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Grace Park (March 14, 1974) American-Canadian actress currently stars as Officer Kono Kalakaua in the CBS television series Hawaii Five-0, which debuted on September 20, 2010. Eva Longoria (March 15, 1975) American actress known for her award winning role as Gabrielle Solis on the ABC television series Desperate Housewives.
Jai Courtney (March 15, 1986) Australian actor movies include Jack Reacher, A Good Day to Die Hard, I Frankenstein, Terminator Genisys, and the Divergent Film Series.
Sienna Guillory (March 16, 1975) English actress known for her portrayal of Jill Valentine in the action horror Resident Evil film series. Rob Lowe (March 17, 1964) American actor currently stars in the FOX comedy series The Grinder.
Lily Collins (March 18, 1989) British-American actress movies include Stuck in Love, The English Teacher, The Mortal Instruments-City of Bones, Mirror Mirror and Love Rosie.
Bruce Willis (March 19, 1955) Multi Award winning American actor movies include Pulp Fiction, The Fifth Element, Armageddon, The Sixth Sense, Sin City, Red, Red 2 and the Die Hard Film Series. Glenn Close (March 19, 1947) American actress is widely regarded as one of the finest actresses of her generation.
Bianca Lawson (March 20, 1979) American actress is probably best known for her regular roles in the television series Saved by the Bell The New Class, Goode Behavior, Pretty Little Liars, and Rogue. Laura Prepon (March 7, 1980) American actress known for her role as Donna Pinciotti in That ’70s Show (1998?2006) and as Alex Vause in Orange Is the New Black (2013?present).
Jenna Fischer (March 7, 1974) American actress is best known for her Emmy-nominated portrayal of Pam Beesly on the NBC situation comedy The Office.
James Van Der Beek (March 8, 1977) American actor rose to fame beginning for his portrayal of Dawson Leery in the WB series Dawson’s Creek.
Brittany Snow (March 9, 1986) American actress and singer known for her role as Chloe Beale in Pitch Perfect (2012) and Pitch Perfect 2 (2015).
Olivia Wilde (March 10, 1984) American actress movies include Tron Legacy, Cowboys & Aliens, and Rush. Terrence Howard (March 11, 1969) American actor was nominated an Academy Award for his role in Hustle & Flow. Thora Birch (March 11, 1982) American actress movies include Patriot Games, Dark Corners, Train, and Winter of Frozen Dreams. Dana Delany (March 13, 1956) American actress movies include Tombstone, Exit to Eden, The Margaret Sanger Story, Fly Away Home, True Women, and Wide Awake. Kaya Scodelario (March 13, 1992) English actress has been cast as Carina Smyth, the female lead in Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales, which is slated for a 2017 release.
Lucy Fry (March 13, 1992) Australian actress best known for portraying Zoey in Lightning Point, Lyla in Mako Island of Secrets and as Vasilisa Dragomir in Vampire Academy.
On March 5, 1962 the hula hoop is patented by Wham-O toy company co-founder, Arthur “Spud” Melin. A young Japanese woman in a kimono takes part in the Hula-Hoop craze that swept America and Japan in this October 30, 1958 picture.
Ronald Reagan met actress Nancy Davis in 1949 after she contacted him in his capacity as president of the Screen Actors Guild to help her with issues regarding her name appearing on a Communist blacklist in Hollywood. Nancy and Ronald Reagan cutting their wedding cake flanked by best man William Holden (right) and his wife Brenda Marshall (left).
Ronald Reagan and his bride, Nancy Davis, smile at each other following their marriage, March 4, 1952, in the Little Brown Church of the Valley in north Hollywood, California.

And at the end of his Golden Globes speech, DiCaprio gave a special shout-out to the indigenous people represented in his film.
Going into the 2016 Golden Globes, DiCaprio was the experts' pick to win Best Actor In A Motion Picture - Drama. DiCaprio has two Golden Globes wins under his belt, most recently for 2014's Wolf Of Wall Street. Will Smith also earned raves for his powerful role as a doctor who diagnoses a serious brain condition in deceased NFL players. Do you agree with the choice for Best Actor In A Motion Picture - Drama at the 2016 Golden Globe Awards? Looks Of The Day: Natalie Portman Gossips With Reese, Julianne Hough Is Caught Kissing, And Miranda Kerr Flaunts Her Bikini Body! Katelyn Nacon plays Enid on AMC’s The Walking Dead, but she revealed one of the things she would not do for the hit zombie survival drama.
Being an actress and pretending to slice into the heads of walker actors is one thing, but eating something like a bug might be the point where much of the cast draws the line. As far as Enid, she seems like a smart cookie that is starting to learn that having other people to rely on isn’t always a weakness.
You can see Katelyn Nacon as Enid and the rest of the wonderful cast of AMC’s The Walking Dead in the midseason finale November 29, 2015 on AMC.
In fashion and TV topics, we looked at the best performances of last week’s music shows, the first four episodes of Girl Who Can See Smells, photoshoots focusing on blue and white and the final episodes of Hyde, Jekyll, and I. For socio-cultural topics, we discussed the Hallyu wave in terms of beauty, male idols and cosmetic endorsements and the fan conflict between Exo-L and Shinee World. Our Roundtable covered our thoughts on idol survival shows and our SB Chat Box went in the K-drama direction, talking about Misaeng and Healer. From a company standpoint, and an idol standpoint, I can see how this would be a good move. I think another thing to note when it comes to male makeup models is that Korean beauty standards apply to both genders while Western ones seem to be more separate between men and women. The difference I feel is that EXID is not as vocally limited as AOA who is basically Choa carrying the rest vocally while even the weakest EXID vocalist Junghwa can carry a tune and sing live. Therefore the type of songs and the range of notes that EXID can tackle are already broader than anything AOA or Crayon Pop would even dare to consider tackling.
EXID is musically superior both in terms of past discography and future potential and so does not require that crutch even though Hani alone is currently putting the entire AOA in the shade in terms of public recognition.
If you somehow got on here for 9 weeks in a row, would you change your username to NineWeeksQueen? My favorite Jooheon is there but he can’t carry the whole group by himself, so my expectations are extremely low. The hula-hoop gained international popularity in the late 1950s when a plastic version was successfully marketed by California’s Wham-O toy company. During his presidency they were reported to frequently display their affection for one another.
He beat out Bryan Cranston (Trumbo), Michael Fassbender (Steve Jobs), Eddie Redmayne (The Danish Girl), and Will Smith (Concussion) for the coveted prize.
And he gave an emotional speech thanking the cast and crew, especially director Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu.

He literally tortured himself to play the role of a fur trapper who survives in the wilderness despite being attacked by a bear and left for dead. During season 6 of the hit zombie drama, a young lady named Enid was seen eating a terrapin, which is a type of turtle.
Luckily, the crew of The Walking Dead is more than likely going to swap out any actual insect for something much more edible if a situation like that ever comes up. I like competition, I like seeing that drive and dedication in people because I think it’s something admirable to have in you. The people watching the show get to know the idols and their talents through the journey, and this helps people to form attachments, which guarantees a fan following immediately at debut no matter who is in the winning group.
Suzy is almost nowhere to be seen, but almost every location has a Kim Soo Hyun cardboard cutout.
Moya, Miniskirt, Short Hair and Like A Cat are basically the same song and look how well AOA has done for themselves.
EXID has also demonstrated the ability to branch out with completely different styles and yet have each different style of song be a quality song eg Whoz That Girl, Every Night and Up and Down. The movie was filmed on location, and he braved the elements by stripping naked in the cold and jumping into an icy river. Still, he faces plenty of stiff competition, particularly from the other nominees in his Golden Globes category.
And Bryan Cranston has already won the Spotlight Award at the Palm Strings International Film Festival for his role in Trumbo.
But it really makes you wonder how far people would be willing to go in order to survive a zombie apocalypse. It gives the trainees exposure to working in front of a camera, performing in front of audiences, and public criticism. At least with WIN and M&M all the boys got to be there from start to finish, you know?
I don’t know why they chose him as an overseas endorsement model over Suzy, but yes, The Face Shop does have a male endorser. Twenty-five million plastic hoops were sold in less than four months and in two years sales reached more than 100 million units. But perhaps DiCaprio's stiffest Oscars competition comes from Redmayne, who transformed into a transgender woman in The Danish Girl. Plus, you always run the risk of a M&M situation where it splits the fandom so drastically (Chanwoo fans v. The hula hoop was inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame at The Strong in Rochester, New York, in 1999.
Then, you get the people who start as fans, but instantly become anti once their fave is cut.

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