a stealthy, blacked-out appearance, a thick, full tang steel blade, heavy duty double guillons that protect your hands, and a checkered Kraton handle that provides a solid grip during use.
Perfect for use in situations where both survival and heavy-duty cutting tasks are warranted, the Harpoon Fixed Blade measures in at 8 inches, boasts a full tang construction with a high carbon steel blade, a black traction coating, and a handle wrapped in multi-purpose paracord. The partially serrated high carbon steel drop point blade is coated with clear Cerakote and stays sharper for longer in less than ideal conditions. The 5 inch reverse tanto S30V steel blade is a workhorse and boasts a fine edge for more versatility and a black protective coating.
Much like it’s bigger, much older USMC Fighting Knife brother listed first on this list, the Becker 22 is simple yet well thought-out, and extremely tough in heavy duty applications thanks to a rock solid Zytel handle and a moderately-sized full tang, 1095 Cro-Van steel plain edge blade that makes cutting, slashing, and splitting seem as easy as slicing butter. Together with it’s tough as nails blade construction, the drop point design boasts a plain edge for versatility that renders it one of the most capable outdoor knives on the list. The Schrade Drop Point Fixed Blade Knife is, however, perfect for urban carry, everyday carry, law enforcement, or general tactical uses.
A lot of people suggest that you consider upgrading to a SOG Seal Pup Kydex sheath that is made of hard nylon, if you plan to carry it often. It should be soft and smooth so that you can work with your knife for long periods of time.
The blade feels solid with the 6mm thickness and the generous sharpened area that goes beyond the pointy tip.
The handle is made from a synthetic polymer called Kraton that is textured to enable a firm grip. It is a simple yet effective sheath which even has a drain hole to let out water which otherwise may easily damage the blade. It features a Drop point blade style along with a full-flat grind and is comfortably weighted.
Also provided is a lanyard hole to string up your survival knife on your belt or around your neck for carrying it around safely. The knife is Full-tang with the metal from the blade extending all the way down to the handle. It snuggles in the curved blade tightly so that there is no danger of the knife accidently slipping out and injuring you or someone else. A two-sided finger guard and Jimpings on the blade side are provided to ensure that your hand doesn’t slip and get injured. It can also be used to store other small things like fish baits and small tools while out in the wilderness.
Though Carbon Steel is highly efficient in terms of maintaining the Sharpness, It needs to be regularly cleaned and oiled to avoid early corrosion and rusting. This is shorter than the usual standards but still enough for most of the survival tasks for which it can be needed. It’s a Plain knife with a Drop point blade style that is extremely useful for precision work.
It is a Full-Tang blade where the metal runs all the way through the handle so that it doesn’t break with too much force.
Spyderco also features a Lanyard Hole at the pommel for stringing up the knife when needed.
The total length of the knife is 9 ? inches so that means we are looking at knife with a longer-than-blade handle. The blade also has jagged teeth at the top of the blunt side that hooks in the blade when used as chisel or a saw. SOG is a military services group and they have managed to combine deadly looks with a supreme built to arrive at this extreme piece of metal. The length and weight of the knife is optimum for completing heavy tasks like chopping wood, building shelter and hunting. The blade is made using the Cryogenic Heat Treatment which works on the molecular level to impart supreme toughness and durability to the knife so that it remains sharp for a long time without breaking.
This Full-tang and Fixed-blade knife has the metal coming out the rear which accounts for a greater impact when used as a hammer. The blade is also partially serrated which proves useful in a number of special situations. The super sharp Carbon steel slices wood like cake and performs cutting, chopping, and chipping tasks comfortably. Rubber Finger-guards are also provided to keep your fingers safe from being accidently sliced open.
If you are not sure of the plastic sheath, you can always get a leather one made separately.
A Black Epoxy coating on the complete knife prevents it from getting degraded through external elements. The Lanyard hole featured at the Pommel enables extra convenient use in difficult situations. The 5.50 inches long blade is much broader at the top allowing for a greater sharp curved area.
Featured indentations on the flat end of the blade are great for grabbing on to the material while penetrating. The blade length is a mere 3.8 inches but the versatile design allows it to perform even extremely demanding tasks with precision. This is a Full-tang knife so the handle is protruding out the Pommel which makes up for a decent strike surface. The super-safe design of the handle also includes finger grooves and finger guard so that you can maneuver the knife without accidently slicing open your hand. The black 6 inches long Full-Tang blade gives a feeling of a deadly mini sword that can slash through every abuse that you put it through. The Black Teflon Finish extends the life of this knife and gives a subtle dangerous character to it. The simply designed handle has a single quillion finger-guard for safety and a Lanyard Hole for convenience. The blade is 6.375 inches long and Full Tang so there is no danger of the blade breaking under excessive strain.
The blade is forged in the Drop Point style and a Choil is provided for providing a better hold in precision work.
It is a heavy knife so you might want to reconsider this option if you prefer a lighter one. This knife is designed for minimum penetrating resistance because of the increased bunter angle of 27 degrees for the blade. Featuring the classic Scandi grind, this survival knife is pretty easy to re-sharpen but Carbon Steel need to be properly maintained to last long.
If you are unsure of a Plastic sheath then you can always get a separate leather or Kydex sheath made for yourself. It is a very lightweight knife that can be effectively used for combative as well as tactical purposes. To protect the knife from degradation and corrosion due to external elements, a DLC coating is also featured in the knife.
It is deeply textured with grooves and indentations to secure the grip and prevent unwanted accidents.
The 4 ? inch blade won’t let you stab a deer or behead a rabbit, but it can be efficiently used to chop down small branches or make traps and baits.
It has a finger guard to prevent your fingers from sliding over the edge when the handle is slippery and the Handle is designed to hold the knife comfortably in any position. With a Classic drop point blade style, it can be maneuvered in precision tasks easily with the Choil and Jimpings provided at the base of the blade. This knife is big so a Lanyard Hole provided at the pommel might come in handy to give your arms a rest while working with it.
The Fixed 7 inch long blade is fashioned in the Clip-point style which essentially means an increased penetrating power. The Full Tang blade has a Partially Serrated edge and an intimidating Black TiNi finish to further protect the blade from degradation. Appropriate safeguards for the fingers are provided in the form Finger guards, choils and Jimpings.
The blade is 0.165 inches thick and combined with the Flat Grind it creates a strong and sharp edge which can endure extreme forces without breaking.
Two finger Guards ensure protection and the rounded pommel makes up for an excellent striking surface when hammered. The Plain Straight edged blade is carved in the efficient Drop Point style which possesses greater strength than the Clip point style. Instead of finger guards, the ESEE laser strike has choil and jimpings at the end of the blade to provide for a solid finger grip. The curves shape allows the fingers to rest comfortable allowing you to use the knife for extended periods of time. You can string up a Nylon lanyard in the Lanyard hole at the Pommel and tie up the knife so that it doesn’t get lost.
It also sports a rounded Aluminum Pommel with an attractive silver finish and it does not include a Lanyard Hole.
It is forged using 154 CM Stainless Steel and is fashioned in the classic and more enduring Drop Point Style when the blade meets the flat end of the knife with a gradual curve. It comes with a Belt loop and attachment and a rigid protective insert so that the knife can swing safely on your hip. The tip of the blade is fashioned in the extremely efficient Drop Point style and has Choil and Jimpings to act as finger locks. ESEE use the Grey Micarta handle which is a popular choice due to its high friction and shock absorbent abilities.
A Belt clip on the sheath enables you to carry the sheathed knife on your belt for convenience. Of this, the blade is a mighty 6 ? inches long which lets you take on the more heavy-duty tasks efficiently. Additionally, the Clip Point Blade Style increases the penetrating power of the blade thus making it really easy to pinch holes in your belt or gear. Up until that time most hunting knives were little more than kitchen knives and survival knives were bayonets. Often too large and cumbersome, they aren’t well suited to the rigors of military survival.
The Trident not only has good balance, it has a good size handle for both small and large hands. With this in mind, your selection of the best survival knife for your needs must be based on solid construction, proper materials, workmanship, and functionality. It is part of the standard equipment for specialiazed reconnaissance and infiltration usnits. To help you find the one that best fits your needs, we’ve waded through the countless knives on the market today to bring you this all-inclusive list of the 21 best fixed blade knives, in no particular order. It boasts a comfortable, handsome leather grip, and a straight edge steel blade that consistently holds a sharp edge.
The butt cap of the Leatherneck SF is also made of thick machined steel perfect for hammering or delivering quick blows to your opponent during combat. The blade’s black traction coating also protects it while also minimizing reflectivity during tactical use. A multiple position G10 handle rounds out the knife’s modest yet highly effective design.
A tanto combo edged blade, while less practical for intricate cutting and slicing tasks, is both thicker and stronger than other blade shapes, especially at the tip, making it an ideal pick for self defense carry. Else, a capable 5.5 inch stainless steel blade and a ballistic nylon sheath render the Schrade Extreme Survival Knife a worthy tool both in the wilderness and around the house.
The handle is made using glass reinforced nylon and it is the ideal size for most people’s hand so that you have a very comfortable grip. Not only because it looks great, but because it will be better able to protect your knife’s blade when you are not actively using it. Often you can find the SOG Seal Pup for sale at a very reasonable price and they are consistently given high ratings because of the amount of things you can do with them. You can also put a rope through the featured Lanyard Hole and work in tight spaces without the fear of losing your knife or your finger.
The thick Flat-end of the blade can also be gripped with your hand to grapple the knife when needed. This style increases the penetration power of the blades by manifold but it does makes the tip weaker and less stress-enduring. All kidding aside- the SEAL Pup Elite is serious business and carries on the tradition of supplying the worlds elite military forces. In addition to the  locking feature that keeps the blade from accidentally coming open, their trademark Arc-Actuator , locks stronger and releases easier.
Some people may a little heavier knife, this knife is actually fairly light but it has good balance. It boasts a lightweight, compact design with a Wharncliffe-style full tang stainless steel blade similar to the previously mentioned Tops Harpoon Neck Knife, along with a bead blasted finish. That is why so many people are talking about the SOG Seal Pup & Kydex sheath combination. There is a limited lifetime warranty on it as well, so that you can feel confident in your investment.
They have a limited lifetime warranty which ensures that as long as you take care of your blade, you will have protection for your knife. The knife has a total length of 9 inches, which is why you should consider the sheath for this fixed blade knife.
The blade is ground out of a tough stainless steel and the TF-1 model is even more durable with its Titanium Nickel coating. SOG brought this knife to the market as a commemorative model with the Vietnam Special Forces emblem.

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