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Although not exceptionally good at being a shooter, Metro 2033 excels at creating an enthralling, post-apocalyptic setting. You play the role of a sentient Big Daddy whose Little Sister Eleanor (whom you regard as your daughter, really) was taken away from you by Sophia Lamb. Remake of probably one of the best console shooter of all time, GoldenEye 007 allows players to channel Daniel Craig’s lethal and gritty James Bond in an innovative, modern take on the legendary Bond adventure, GoldenEye.
One of the best multiplayer games this year, Bad Company 2 offers blistering online action for up to 32 players on the PC and 24 on the consoles with large, destructible maps and vehicles. Bad Company 2 also comes with an offline single player mode that features the cast of the previous Bad Company game and their hilarious antics.
It’s a surreal, but entirely visceral first person shooter experience that leaves almost every other FPS released this year in the dust. And while the year was filled with great titles from genres as diverse as RPGs and action games, the FPS genre was where it truly shined.

The player takes control of Alexander Degtyarev, a security service agent, who is sent into the zone to investigate the crash sites. You participate in the events that unfold and perceive them through the eyes of multiple operatives during the mission which spans over a 24-hour period. The New California Republic has expanded its borders to the north and is encountering resistance from a Roman-styled army called Caesar's Legion. You're one of the guys unlucky enough to be picked to take on the enormous task of getting reinforcements from one of the larger stations after your station is nearly overrun, so you set out along the train tracks. Taking place ten years after the events of the first game, a collectivist cult lead by the enigmatic Sophia Lamb consumes the city’s inhabitants, left lost and astray after the death of Andrew Ryan. Finding yourself awake once more, you wakl through the city of Rapture in its dilapidated state on a mission to rescue Eleanor. The game takes place aboard the colony of Reach where the UNSC is fighting a losing battle against the Covenant.

Gameplay between friends and formal gaming communities can be very tactical compared to public games, which tend to be a crapshoot by contrast.
Unfortunately, the campaign is very short, offering little more than a taste of the game, with very little variety in comparison to Black Ops.
It's basically PlanetSide done right, or what Battlefield 2 would be like if you combined 8 servers together and had players (grouped into squads) team up to take objectives throughout the map. But things gets complicated in a bad way when your cart is attacked by creatures and you are the only survivor. After the bombs fell, strange creatures emerged to feed on those unlucky enough to be outside.

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