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And, to determine those winners, we have a stellar lineup of judges to evaluate your efforts.
Mike Schley is an illustrator and cartographer currently working in the game and book publishing industries.
Jon Roberts has been illustrating imaginary worlds for most of his life, but only found out people would pay him to do this a couple of years ago. Being half Japanese (mother) and Irish-Scottish (father), he believes he has the juxtaposition of cultural backgrounds that makes for interesting perspectives and relies on such heritage to inspire his work.
Having played roleplaying games since 1977, Michael is an old hat to dungeon mastering and creating maps for his own home brews. Herwin Wielink was born in 1971 in Meppel, The Netherlands, and grew up with computers, fantasy books and a pencil.
Nice job , I would suggest looking up some shading tutorials so the skins don't look so flat.
Each subclass has its own unique style, meaning that when you play different subclasses the feel of the character will change. GameSkinny is part of the Launch Media Network, the creators of GamerLaunch and other great tools for gamers! Telltale Publishing today announced an exciting new partnership with developers The Fun Pimps that will see the online survival zombie game, 7 Days to Die, release on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in June. Telltale will also bring with them a great opportunity for fans of The Walking Dead series as those that pre-order 7 Days to Die on either Xbox One or PlayStation 4 will get exclusive access to 5 character skins from the hit episodic series, including Lee Everett and Michonne. Launching in June the console versions of 7 Days to Die will introduce a brand new multiplayer mode that supports local split-screen co-op play, alongside the original online multiplayer modes available in the PC release. I’m looking forward to some great map submission and, of course, finding out who is going to win the ProFantasy prize vouchers. Combining the use of digital and traditional media, his work conveys a painterly approach while benefiting from the efficiency of a digital working environment.
Since then he has illustrated the feywild, the depths of the sea and lava filled caverns for Open Design and Kobold Quarterly, crystal filled temple mounds and velociraptor lairs for Rite Publishing and the dark future of Judge Dredd for Mongoose Publishing.

I’m a historian by training, but have been working since 2001 as a freelance web designer and graphic artist. Using mixed media from hand-drawn elements to use of 3D and vector graphics, Michael relies on Xara Xtreme Pro as his application of choice to create his own unique styles. It was only in 2007 that he started Gamer Printshop, a POD shop specializing in the large format color printing of RPG maps for gamers and publishers. He is a life long addict to science fiction, fantasy and alternate history, and became a cartographer not too long ago, when a stroke of genius hit him and he decided to buy a graphic tablet. After finishing his Masters in Information Technology and working as a freelance consultant for over 10 years, he decided to pick up the pen again. If you would like to use these images for any purpose, please contact the map creator directly. This is good for dealing with continuous waves of enemies, luring them into the field left by the initial attack. To use this skill, press R1 or the Xbox equivalent just like you would for a basic melee attack when the icon is full. If you're good at using Fist of Havoc as it becomes available, this is a good option for you. Please look forward to the Bladedancer and Defender, as well as both Warlock subclass breakdowns coming soon.
The game amassed a large following on PC with an immersive open-world survival experience set in a brutal post-apocalyptic environment that provides a thrilling combination of first-person shooter, survival horror and RPG mechanics to deliver a truly unique survival experience.
MMOAttack online has gameplays, demos, videos, forums, & giveaways for all types of MMORPGs.
Trained as a traditional painter and embracing the digital environment, his cartography seeks to balance richly detailed imagery with coherent design. With a decade of professional experience he has produced a large body of work for a variety of clients ranging from manufacturing firms to public universities. He has created many commissioned works for RPG publishers large and small, including his own publications which is his latest endeavors in the roleplaying game industry.

Within a year he began to create commissioned gaming maps for many publishers and is currently in high demand. Although he had drawn and painted as child, this talent was nearly forgotten over college and university, when he had to learn for his law study and had no time for drawing. Still fascinated by computer game art and fantasy themes he now draws maps and illustrations for games and books.
All creations copyright of the creators.Minecraft is copyright Mojang AB and is not affiliated with this site. Whether it levels up based on kills with a grenade or just by use, I haven't figured out yet. The Fun Pimps have redefined what the survival genre can be with unrivaled world-building, crafting, and character growth. Presently his focus is on providing illustration, concept art, and cartography services to the entertainment and publishing industries.
In October 2009, he published his first Pathfinder RPG adventure for a setting he is developing called Kaidan: a Japanese Ghost Story setting – a cross between feudal Japan and Asian horror.
And there are like ores and caves underground so you can be the best miner in the world also. To use your grenades, push L1 or the left shoulder button depending on which system you're using. While aggressively pursuing his career in the commercial arts, his time is also spent studying the capabilities of storytelling and narrative. Since then he made numerous maps for RPG groups, novels, browser games and professional publishers in the United States and Europe. Having worked in an assortment of artistic fields over the years, he hopes to continue to bring a sense of wonder to his imagery while pushing his creative and conceptual boundaries into new realms of the imagination.

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