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Being a survival knife, the ESEE-6 Plain Black Blade is made to kill or inflict serious injury to your opponent.
Aside from using its pointed tip for piercing the skin, you can use its sharp edge to cut through your opponent too.
Russ Kommer, gifted knifemaker and hunting and fishing guide, came up with the breakthrough blade grind that puts our Big Eddy™ at the head of the class. After making and rigorously testing a custom version and proving how well the concept worked, Russ granted CRKT the exclusive rights for the production models. The unique Twin-Fused™ handle is a rigid, high-impact polypropylene core wrapped with a soft textured rubber grip for a firm, safe hold. I really like the feel of the Big Eddy II, nice edge, and it isn't slippery when wet and slimy.
I do not care for the scabbard, the knive doesn't stay put, and it is not comfortable on the belt.
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Everyday carry (EDC) refers to a small collection of items that are carried on a consistent basis to assist in handling normal everyday needs, or even dire situations.
However, if for some unknown reason I find myself on my own in the wilderness, I know with my essential EDC items I can handle most situations.
I’m sounding dramatic now, an EDC pocket knife 99% of the time is going to be used for normal everyday situations, like opening a letter, or cutting up an apple. Not having to track down a knife to complete these mundane tasks not only saves you time, but also saves you from unnecessary frustrations when you can’t quickly find one. I’ve featured the 940 is some of my other articles, mainly because I like this knife so much. It’s blade is made from S30V stainless steel, which is an American-made premium grade steel. The reversible pocket clip allows me to carry tip-up which is my prefered carry, the AXIS locking mechanism is super strong and very easy to use. This blue class pocket knife from Benchmade is the quintessential EDC pocket knife, I highly recommend you give this one a try if you haven’t had the pleasure of doing so yet. This combination makes it easy to carry, hardly even noticeable in your pocket and with the 4 way pocket clip you can carry left or right handed with tip-up or tip-down options. The blade is a full flat-ground VG-10 stainless steel, its high carbon count makes this blade steel very corrosion resistant, which is an excellent quality in any EDC knife. While I may opt to carry the Benchmade 940, the Spyderco Delica 4 is no slouch in the EDC knife world and is a much less expensive option if you are on a budget. The blade is made from CTS-BD1 steel, which naturally will arrive to you razor sharp and has excellent edge retention qualities. The Kershaw Skyline is another great EDC pocket knife option, only weighing 2.3 ounces the Skyline is perfect in the EDC role. Not only is the Skyline lightweight, but is also very slim, making it not only a very comfortable knife to carry, but also very discreet to carry.
The equipped pocket clip provides for a reversible carry, pre-drilled holes allow you to either change the tip position up or down or the side you carry the pocket knife on. The Sandvik 14C28N steel is a performer, it is optimized for good edge performance and corrosion resistance.

The textured G-10 handles provide for a nice and secure grip, also a nice touch is the deep index finger groove to help with stability when using on tougher materials such as canvas or thick rope. But perhaps what I like most about the Kershaw Skyline, even though it isn’t an assisted opening knife, the flipper provides for a quick and easy one handed deployment of the blade. The Mini-Griptilian is in the blue class line of pocket knives, which is according to Benchmade classified as their everyday use knives.
The 556 Mini-Griptilian has all the same great features and qualities of the regular griptilian, just in a smaller size.
The blade is made from 154CM stainless steel, which if you’ve read any of my other Benchmade reviews you know is a high end premium steel with great corrosion resistance qualities. However, if you aren’t the greatest at sharpening a blade, no worries because the edge retention is equally as good, so it will not be an issue for a while.
The Mini-Griptilian sports a 2.9 inch drop-point style blade, The drop-point style blade is a good choice for everyday practical uses, the tip is strong and the slightly curved belly provides plenty of blade edge for slicing. Between the Benchmade 940 and the PM2 I have a tough time deciding which to EDC, ultimately I tend to swap these 2 out quite a bit just to mix it up.
The G-10 handle scales are very durable, and provide great texturing to prevent any kind of accidental slips.
The handle is also pre-drilled for a 4 way pocket clip, left-right hand carry tip-up or down. The Spydie hole is also slightly larger on the ParaMilitary 2, making it easy for blade deployment for the folks with sasquatch fingers. The handle is made from aluminum and is available in a couple different anodized color options. Another source of traction is from the raised torx screws on the handles scales, so while the aluminum is slick, the jimping and the raised screws were a nice addition to the Spitfire. When I choose a EDC knife there are certain aspects of a knife I look at, as an EDC I want the most practical knife possible for the situations I come across on a daily basis.
Being as this is going to be a knife that I will carry with me on a daily basis, I want it to be as lightweight as possible but also reasonably sized.
Size wise I’m a little more lenient, I may just put more stock in weight than I do size, however I do look at it. For an EDC knife I want a blade material that will be tough enough to resist the wear and tear of everyday use. With all that said, the more popular blades steels for EDC knives will be S30V on the premium end and 154CM for high end knives.
Handle materials are a little easier to decipher, as long as the handle is durable, has some good texturing and resists moisture it’s fair game. When we talk about an EDC knife, we are talking about a convenient single blade pocket knife that we can use for quick tasks we perform everyday. Pocket clips for me are a must, and I would prefer the pocket clip to have multiple carry options. Locking mechanisms are also a must for safety, I want to know that if I accidently slip and dig the point into a block of wood the blade isn’t going to fold down on my fingers.
One may equate the word quality with meaning expensive, well this isn’t the case here. Another great example of a quality pocket knife would be the Kershaw Blur with S30V stainless steel.

Generally speaking, for an EDC knife I wouldn’t recommend breaking the bank for a Chris Reeve Sebenza or something outrageous like that. Like many of you I’m just a normal ole regular middle class American, who happens to love pocket knives.
Thank you for taking the time to read this article and i hope you are able to find the best edc knife for you. You will not get a ton of needless emails, only notifications on our latest reviews and other knife related articles. It is also something that you can bring on your outdoor adventures in the woods because it is a great survival knife. A perfectly aimed thrust in the body could rupture vital organs, veins or nerves that can instantly kill.
The grooves in the handle offer the fingers good traction while the bolster prevents the accidental slippage of the hand to the sharp blade. I use this knife while I’m out hunting and as my personal EDC knife because it just gets the job done. For an EDC knife the S30V offers excellent corrosion resistance, which is a nice benefit if you use your knife in any kind of wet conditions.
Its just the perfect usable size and very comfortable, didn’t I mention that already? If you have tendency to misplace or lose knives, this one may not be the best EDC choice for you. However, do not misinterpret the lightweight design features as being a compromise of strength.
Overall length may be a touch long for my liking at 8 inches, I generally prefer edc knives around 7 inches. Not only are all these awesome EDC knives, they are also some the best and most popular pocket knives period. So if you have a specific preference for how you like to carry your EDC knife, this pocket clip is completely universal in that way. If you would like to leave me a comment you can do so below, I would love to hear from you and maybe you could recommend an EDC knife for me to check out. After many hours of filleting 40-pound Alaska Salmon with the great skill and care required, the answer for a vastly improved fillet knife came to Russ—put a hollow grind on the top side of the blade and a flat grind on the bottom. Either way, a person on the receiving end of the knifeā€™s 6.5-inch blade is in plenty of trouble. Thus, you should be very careful when your opponent is armed with a longer weapon or a firearm.
After all, I’ll most likely have other items in my pockets as well, so the less weight the better.

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