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Killing Floor combines elements of Counter Strike, Gears of War and Left For Dead to make a compulsive but straightforward gameplay blend. There’s a whole range of weapons from dual pistols to chainsaws, and they all feel satisfying and suitably destructive.
There are a great variety of maps available including usermade ones and they range from some brilliant horror themed levels made by the developers themselves to the typical community efforts, such as giant bathrooms or levels based on other games like Portal or Mario. When Alan Wake’s wife disappears during a vacation, the best-selling thriller novelist braves the unnerving fictional town of Bright Falls, Washington to find her, only to discover that his writing has taken on a life of its own. A young man wakes in a Prussian castle in the 1800’s with no memory, only a note telling him that he must descend into the castle’s dark depths to find the baron, Alexander, and kill him.
Arguably the best entry in the Fatal Frame series, Crimson Butterfly is a supernatural horror game about twin girls trapped in a mysterious village, armed with nothing but an antique camera capable of photographing and exorcising hostile spirits.
Corpse Party’s premise is pure horror cliche; a group of students perform a ritual, unleash supernatural terrors upon their school, and die in incredibly gruesome ways. League of Legends was the creation of esteemed Riot Games and has been in demand since it was first launched. A good match for: Players looking for high level of global competition to hone their gaming skills. Team Fortress 2 has been out for over a decade now but still remains one of the favorite shooter games till date. As with any other game from Valve, you can expect the same high-quality as always and stands impressive for a free game. In DotA 2, you have to join a five membered team and compete against another five membered team for your sole objective: To destroy the other team’s “Ancient”, which is a building located at their stronghold. A good match for: MOBA fans who love the Steam Platform (DotA 2 is only available there) and the fascinating universe of Warcraft.
War Thunder is a new-gen MMO combat game from Gaijin Entertainment dedicated to World War II military aviation, armored vehicles, and fleets.
War Thunder already offers a highly detailed experience in military aviation and ground forces combat, giving players access to a Guinness World Record breaking number of aircraft, as well as an abundance of tanks and other combat vehicles – and the number is constantly rising. A good match for: Players looking for war campaign missions with planes, tanks and heavy artilleries. Developed and published by Valve, Rexaura is a Portal mod which seems to carry the same gene as Portal but with improved mechanics and graphics. A good match for: Portal (Valve’s first edition of puzzle game) fans, puzzle lovers, light gamers and newbies.
It wasn’t easy to choose the best free MMO, mostly because most of them are free-to-play nowadays. Developed by Turbine, LotRO follows the story from the movies and gives for free full access to almost everything the game has to offer.
Developed by Blizzard Entertainment, Hearthstone promises the value of quality equivalent to any of the games developed by Vault. Hearthstone is a free-to-play digital card game and requires proper planning and execution of strategies. Developed and published by Bungie (the creators of the legendary Halo franchise), Marathon is a shooter game played as first person. The game tests the level of human imaginations taking the player centuries ahead into the future where he poses as a security officer fighting alien invaders onboard a ship named Marathon in the outer space. Marathon gives an option for both individual gameplay and multiplayer options where upto eight players can play together on the same network as allies or enemies. The Marathon Trilogy is a combination of three released versions of Marathon series namely the original Marathon, Marathon 2 and Marathon Infinity. Lone Survivor launched last year on PC and it turned the expectations of pixel art and 2D games on its head. Gameplay is all about moving on a 2D plain while avoiding the monsters that are much more adept and confrontation than you. You must return to your house to sleep but fast travel is available by looking through mirrors spread throughout the world. The game only lasts around five hours but there are many reasons to go back and play again including multiple endings and the fact that most of the new content is hidden behind the new game +. Today Telltale Games announces the release date and a special guest star for the seventh episode in Minecraft: Story Mode. Game Insider is a digitally dedicated video game publication developed by passionate enthusiasts that are driven to represent our readers with accurate and engaging gaming news, reviews, videos, and updates.

If you would like to engage us, have suggestions, or just want to give us a shout please send us a message! This was what I said to myself as I shot my 800th zombie in the head in the dumb-but-fun survival shooter Killing Floor. Sure, I would play many indie or retro titles on the PC, but when I was playing something big, stupid and full of shotguns and zombies, it was probably on the 360 or PS3.
Streamlined and simple but with solid fundamental gameplay based on a great game engine and visceral weapons, it’s a wonderful example of how the very simplest aspects of FPS gaming (shooting enemies in the face) can still be brilliant fun. You face waves of enemies and between rounds you buy new weapons from a store using cash you earn based on your performance during gameplay.
Enemies are dismembered with the more powerful weapons and headshots are rewarded with limping, headless enemies. Getting into servers is easy and the community is generally welcoming despite the difficulty of the gameplay and the tendency of the enemies hordes to wipe out the human players quickly unless they are very good. It is however, thoroughly fun, accessible, expandable by the community and, at the moment, stupidly cheap on Steam. As a nameless man in a surgical mask, you must explore the dilapidated apartment building you call home, scrounging for food and supplies, while killing or avoiding the horrific creatures that stand in your way.
Heavily influenced by Stephen King and Twin Peaks, Alan Wake tells an engrossing story in a stylish television format. Fatal Frame is a game that rewards exploration and patience, all while unsettling the player through excellent visual and audio design.
This game is ‘free to play’ and this was one of the main reasons that League of Legends was the most played PC game by June 2012. Players gain levels by killing the ‘champions’ in the opposite teams, controlled by other players (or bots), and minions that regularly check and attack the opponent’s minions, turrets, and champions.
Players with a deep sense of community will love it as it has one of the strongest communities ever in the gaming world.
League of Legends may rank high on popularity, but DotA 2 is no less and is fast closing in.
Throughout the game you will be controlling your hero and will improve and level up as the game progresses.
As the game relates to World War 2, you will get to face multiple campaign missions for various countries. With an addition of 20 chambers centered on high energy pellets, Rexaura will force you to sharpen your skills and modify your thinking pattern with portals. But because it has solid gameplay and takes place in the amazing universe of the Middle-Earth, the Lord of the Rings Online takes the spot. The game highly relates to the book and the universe offered is identical to what is mentioned in the book. The infection is spreading fast and whoever they bite or kill turns into a Zombie and becomes an enemy.
The game is not limited to anyone’s ability or interest and has been able to develop some interest amongst all.
Marathon not only features heavy action and thrills but also an intricate storyline that keeps up the interests of the player, contrary to many similar games which are heavy action laden but lack a good plot or storyline. Looking and playing a bit like old Mario games, Lone Survivor may give you the impression that it’s just not possible to create a survival horror game in this sort of environment. You can use rotten meat to attract their attention as well as other means of getting past them. It’s easy to believe that this game cannot create any suspense or terror but not seeing that much in front of you as well as the simplicity of the mechanics makes you feel quite vulnerable at all times.
On PlayStation Vita, the entire game is in your hands create a more intimate setting and with some headphones on in the dark, it can be incredibly engrossing. With the recent arrival of my new gaming rig, I developed a craving for the kind of PC shooter I had grown up with.
When you do this with a group of friends, and face an unending army of zombie enemies, you get one of the simplest but most fundamentally engaging gameplay experiences you can have.
For anyone who has forgotten what’s great about simple and accessibly PC Gaming, come help me kill some zombies! The latest entry in the classic survival horror franchise would have been a collaboration between legendary game designer Hideo Kojima and filmmaker Guillermo Del Toro. Each of the game’s six episodes has its own cliffhanger, its own recap, and its own closing credits punctuated by a fantastic soundtrack.

Feeling your heart leap as you wait for the perfect moment to snap a photo of a ghost rushing at you is an experience that hasn’t been replicated in a horror game since. The story of Kisaragi Academy and its doomed students is told using retro 2-D, top-down sprite graphics and hand-drawn tile art.
I will provide you with a list of games that are real fun to play and literally cost nothing. After choosing a character, you then join one of two teams and battle with your teammates in a variety of game modes, including Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, and Payload—a game mode where both teams must escort a mine cart filled with explosives to an objective point.
Besides challenging puzzles, there are beautiful maps and designs and some funny voices to keep you up in the game. The game features a good level of teamwork and survival and the chances of survival in the all out war between society and undead are slim to none.
You have to choose one out of nine heroes of Warcraft to play and then cast potent spells from their customizable decks taking turns. Jasper Byrne though created quite the surprising experience on PC last year and now it’s made its way to the PlayStation Vita in a Director’s Cut edition that adds new content. It appears that you are the lone survivor after a virus had turned the world into terrifying pink meats monsters. Maps are shown in an overhead view but the games is side-scrolling meaning the game can feel disorienting at times. You need food at regular intervals and the game create frights when you may least expect it.
If you played on the PC but itching for more, a PC version of the Director’s Cut is it the works. I spent hours and hours playing mods and mutators in Unreal Tournament and Quake 3, so my craving for these types of games (but with a modern game engine) attracted me towards Killing Floor.
This is normally an effect not used in multiplayer games but here it works well and when your team-mate earns slow motion it helps you line up headshots and gets you some breathing space too.
The Walking Dead actor Norman Reedus was also on board. Excitement for the project was high, especially among Silent Hill fans eager to see the series return to greatness. So, here instead are six alternative horror games that, in the Silent Hill tradition, are more psychological than splatterhouse.
The game’s two pieces of downloadable content, “The Signal” and “The Writer,” are practically required playing for theorists who want to unravel the mystery that is Bright Falls.
When it first released in 2011, many critics quickly called it one of the scariest games ever made. Although physical copies might be hard to find, Crimson Butterfly and its sequel can both be downloaded on the PlayStation Store. The puzzles sometimes frustrate, and its multiple endings might not be for everyone, but it’s an often disturbing (and incredibly silly) experience. Free gaming options are plenty but only a handful of those games are really that entertaining and I have sorted out the best ones for you to make life easier for you. Can the game create the same types of terror on a handheld as it did on its PC counter-part? However, it doesn’t take long from listening to the radio to picking up pieces of paper that you don’t seem to in fact be the last one alive.
This is a surprising and slightly terrifying experience that fills right at home on the Vita; a creepy, dark home. The next installment of the franchise, Fatal Frame: Oracle of the Sodden Raven, was released in Japan in 2014. You are alone on an island with zombies all around you and you have to search for food and weapons to fight them out and make your way out of the Island.
Forgotten Memories: Alternate Realities is a game that wears its obvious Silent Hill influence on its sleeve.
This game is so Silent Hill it even features two of the series’ voice actors, Guy Cihi and David Schaufele (James Sunderland and Eddie Dombrowski from Silent Hill 2). Psychoz Interactive is a big fan of ‘90s survival horror games, and it tells GamesBeat it tracked down Cihi and Schaufele specifically for its game.
The first in a trilogy, Alternate Realities tells the story of Rose Hawkins, a young woman searching for a missing child named Eden.

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