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Emergency supplies should be prepared before hand and be easily accessible in case of emergency or disaster. First-Aid supplies should be a good part of your emergency kit, easily accessibly and mobile to bring with you in case you must move to another location. Having a hot meal and able to boil drinking water is good for moral when in a stressed situation. We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer. This review of NI4L’s 7 band OCF dipole was prompted by my needing a quick deploy multiband antenna for both field day, and for RVing.

Click the button below to add the Limited space 40 meters dipole attic SURVIVAL HF antenna to your wish list. Grab and go emergency bags, 72 hour emergency kits, vehicle emergency kits, home emergency kits, school emergency kits and even pet emergency kits are necessary to keep you and your immediate family members safe during an emergency. You can purchase prepackaged freeze dried foods from renound companies such as Mountain House or you can stock up a 3 month rotating pantry. You can purchase ready built storage cabinets for your food storage or you can build something yourself.
Best practice is to include 2 different methods of water filtration in your kit just in case.

More advanced communication equipement such as amateur radios and repeaters would also be a great investment in time and money. Designed for durability and light weight, this connector provides a coax SO-239 socket for accepting PL-259 feed line plug. The one piece molded body offers weather tight construction and provides a drip shield to protect the coax fittings.

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