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That’s a tall order for any single implement to handle, so here are some tips and suggestions to help you with choosing a knife.
Also, a rigid blade is better for cooking because you don’t want food stuff to get in the blade channel.
A folder is a better choice if the knife needs to be less obtrusive, or you want your cutlery to be more compact.
I also like and have used the soft handles on the Mora 840, the Cold Steel SRK and Master Hunter and Fallkniven F1. And don’t be afraid to ask for help or advice, if you are at a store or website with trained staff.
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As a journalist for three decades, covering search and rescue, sheriff’s departments, natural disasters and outdoor emergencies, Leon Pantenburg learned many people die unnecessarily or escape miraculously in outdoor emergency situations.
Serrations, gut hooks or whatever are useful for a very few unique, special cuts, and chances are, it won’t be used enough for those special tasks to justify the blade modification.

A folder in your pocket will attract all sorts of lint, dirt etc., and there is always the possibility it might fall out of the pocket. Leon now teaches common sense techniques to the average person in order to avert potential disasters. Speciality grinds such as serrations and gut hooks (serrations would be an edge option and a gut hook more of a feature) but no mention of flat,hollow or chisel (to name but a few) grinds. I also use the small knife blade on the multi-tool for cleaning fish or game and other small task. While definitions vary, basically on full tang knives the unsharpened metal of the knife blade continues the full length and full (or nearly full width) of the handle instead of just part of the way, this provides additional support and strength of the exposed blade. Your preparedness knife may be called upon to gut a fish or rabbit, skin a squirrel, cut rope, whittle a wiener stick, peel a potato, dice carrots, open a can etc.
High carbon steel, such as 1075 or 1095, has good edge-holding ability and is relatively easy to sharpen. Besides, serrated edges are traditionally next to the guard, and they take out the most useful part of the blade for whittling.

That’s why this gave general characteristics to look for, not specific make and model information.
His emphasis is on tried and tested, simple techniques of wilderness survival on SurvivalCommonsense.
I do realize that it’s impossible to cover all aspects of what is important in a knife, but get the basics right.
My wife and daughter have small hands, so they prefer smaller handles than the ones that work for me. The idea is to have the tool easily accessible, and a sheath, IMHO, is the safest way to secure it. Here are my thoughts on the strengths and weaknesses of various styles of knives for survival applications.

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