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There are links within this post on which we can earn a commission if you purchase something, but it doesn't cost you any more money. I never really understood what all it could be used for, I just knew my dad did it, and I wanted to do it, too. In all my years of carrying a pocket knife, I have used it 100% of the time as a tool and 0% of the time as a weapon. Side note: You are not likely to ever convince non-pocket knife carriers that your knife is a tool. The biggest hold out for people not wanting to carry a pocket knife is their own comfort level. This may sound trivial, but it will be the one step that takes you from carrying a pocket knife sometimes, to carrying and using your pocket knife everyday.
Overall length – Most websites won’t tell you the closed length, so you will need to subtract the blade length from the overall length to get an idea of how big the knife will be in your pocket.
Which reminds me, be sure to buy a good sharpener so you can keep your blade(s) sharp at all times. Buy a knife that you are proud to show off, is comfortable in your pocket, and one that reflects your personality. Patrick BlairPatrick is a Christ follower, the father of a special needs daughter with a brilliant personality and two musically talented sons, the husband of a beautiful and incredibly wonderful woman, an avid cook and gardener, a craftsman, and a hopeful homesteader with a passion for researching. I am a swiss army pocket knife kindda guy (Does Swiss Army consider as a true pocket knife, since they cram lots of multipurpose gadget in it?), I feel naked when I forgot to bring my Swiss Army Pocket Knife.
As long as it works for you, and you’re comfortable with it, that’s all that matters! I have considered mine as a DEFENSIVE weapon, but NEVER had to use it as such, either… and I know exactly what you mean when you talk about wanting a knife with a locking blade. Knives should only be used as weapons in cases of self-defense, and only then if you’re overpowered. Carefully consider your options when choosing to carry street survival weapons in an urban environment.
Typically, alternative weapons are easier to conceal than a pistol and, more importantly, there arena€™t as many laws governing their carry and use.However, without the use of a projectile of some kind, youa€™re limited to close quarter, hand-to-hand combat, which, depending on your opponent and your fighting knowledge, can make an encounter even more dangerous. Constructed of heavy-gauge steel and equipped with a spherical, solid-metal business end, these make excellent modern-day war clubs. The main objective in street survival fighting is to disable your opponent as quickly as possible. There are several reasons why snaring or trapping game is the preferred method in a survival situation. Tools and equipment that will help but are not absolutely necessary include wire, cordage, knife and or camping axe or machete. You also need to know what species of animal you are trying to snare and what type of small game lives in the area you are in. Setting snares is not a haphazard affair and you must weigh the benefits against the effort. The animal using the run has discovered the safest and easiest route to and from feeding areas and their dens.
There are many different ways to make a spring snare trap but all have the same principal; an animals walking into the loop will pull the trigger loose that holds the sapling down causing the sapling to spring up holding the game well above the ground.
Mask your scent by covering your hands in mud preferably from stagnate water that will have rotting vegetation in it. You want to funnel or lead the game to your snare by using bait and placing obstructions in their way to force them in one direction. One technique than can be used is tying small loops of wire along a branch or raised log so when a squirrel or even a bird is snared around the body they fall off the branch or log, which secures the game.
Paiute deadfalls do work but they can be complicated to set up and in some cases, the benefits do not outweigh the effort.
Larger animals can be trapped in pits covered with sticks and grass but remember pits are dangerous for humans as well in particular if sharpened spikes are placed in the pit. The snares and traps you set cannot be so complicated that they do not work or the effort far outweighs the benefits.
Being prepared for any situation is essential in any survival situation, now if you are in some sort of fallout situation I don’t think you would be setting too many traps or eating any meat at all.
I don't believe that the end of the world will be the "end of the world" I believe it will be the end of the world as we know it now. Enter your email address to subscribe to Survivalist Prepper and receive notifications of new posts by email. Now that you have been working on your wilderness survival skills you are to the point where you feel you can obtain food in the wild. However, what do you do with that food once you have managed to trap, snare or have caught some fish.
Game and fish caught in the wild must be processed almost immediately in warm weather to prevent spoilage. Cut the head and feet off and spread the cavity open and prop with a stick then wipe the cavity out. You want the meat to cool as quickly as possible so never leave the entrails in any longer than necessary. Once back at camp start a fire and make a spit by pushing two forked sticks into the ground on either side of the fire.

Cut down either side of the backbone through the ribs to free the breast meat if you plan to dry some of the meat otherwise skewer the animal and place over the heat. Having wilderness survival skills such as knowing how to process wild game is essential to prevent sickness and to make sure you eat well.
For field expediency, you should cook the fish whole and then remove the skin after it is cooked. Knowing how to prepare fish properly is an important wilderness survival skill and one that should be practiced often. To keep the fish from falling apart as it cooks cook it on a flat rock near enough to the fire to maintain heat.
You can also lay several saplings over the fire and support with forked sticks and lay the fish on the saplings to cook. You can also drape the fish over a single sapling over the fire but the flesh tends to fall off as it cooks.
Once you find yourself in a wilderness survival situation you will need to know how to do certain things to survive.
We specialize in automatic knives, Italian Switchblade Stiletto Knives, OTF, Out the Front Opening knives, Assisted opening knives, Tactical fixed blade knives, hunting knives, specialty pocket tools, rescue knives and tools custom hand made knives by famous knife makers. This is how we keep our site free for you and other readers, so we greatly appreciate when you do purchase through our links! There are numerous reasons, actually, but you have to be careful where you pull it out of your pocket. Everyone knows that a knife can be a weapon, but if you’re looking for weapons, literally anything can be a weapon. There is only one way to get over this: you get really, really, comfortable with your knife. Think of it like this: it was totally awkward to type on your smart phone when you first got it, right? Most US states and cities have regulations surrounding knives, so be sure to look that up for your particular area. Get a standard “drop point” blade design (the blade shape that looks like your stereotypical knife blade). Your first (or second or third) pocket knife doesn’t have to break the bank to be good. There’s a huge variation in quality, but for a daily pocket knife you can get away with cheaper steel if you are willing to sharpen your blade more often and aren’t worried about using the knife for survival. If you buy a cheesy knife, you will never want to take it out when others are around and this defeats the purpose. He and his wife live as frugally as possible and try daily to live as God intends them to live. I carry mine with me at pretty much all times, and I can’t even tell you how many times it has come in handy. Thank you for clearing out this for everybody who does not understand that Pocket Knife is no weapon.. You bring me into my childhood life and now I am reflecting my memories while reading your article. Traditional weapons like guns and knives are the gold standard of personal defense, but come with lots of potential legal issues.Though I am licensed to carry a concealed firearm, I routinely elect to carry a less deadly form of personal protection as well. The following are reviews of the most popular types of alternative means of personal protection as they apply in a street survival situation. Technically, a Teddy Bear could be a deadly weapon if it was used in an attack.Just because the weapon isn't traditional, doesn't mean it can't kill or that you'll be spared potential legal consequences. Police-style stun guns with spring-loaded barbs are far better than standard, handheld tasers because they allow you to avoid contact with attackers. Youa€™ll get all sorts of attention if you try to take guns, knives, stinger missiles, etc. Their weakness is that if you dona€™t connect on the initial swing, the attacker has ample time to make his move before you wind up again. In emergencies, adrenalin takes over and, except for highly-trained combat fighters, makes doing complex movements (like throwing a punch) next to impossible.But there are strategies that anyone, without any prior training, can employ to fend off attackers.
You may very well have a firearm but discharging a weapon may reveal your location and scare off the game in the area and you may need to conserve your ammunition for self-defense. You need the energy from calories and the physiological effects of food cannot be underestimated in a survival situation.
If you do not have some of these tools you will need to know how to make do with the tools mother nature provides for you.
Like I said before you need to have the skill set to fashion snares with materials from your surrounding if you do not have wire, paracord, fishing line or anything like that with you. If it takes you all day to set snares and traps and you burn 700 to a 1,000 calories in your efforts only to receive a few hundred calories in reward then you are doing something wrong.
Trails are usually to and from water sources and several species of animals, including large predators will use the trails as well.
Once the animal is snared, it is lifted off the ground to keep predators that are using the trail from stealing your game. If you are trying to snare squirrels for example, then snares can be placed over stumps and along logs they would use. As you can see, the materials needed would be available in any wilderness environment and you should consider using deadfalls if you do not have any cordage or wire or have a limited amount.

Typically, pits are used to trap wild hogs, but the effort to dig a pit big enough to trap a wild hog is considerable but the payoff is day’s worth of food.
Keep it simple and do not be afraid to move snares after a couple of days of not having any success.
But if you were in any sort of situation that required you to be able to acquire food trapping small game in a survival situation is a useful and needed skill to have. The definition of a prepper is "An individual or group that prepares or makes preparations in advance of, or prior to, any change in normal circumstances, without substantial resources from outside sources" Like the Government, police etc. Begin peeling the skin off starting at the hind legs and working forward, you will pull the skin inside out essentially. On small game, the legs do not have much meat but they can be placed in water and boiled to produce a protein rich broth. Having wilderness survival skills means you can eat well while in the wilderness and not become sick.
There are things you can do now to prepare yourself, so practice what skills you can in a controlled environment before you need to depend on those skills to save your life. The hardest part about carrying a knife everyday is that you must make the distinction between weapon and tool. But after a lot of practice and usage, you’re double-thumb texting with the best of them!
Now being retired, the only thing that has changed is the type of knife (size) and I don’t leave home without it.
Being successful with snares and traps will give you the confidence to survive under the harshest of conditions. On a side note you should never be caught without a survival knife or a multi tool at the very least. Any energy you exert moving from place to place or hunting for food will need to be replaced or your battery will die, and if your battery dies, you die.
Animal runs however, are typically used by the same animal until they move their burrows or den. Once set traps and snares must be checked regularly to avoid predators and to prevent undo suffering on the animals part. Before leaving the area, the pit must be filled back in to prevent human and animal injuries.
If all else fails you can find a few creepy crawler and feast on them or forage for food while you wait for the main course. Traditional fountain pens are robust and feature a spear-like metal tip, perfect for jotting down a quick note or perforating an attackera€™s trachea. And unlike concealed weapons, which take time to draw, a robust shillelagh is always ready for action. Once you have identified the areas that you want to place your traps in avoid trampling around in the area too much so you do not leave evidence you have been there.
Grass that is just warn down is a relatively new path otherwise; the grass would be worn away.
However, because most states (with the exception of the peoplea€™s republic of HI, MA, NJ, NY, RI, and District of Columbia - check your local laws too) do not classify tasers as firearms, you may carry them without special licensure. You can increase the pena€™s effectiveness by filing the tip into a razor sharp point, but this may render the pen useless should you need to verify its writing ability to suspicious security.Tactical pens are specifically designed for combat. Small animals will use high grass for concealment and will change routes depending on the season. Place some bait where it would be safe for the animal so they gain confidence as they make their way into the trap. But even a handheld taser ominously cracking and sparking can be intimidating at a distance, something stun guns cannot do.
They're typically made from high-grade aircraft aluminum for its strength and light weight. These make better war clubs anyway, as the waist-high models usually feature a round, knobby end, perfect for thumping the skulls of misguided street thugs.
The longer the fight lasts, the more dangerous it is.I learned about gross motor fighting techniques from "Captain Chris" of Close Combat Training. I have found that making intricate cuts are much easier with a blade that doesn’t want to fold up on your fingers or needs to be used at a particular angle to keep the blade open. Prices vary greatly, but expect to spend around $25 - $40 for a quality tactical pen made by manufacturers such as Smith & Wesson and CRKT. For a little background, I've included a link to Captain Chris' now defunct Facebook page.)His DVDs are based on the WWII combative techniques taught to our troops. It also has MULTIPLE tools on it, all of have been used at some point to repair things (including a clogged sink drain), used while camping, screw turning and normal cutting chores.
Essentially, they utilize large movements (swinging of arms, basic kicks, knees and elbows) to stop and disable attackers, allowing you to escape.To end a fight quickly, go for the weakest areas of the body. These are the throat, the solar plexus (ever get the wind knocked out of you?), the groin, the instep and the head.
The idea is to simplify fighting to its barest essentials, though there are some finer points to study.

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