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Natural Disasters Are Increasing - - Be Smart - - Don't Wait Until The Last Minute To Become Prepared - - Order Now While Supplies Are Available!!!
There are many Survival Books,and most of these books contain a great deal of similar information. An excellent 250+ page wilderness survival book that devotes most of its attention to plants and animals. This book is only about 60 pages long but contains well written information on maps, using a compass, and dealing with an emergency.
In addition to letting others know your plans and intended routes, I would think prudent forethought goes a long way to ensuring a scenario like this doesn’t happen.
Two things I can also recommend, 1 filling a quart sized zip bag ( one for each person) with hotel sized shampoo, bars of soap, mouthwash, body lotion and even mending kits. Hey Doug, I just wanted to let you know my husband and I finally got the sleeping pad you suggested and man o man what a difference!!!
This is a book on the survival skills needed to keep you alive by preventing your body temperature at 98.6, rather than wilderness skills. This book is for those people those hoping to learn survival skills when faced with a disaster rather than the skilled outdoorsman. This book explains the basics of survival in depth and is written for the beginner covering both the why and the how to of survival.
Having the right stuff to hand and being prepared is very important to ensure you survive when disaster strikes.
Although this is more living in the wilderness than surviving for a short period in an emergency, It does show you how to survive and live on just the things found in the woods which can be very important for survival if you are lost for a period of time.
If you are going to survive any length of time in the wilderness it is important to know the plants you can eat in wild. You can have all the gear in the world but without proper knowledge you won’t last long. The SAS (Special Air Service) is a British Army special forces unit, and is revered as one of most elite fighting forces. This guide offers 101 easy, DIY style projects to get you and your family ready for disasters.
Written by former survival reality show host, and YouTube sensation, Dave Canterbury brings us Bushcraft 101: A Field Guide to the Art of Wilderness Survival. Another thing people will need to be educated on if they plan on hitting the woods to survive will be wild edibles. Cari spends her free time gardening, canning, testing products for review, helping others prepare. For instance, always keeping at least a half tank of gasoline, travelling when the weather is best, including a car phone charger in the vehicle, and even keeping a fully charged pre-paid phone are all prudent actions to keep this problem from happening in the first place.
We sort of shy away from carrying anything liquid except water because liquid tends to add a lot of weight. For water filters we use Katadyn as they filter out Giardia, Bacteria, protozoa, cysts, algae, silt, fungi, but i will look up yours, it may be more cost efficient. I am providing my list of survival books below (with a very brief review of each) and recommend each of these books for your consideration.
Written in an easy to read, straightforward way, and the information provided is very practical!
The book contains numerous drawings and provides information that you will not find in a lot of books. It is easy to read, presents the information in a very straight-forward and understandable manner, and pretty much covers from A to Z the basics of canning, preserving, and freezing foods. Like YourCampingExpert on Facebook to stay informed of new posts,  fun, games and competitions.
It will help to prevent you from dying from hypothermia in a short few hours from a disaster striking which is a major cause of death in survival situations. It lets you know everything to include in your survival kit to get through the first 72 hours – covering water, protection, shelter food etc. Dehydration is a major cause of death as in most situations you can only survive 3 days without it.

It provides detailed step by step instructions on things like building a fire, making traps, shelters and more. This book focuses on the greens you can eat rather than other types of plants like berries.
It covers other topics but has a great chapter dealing with emergency gear, starting a fire without matches and more.
This book is comprised of all the useful survival information in those field manuals and put out by the US Department of the Army. This is a book that was written by a relocation consultant that has spent over 30 years designing high security homes and retreats. Not only should they know how to hunt, but also how to clean their kill, and be able to cook it.
Ralph La Guardia has spent over 30 years researching the topic of treating medical emergencies when there are no doctor’s or hospitals left.
This is a great, well-rounded book on finding, identifying, knowing the seasons of harvest, and collection and preparation of wild edibles. Touching on subjects like food caches, amateur radios, and CERT training, this book touches on great topics and goes in depth to each of them.
I have used them both for the same things: bathing, teeth brushing, vegetable washing, scrubbing scum out of enamel containers, and easily cleaning the stubborn carbon film from the inside of kerosene lantern chimneys.
Not knowing to much about them I was wondering what the diff in the military ones and the others you suggested.
In particular, I think the Signalling, Traps and Trapping, First Aid (including Natural Medicines) and (in color) edible and poisonous plants, fungi, and trees sections are excellent. The animal track drawings and discussions on the habits of different animals are the most helpful sections for me. Wilderness survival skills are important to master if you are going out in to the wild, going off the beaten track, disaster strikes or just because they are good to know. It is a book of two halves – the first is Seven Day Survival dealing with what you need to do for short-term survival.
It written in an entertaining and irreverent but teaches what you need to know to avoid problems as well as how to handle them so you survive. It is an easy to understand book that provides you with information on the right mindset, building shelter, sourcing drinking water, finding food, navigating, what to include in your survival kit and more. It covers mindset, what gear you will need, fire and light, shelter and protection, finding water and purifying it, avoiding hazards and navigation. It is a very comprehensive guide to your BOB plus gives details on survival skills such as having a plan and being mentally prepared. In his book on wounds you get step by step instructions on how to stop the wound bleeding and close the wound.
At 400 pages long it gives you a lot of detail on this very common type of plant found in North America. I highly recommend you practice the skills taught in these books so you aren’t caught off guard when a disaster does strike. This is a book more geared towards survival in a combat situation, but one can apply the same principles when their not under fire as well.
Dealing with physical fitness, defensive positions, and militaristic ways of approach to survival, this read covers a ton of scenarios. This book is something a family that’s not prepared at all, could pick up and get started in the right direction.
The author is extremely well versed in primitive survival skills (as well as being former military) and has brought his knowledge to the people in an easy-to-read beginner’s guide. If security is a concern when you’re looking for a permanent place to live, this is also the book you want to read.
This is an all-in-one comprehensive guide to hunting, butchering, and cooking wild game, but is also a great choice because Vol. Complete with color photographs, an index, harvest calendar, and an illustrated glossary, this is an easy book for any beginner to use.
Dealing with a wide range of disasters, this guide ultimately helps you prepare for any of them.

Needless to say, these survival books are not very helpful to the reader and not what you want.
There is a Fifth Edition (464 pages) of this book which I have not seen but I assume it contains everything that was in the Fourth Edition plus additional helpful information.
Being prepared, knowing what to do and having situational awareness can play a big part in your survival and those with you when something has gone wrong. With over 100 techniques it covers skills like building shelter, fire starting, tool making, hunting, fishing and more.
The information is presented in a straightforward way and can be easily put to use when you need it. It is written an easy to understand style to help you survive emergencies when off the beaten track and other situations. It’s great for the urban or rural setting and is useful for camping as well as dealing with a disaster setting, and shows you how to drink your own urine and like it! You also can learn what it takes to be a man and how to become one with chapters on providing, athleticism and heroism. The Handbook was originally published in 1986, but has went through several revisions since then.
When SHTF, and some places get turned into a war zone, the information in this book will come in real handy. Geared towards emergency scenarios that are plausible everyday, this is a book filed with information on what the everyday person would need to do.
This book is great for campers, hikers, and folks planning on hitting the woods in a SHTF scenario. The information is broken down into statistics, graphs and charts, but there are things taken into consideration the everyday person never even thinks of. Other books go into more detail (sometimes including pictures or drawings to improve the explanation) and are usually far more helpful.
In addition, don’t overlook the Appendix at the end of the book which contains a lot of useful information.
If you need to know how to preserve food or just want to have a book on preserving and canning in case you should need to preserve food in the future, this book is a great one to select. They are skills that in some respects you may not ever have to use – however the time to learn them is now before you do need them (when it will be too late) and the other thing is that they can be a lot of fun to learn and master. The second is Beyond Survival and goes through what is needed to live in the wild longer term – using age-old primitive skills to live.
Now it’s also available in a pocket sized version that can be easily stowed away in an emergency pack or your pocket, for quick referencing. It also gives some insight on some possible places that would be ripe for rebuilding a society. These are the types of game one would catch in handmade snares, which is perfect for wilderness survival. Almost anything you could think of that could ail you, is touched on in this book, and ways to deal with it. The books that have made it on to our top wilderness survival books will give you a good start in getting up to speed with the skills needed for survival and they cover what to take with you, shelter, food, drinking water, keeping warm, first aid and more. If you’d like to be notified when some of the best camping and hiking books can be downloaded for free, then like us on Facebook where we will regularly share the latest free wilderness survival Kindle books. Please leave a comment or subscribe to our free updates so you don’t miss future articles, announcements and competitions. Do you agree with our awards  or do you have a wilderness survival kindle book that should be included.

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