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After being put through the most extensive and intense evaluation programs ever designed by the U.S. Partially serrated, the fixed 7-inch AUS-8 steel blade has a clip point shape with a black powder finish. Black handle is made of durable, rugged, glass-reinforced nylon to fit comfortably in your hand.
SOG products also have an extensive following, The knives have also won favor among military, law enforcement, and industrial customers that rely on their tools for exceptional performance in the toughest, most adverse conditions. Customers say this is one of the best combat knives around, and definitely would not want to be without it, especially if one’s life depended on it.
This knife was was made popular by the United States Marine Corp as piece of standard equipment for the soldiers who carried them.
Every single KA-bar USMC Fighting Knife goes through an intensive process to create this exceptional knife, before it is presented for sale. 1st, the blades go through a 3 step heat treating process that begins with an hour long heat treatment. 2nd, the blades are then sent through a cryogenic quenching process where the blades are frozen to -120 degrees F to optimize the overall performance of the blade. 3rd the blades are then put through an intensive tempering process for roughly 7 hours to enhance the toughness and durability of the steel.
The history of this knife dates all the back to World War II, when it came standard issue for the US Marines, and it is currently still used by US Armed Forces even today. Makes a perfect gift for anybody who has served in the military, outdoor enthusiasts, survivalists, and collectors as well. The #1 Best Survival Knife: KA-bar Becker BK2 The Beck BK2 is a good, solid knife with some decent weight to it. A Navy SEAL Knife: SOG Desert Dagger This is one of the first daggers that was made by SOG. In my EDC kit: Gerber Flik Multitool I always like to carry a multitool and this one is part of my everyday carry knife lineup. The Eickhorn PRT XII Review – a pocket rescue knife made in Solingen, Germany I borrowed this knife from a friend of mine in order to help fix the blade that he had managed to dull.
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Gerber’s CustomFit Dual Sheath is a modular sheath designed to accommodate a wide variety of product combinations, including folding knives, multitools, and flashlights.
Gerber Gear’s Span Solid State Tools are a pair of all-in-one weapon maintenance tools designed to be lightweight and portable.
Available from Gerber Gear is the ultimate collection of Bear Grylls-licensed Gerber products. This entire collection comes tucked away inside a Bear Grylls River Patrol 45 survival pack. Gerber gear offers a selection of knives, flashlights, belts, and other survival tools for the outdoorsman. The Downrange Tomahawk includes a MOLLE-compatible sheath and Kydex blade cover for safe carry and fast, unrestrained deployment.
You can see the Downrange Tomahawk we first mentioned during last summer’s Outdoor Retailer as well as other Gerber products at Warrior Expo in Virginia Beach 11-12 July. This is a Supernatural Crossover RP involving One Tree Hill, The Vampire Diaries, The Secret Circle and Teen Wolf.
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We have a few auditions in the inbox right now and we will make a decision on them by tonight, when all three mods can discuss them together. As time went on Jeremy became more and more suspicious to the things going on in Mystic Falls.
Brody packs up some of their belongings and soon enough the two are headed out on their own in their father’s old chevy truck. Throughout her entire life, Allison had moved from place to place due to her father’s business, leaving her little to no room for boys in her life. But it wasn’t until Kate showed her the body of Derek Hale, chained up and shifted into wolf mode that she finally got the answers she had been longing for. Who you ship with is left up to the roleplayers, but I will always encourage trying new combinations and crossovers. Over the decades, the three siblings stuck by one another, however Klaus and Rebekah ended up forming a slightly stronger bond. When a witch who goes by the name of Gloria reveals to Klaus that Rebekah had something in her possession that was needed in order to contact the Original Witch, he reluctantly resurrects her.
Once they return to Mystic Falls, Rebekah assists her brother the night he attempts to get answers on how he’s supposed to make hybrids.
In the late fifteenth century Elijah was a nobleman in England, where he met Katerina Petrova, who reminded him of the Original Petrova.
After Bonnie is nearly killed by Klaus, Elena pulls the dagger out of Elijah’s chest and he is awakened. When Stefan is released from Klaus’s compulsion, he pulls the dagger out of Elijah and he is reawakened. Decades later Katherine returned to Mystic Falls in order to stir up some trouble with the Salvatore brothers and Elena Gilbert; the new doppleganger. When Katherine later hears of supernatural activity going on in Tree Hill she considers paying the town a little visit out of boredom.
Recently, Nathan’s Uncle Cooper came to town and insisted on having an extremely important conversation with Nathan. Government, the SOG SEAL Knife came out miles ahead of the rest, including but not limited to high quality knives made by U.S. Only a very select few, the most dedicated, earn the right to wear the symbol of the SEAL on their uniform. When a SEAL team has a mission to complete, they have to be able to depend on their equipment, especially their knives. The KA-bar USMC Fighting Knife is a solid, well built knife that can take a great deal of abuse and still remain sharp and functional for almost any outdoor adventure or survival situation.
Professional guides and hunters alike will enjoy the lightweight convenience and versatility of these knives.
It is actually one of older models that SOG came out with in the early days when the company first began.
With its Kraton handle, featuring SOG’s trademark Digi-Grip texture, the Warrior guarantees gripping power wherever and whenever it is needed.
The book in itself is a fascinating read about the training and mentality of some of the most elite warriors on the planet.
The CustomFit features a quick-access back panel which allows the user to adjust the size of the sheath for their tools. It features an electric (up to 1000v) insulated glass filled nylon handle, forged steel pry bar with black oxide coating and a paracord leash.
Combining a sledgehammer, battering ram, and pry bar into a single breaching tool, the Ding Dong features a forged and machined head with cross-hatching that effectively bites into doors and other surfaces, minimizing slip and maximizing impact.
We purchased a small variety of Gerber survival tools, and put them to the test with our own weekend warriors, our three Boy Scouts.

I love the fishing line, fishing hook, snare wire, snap swivels, weights, and how the signaling mirror is located on the back of the cap.
Recently, there have been reports of bodies drained of blood in Tree Hill, but they have been written off as "animal attacks".
If you don’t get the role you auditioned for, you can definitely try for someone else.
However, he did begin a friendship with Tyler who was struggling with the new-found information that he was a werewolf. He says that he’s been feeling really bad and wants to make sure we have an active Jeremy. Even after Rachel leaves Brody without so much as a goodbye the brothers stay in NYC to continue their hunt.
She has a very kind nature and is incredibly close with her family, especially her Aunt Kate whom she considers like a sister to her.
Allison’s entire family were werewolf hunters and had been in this line of work for centuries, passed from mother to daughter, father to son. This is a Supernatural Crossover RP involving One Tree Hill, The Vampire Diaries, The Secret Circle and Teen Wolf.
After awaking from the dead, Rebekah is excited to see Stefan again, yet confused as to why he know longer seems to be in love with her.
She is incredibly excited for the event, as these things were never popular before she was staked. He once again agrees to help kill Klaus and declares that he believes he has an elixir to bring Elena back to life after the sacrifice. She was apart of an extremely wealthy family, but they disowned her when they discovered she was pregnant out of wedlock with an unknown man’s child. She managed to save the life of witch, Emily Bennett, causing her to be in Katherine’s debt.
Katherine admits to Stefan that she returned for him, but Stefan, who is now very much in love with Elena, tells her he hates her.
But, once she hears that Elena, Jeremy and Alaric are in fact moving to the town she immediately buys a mansion of her own there. They are tested for tip breakage, blade breaking limits, edge retention, sharpness, hammering, chopping, prying, penetration tests, the ability to cut through several different types of line and rope. There is just something about a good American made knife, regardless of the particular style you choose, you really can’t go wrong here.
The CustomFit also incorporates Quiet Deploy Velcro technology, which allows for silent opening of the sheath by pulling down on the front tab. The fiberglass handle features two equally spaced molded rings to create mechanical stops for the operator’s hands, and the enlarged pry bar end is perfect for wedging into door frames. A stainless steel, rotatable pocket clip keeps the pen secure and ready, and integrated tool steel in the pen’s tip allows the pen to function as a glass breaker and personal defense tool. The citizens of Tree Hill would never expect that their town is in fact infested with vampires, werewolves, witches and hybrids.
He hates having to live in his sister’s shadow and is constantly trying to find ways to be more independent. He also encountered a seemingly normal girl Anna and she encouraged him to continue researching. The supernatural drama continues to get worse in Mystic Falls, but Jeremy does his best to help out when he can. I’m going to take a look at them now, but we wont be accepting until later today when I have a chance to discuss the auditions with the other mods. But she has begun to overhear some incredibly strange conversations, mostly about Derek Hale. It was in her blood, a calling that she wouldn’t be able to deny and even if she did, it would be forced upon her by her family. One her first day at school, Hayley James offered to show her around the place and the two of them instantly got along, soon becoming  close friends. Out of boredom she goes through Caroline’s phone, but is shocked to discover a picture of Elena and Stefan, where Elena is wearing her necklace. However, Elena ends up staking Rebekah, in order to make sure she doesn’t get in the way of their plan to kill Klaus.
Damon doesn’t believe that it will work so he forces Elena to drink his blood, rendering the elixir useless. Katherine carried the child to term regardless, but her baby daughter was taken away from her moments after giving birth, leaving Katherine devastated. It was true that he needed her help, but he also knew that he could probably find a way to hurt Lucas by getting close to her.
Nathan refused to believe him at first, but Cooper proved it to him by turning in front of him. The US SEAL team is one of the elite military groups known for the most intense, specialized training in the world today. The Ding Dong comes with a MOLLE compatible fiberglass plate on which the tool mechanically snaps and is held by a quick-detach heavy rubber strap. What I dislike about it is the mini screwdriver is really hard to get out and the zipper pocket being on the inside instead of the outside. When Jeremy’s parents died in a fatal car crash that only Elena survived, he began dealing and taking drugs as a way to ease his pain.
Brody and him travel around the country searching for the monsters that killed their family. Gabe suggests leaving, but Brody tells him he’s not leaving until they find the vampire that killed their parents.
Little did she know, but both her family and her boyfriend had been keeping secrets from her, secrets that Allison had slowly uncovered with the help of her Aunt Kate, whom had been leaving clues for her to find, much to the displease of her father, Chris. It wasn’t until they had settled down in Tree Hill that Allison learned that there were not only werewolves roaming the town, but vampires and witches, as well. She also becomes friends with Diana, Cassie, Melissa and Adam and it doesn’t take them long for them to trust Allison with the fact that they are witches.
Unfortunately, not long after Mikael arrives in town searching for Klaus, with the intent to kill him. Rebekah promptly informs her brother of her discovery, but they quickly find out from Elena, that Katherine has stolen the necklace.
Elijah always enjoyed sparring with his brother Klaus, which his father did not approve of. Once the sacrifice is completed and Klaus is delivered to the brink of death, Elijah approaches his brother. When Katherine is introduced to Klaus by Elijah she is immediately taken with him, until she realizes what he wants from her. His popularity and talent went to his head which resulted in Nathan often acting cocky and mean. SEALs are required to go through one of the most challenging training programs designed to produce the ultimate warrior.
Will Tree Hill become nothing more than a supply of blood to these monsters, or will they learn to fight back? Their Aunt Jenna moves in and becomes their sole guardian.During this rebellious time Jeremy began to bond with Vicki Donovan. He also came to the conclusion that Anna was a vampire and in order to confirm it he tempted her with his blood. At first Bonnie tries to resist the connection between the two of them, but she eventually caves and the two start dating. While Brody and his father would be gone on trips Gabe was being home schooled and playing on club baseball teams. The only thing that they know about the vampire is that her name is Katherine and that she seems to cover her tracks pretty well.

Gabe comes up with new leads and finds out the vampire has moved to none other then Rachel’s hometown of Tree Hill, NC. Allison has agreed to train to become a hunter, but will only hurt those that have spilled human blood. Allison decides to keep this information from her father and aunt, knowing that they would try to kill her friends if she told them. When their brother Henrik was killed by a werewolf, their mother performed a ritual that turned them into vampires.
Klaus quickly prepares to leave, but Rebekah protests, claiming she would rather stay with Stefan. Since Katherine was a Petrova Doppelganger Klaus wanted to use her in a sacrifice in order to release his dormant werewolf side.
She met and fell madly in love with his son Stefan, although she was also charmed by his elder brother Damon. At first their relationship was mainly about sex and drugs, but over time Jeremy began to fall for her.
Much later when Klaus performs his hybrid ceremony Jenna is sacrificed and both Elena and Jeremy are heart broken, but losing her brought them even closer together.
Katherine acts sweet towards him, but she knows in the back of her mind that she can corrupt him at any moment. The brothers leave the big city and head to the small town to hunt, and to reunite Brody with Rachel.
Unlike most of her family, Allison is not as hell-bent on destroying all supernatural creatures. Although, they had both started to get a little more lenient when it came to supernatural creatures after it was revealed that Kate had a daughter called Jessica with Derek and she had ignited the werewolf gene long ago. Katherine attempted to commit suicide by stabbing herself with a knife, but Rose gave her her blood in order to heal her. Katherine made Mystic Falls her home for awhile; even turning some vampires while she was there, but the Founding Families eventually discovered their existence.
After his half- brother, Lucas, joins the team they instantly take a disliking to each other.
His parents were constantly fighting and his father continued to put immense amounts of pressure on him.
Not long after that when Sheriff Forbes discovers that Damon is a vampire, she accidentally shoots Jeremy instead. She then moves onto killing an entire family, except she makes a mistake and leaves one small boy alive. Jessica moved in with Kate and she and Allison got along quite well and when Allison discovered that she had a drug problem, she had started helping Jess to fight it and give them up. The sun burned their skin and a herb called vervain could cause them pain as well as prevent their compulsion of others.
Rebekah is also furious with Elena for staking her and is intent on finding some sort of revenge. After the death of their son, Mikael and Esther decide to turn to perform a ritual to turn their children and Mikael himself into vampires.
However, when Rose’s back was turned Katherine hung herself with a long piece of rope. Katherine put a plan in motion to ensure her survival with the help of George Lockwood, whom she promised the moonstone if he helped fake her death. In fact things get so bad that Nathan decides to get emancipated from his parents and moves into a small apartment on his own. Not too long after the school year started Vicki was attacked in the woods by Damon Salvatore, but it was ruled off as a vampire attack as always. Bonnie attempts to revive him, but his warned by the witch spirits that there will be consequences. When she hears of bodies being drained in Tree Hill, she quickly travels to the town to investigate. After the ritual is completed by Esther, Mikael stabs Elijah and his siblings through the heart and forces them to drink blood hidden in wine to complete the transition. Later, when Katherine woke up as a vampire she fed on the house owner to complete the process and escaped into the night. Katherine continued to toy with the Salvatore brothers until they were both hopelessly in love with her. Through all this Nathan’s relationship with Haley only grew stronger and he was now sure that she was the love of his life. As weeks went on Vicki began to act even stranger especially after Damon turned her just for the hell of it.
Anna gave Jeremy some of her blood wanting him to become a vampire and tells him about how you can shut off your emotions.
Gabe isn’t sure what to do, but he has already developed a trust with her so he goes ahead and drinks it. After becoming a vampire, Elijah and the rest of his family make sure the white oak ash tree is burned to the ground, because it contains the power to kill them.
She compelled them to keep her secret and even exchanged blood with them both, although Damon was the only one aware of what he was happening. Everything is falling together for him and he finally is achieving his goals just like he always promised himself he would do. Brody meets a girl, Rachel, while they are out one night and begins to spend all of his time with her. When she discovers that it was in fact Klaus who murdered Ester and not Mikael she is devastated. However, the Salvatore brothers soon arrived to save Elena and they managed to stake Elijah. Unfortunately, their father discovered Katherine’s identity and took her away, but Damon went to rescue her. Later they met at the Mystic Grill, when John Gilbert’s device was activated and she was taken away. His older brother makes a surprise visit to him at Yale and tells him he has a lead on the vampire that killed their parents. Despite the fact that they were only in their junior year of high school the two decided to get married.
She was struggling with her cravings as a new born vamp and wasn’t anywhere near ready to be around people. Jeremy heard of her death from Damon who had a heart to heart talk with him and also gave Jeremy his apologies for turning Vicki and offered to erase his memories of Anna. Later when the ghosts are revealed all around town because of a spell Jeremy kisses Anna, but is walked in on by Elena.
Instead of harming her, he agreed to make a deal in order to find and kill Klaus, rather than breaking the curse. After he heard the news confirming that she was killed, he drank the blood Anna gave him and took over 20 pills in an attempt to overdose. Jeremy was confused and heart broken about what happened so Elena asked Damon to compel him to forget the whole thing. However the pills weren’t enough to kill him and the blood ended up just healing the damage they would have done. His brother comes walking into the room covered in blood and holds the shotgun firmly in his hands.

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