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Great material, almost nailed it, but flawed design This version, seems to be an evolution of the well known Integral Designs Salathe Bivy. Share your experience, help others find the best gear, and build your reputation as a trusted reviewer.
If you want a bivy-type shelter, but mostly prefer a full size tent, this could would be a good choice. Setup: Since there are no poles or stake out points, you just throw the bag on the ground and crawl in.
A single fiberglass pole slides through the sleeve pretty easily.bivy guyed outcorner guys in foot box.

Seems to be good quality but you'd want to be a little careful with it as it's thin fabric.
It works well as long as you position yourself right, cinch tight, and don't toss and turn too much in your sleep. The worst condensation I experienced was after a warm night of intermittent rain storms in Utah—go figure. They call it a bivy, but I think it's better than a bivy because it's just slightly larger and will keep you safe from the rain. The first time I used it the winds were gusting pretty good, but the bivy didn't move much and seemed like it could handle much more with no problem.

You may be able to sew in an eye for an additional guy line to elevate it or a grommet so you can put a small "pup" style stick in to hold it up. It protects against wind, water spray, and bugs and adds more protection against cold to your sleeping bag.

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