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A bold statement to make, we know… but when all variables are considered and the facts are laid out on the table, the decision becomes quite clear. Woa, hold on now… before the bashing begins, Survival Operations acknowledges there is no universal consensus on which type of gun is best for defense against home invasion.
We have approached the topic in a unique way which has led us to the conclusion that there IS a “best” gun for defense against home invasion regardless of the scenario, and that gun that is the BIG BORE BEAST REVOLVER. Survival Operations has discovered that when comparing the basic pros and cons of weapons for self defense, it is the cons of the revolver that actually place it above all semi-automatic pistols and shotguns for home defense. One could be quick to assume that these three major cons of the revolver would make this type of gun inferior to most semi-automatic pistols… and that person would be correct.
Let’s take a look at the most typical home invasion scenario and discover why a big revolver is optimal for defending your castle. Anyone who has read The Art of War by Sun Tzu or has been trained by the military with knowledge of holding defensive positions knows that, along with the use of siege weapons, there is a 3:1 ratio of man power required to take a defensive position.
Because you had the surprise jump on the first intruder, there is a decent chance you will come out of that first incident unscathed.
What is important to notice is just how valuable your first shot will be in a home invasion scenario, and how you may not need to fire any additional shots afterwards, but in case you do, those subsequent shots will mean the difference between life and death.
Because large frame revolvers are built stronger and heavier than medium and small frame revolvers, they provide much less recoil when firing powerful ammunition allowing for quicker successive shots.
Now ask yourself what would have happened if you DID NOT have a man stopper chambered for your first round. Because most home invasion scenarios provide for a brief time to ready yourself before an intruder enters your room, you should have enough time to grab your gun next to the bed and go squat in the corner.
By using a big bore revolver and utilizing various loads of ammunition within the same cylinder, you now have a weapon system that can provide an accurately placed man stopping round while still maintaining the ability to place five subsequent .45 Long Colts on other targets in rapid succession. Over penetration is the primary argument against using large bore caliber ammunition in defense of home intruders. A common misconception about JHP (Jacketed Hollow Point) ammunition is that the bullet will not penetrate through walls.
We will tell you now, NO ONE can be sure they will not accidentally discharge a random flyer in the heat of the moment. With the understanding that subsequent shots may have a high probability of missing the target, penetration depth becomes a MAJOR concern when discharging a firearm indoors.
Survival Operations has developed “templates” for which ammunition to keep loaded at all times to prevent over penetration when using a Big Revolver for home defense.
The templates listed below present our BEST configurations of ammunition loads specific to each revolver for achieving the ultimate weapon system for self defense against home invasion. Bottom view on the filed FN P90 magazine, showing position of the stored cartridges and cartridge in feed position. The FN P90 submachine gun (SMG) was developed in the late 1980s as a personal defense weapon for the troops whose primary activities does not include small arms, such as vehicle and tank crew members, artillery crews etc.
To save on size and weight, FN designers put new weapon into compact and lightweight stock of bullpup layout, made of impact-resistant polymer. In around 1995 FN supplemented the P90 with pistol, firing the same 5,7x28 ammunition, designated as FN Five-seveN. FN P90 personal defense weapon is blowback operated, selective-fired weapon which fires from closed bolt.
Henry Repeating Arms has modified its classic semi-automatic AR-7 rifle with a new collapsible design that stores all its dissemble components inside its own stock.
The modification allows the weapon to be assembled and disassembled in minutes without any tools.
The AR-7 has been in production since the 1950’s and is still the weapon of choice for many U.S. Like the barrel, the receiver is also coated with a layer of waterproof Teflon for superior weatherproofing, waterproof protection, even in harsh salt water environments.
Available in a black or camo finish with a blade front sight and an adjustable rear sight, you can learn more about the Henry U.S.
As the below video will demonstrate, assembly is fast and easy and doesn’t require any tools.
James lives in California, but grew up on the East Coast where he received a BS and an MBA with specialization in Financial Management. There is an never-ending debate in the preparedness world about whether or not the ultimate survival gun exists and what it may be. Not only is the X-Caliber capable of firing a myriad of cartridges, it is designed to be used as a survival rifle by integrating the ability to fold down to only 18.5 inches and the weight has been reduced by replacing the normal stock material with  polypropylene foam. Fixed optical fiber front sight and a rear sight that is adjustable for both windage and elevation to compensate for the caliber being used. The lower pressure of the 30-30 and the smaller diameter of the 5.56 cartridge should should not present problems with that. I think you have a point but it seems like whatever a .22 Magnum might be capable of doing could be offset by the other calibers that can be fired from this rifle. I really think that the M6 is a slick set-up but I agree that they demand a premium price that I would have a hard time paying. Revolvers, semi-automatic pistols, shotguns… The debate always comes down to these three weapons, and there is no clear cut answer to which gun is “best” because the debates rely on the home invasion scenario (do you live alone or with family? The general consensus is that there is NO consensus on a “best” gun for home defense, but rather a best gun “per scenario”… Sorry, but Survival Operations WILL NOT accept some wishy-washy “per scenario” garbage as a final say in this debate. A revolver’s handicaps for defense against a home invasion can be compensated by utilizing a large bore revolver. Even we will agree that a semi-automatic pistol, such as a compact 9mm (Survival Operations favors the Glock 19), may be the most practical firearm for general self defense and EDC (every day carry).

Statistically, there will be between one and three intruders with at least one intruder carrying a deadly weapon… So what do you do? So the first thing one should do in a home invasion scenario is to insure you hold a defensive position to better your odds of survival. Now you have two more intruders to deal with, but because you just fired off a round and nailed the first target, you no longer posses the benefit of surprise.
With the revolver’s cons listed above, you may be wondering how we have concluded this type of firearm to be the most ideal gun for home defense, and you would be right to question us.
You should also have enough time to cock back the hammer on a revolver, reducing the length and force needed to pull the trigger, insuring the most accurate shot possible.
Glad you asked (if you didn’t, you should have) because over penetration is the number one concern when using a big revolver indoors. By knowing the correct ammunition to load, over penetration can easily be prevented, solving one of the most critical cons of using big revolvers for home defense.
By properly understanding the methods to reducing over penetration, this major con of big revolvers can be easily overcome. There is absolutely no reason to load your big revolver with heavy grain FMJ (Full Metal Jacketed) ammunition. In life and death situations, the mind elevates one’s heart rate into what is called “The Black Zone” where the “fight or flight” response kicks in.
LSWCHP is a type of controlled penetration ammunition that penetrates slightly deeper than JHP on soft targets, but much less than FMJ.
The lighter the grain, the faster the bullet will expend its energy within the target and have less chance of over penetration. And, an attractive thread protector is included for those who like to shoot without muzzle accessories.
In the standard 1:16 rifling twist rate, we offer a plain blue barrel and a fluted stainless barrel. This gives heavy barrel stiffness with reduced weight but, it retains a nice balance for aiming and shooting off-hand. These brakes feature a unique combination of lateral and forward porting that stabilizes the muzzle. Standard pistols and submachine guns chambered for pistol rounds were proved ineffective against enemy soldiers, wearing body armor; Therefore FN designers first developed a new round with enhanced penetration, initially known as SS90. The high-capacity magazine also was made from semi-translucent polymer, and holds 50 rounds in two rows.
Several other types of ammunition were developed for this weapon, including tracer, subsonic ball and soft-core training ball.
In no case I shall be liable for any damage or harm, caused by use or misuse of any information, facts and opinions, placed on this site.
The parts can then be stowed neatly inside the 16.5-inch impact resistant, waterproof stock, which also floats should it get dropped in water. Air Force pilots, bush pilots and backcountry adventures who need a small caliber rifle should it come to survival situations in a remote area.
It uses an 8-round .22 caliber magazine so you can carry a large amount of ammo without adding too much weight to you kit and all models are equipped with an adjustable rear sight and a blade front sight. When broken down, all the pieces are self-contained inside the impact-resistant, waterproof stock, which will float should you ever find yourself floating downstream.
Survival AR-7 comes standard with a sturdy steel barrel covered in tough ABS plastic and then coated with Teflon for complete protection against corrosion. Plus, the updated receiver is grooved making it easy to top it off with your favorite optics. Prior to joining GeekAlerts, he worked as a financial manager for a high-end estate planning firm. Of the many theories, there seems to be a bit of a lean towards the 12 Gauge Shotgun or .22 Caliber Rifle but I think I found the ultimate survival gun! This makes it capable of easily being transported in a backpack as part of a Bug Out Bag, Get Home Bag or other survival kit.
With the adapter being 8 inches in length, how accurate is a rifle cartridge going to be if it is shot out of a 12 gauge barrel? And virtually all of the cons of using a big revolver can be compensated by simply having loaded the correct type of ammunition relative to your living conditions. Grab your gun, quietly bunker down in a dark corner of your bedroom, and keep that barrel pointed directly at the doorway or window to your room where you expect the first intruder to enter. At this point, the remaining intruders will panic and make one of two decisions… Either bum rush your room and open fire, or turn towards the nearest exist and flee. A simple .38 caliber revolver would certainly not be ideal for defense against home invasion. By having a .454 Casull loaded in the chamber, your initial shot can easily be placed center mass on the first intruder by simply cocking back the hammer, pointing the barrel at your bedroom door, and waiting for the “dead man walking” to enter the doorway.
Maybe you’ll be just fine, but do you want to risk not having enough power to immediately put down the first intruder before his two criminal buddies come running in behind him with their guns blazing? What you will need for your first man stopper “power shot” is a form of ammunition providing the most controlled penetration achievable. Once fired you will never see that round again, unless of course the police show up at your door with a warrant for accidentally murdering someone down the street… Almost any ammunition encased in a FMJ full metal jacket will over penetrate the target and objects beyond the target.
When this happens, control and coordination over small muscle groups (required for accuracy) are replaced with control over only large muscle groups, making it very difficult to accurately land your shots.
Survival Operations is about to provide you with a unique and proven solution for over penetration with big revolvers. As long as you hold a defensive position in your home, you should be able to accurately land the first round that is cocked and ready to fire with little chance of missing.

Solid lead hollow points also deform faster than JHP against hard targets, hence lowering the risk of penetration when missing the soft target. The muzzle features an 11 degree target crown and has a threaded end (TE) for our removable muzzle brake. Its great for watching your hits on varmints as well as fast target acquisition during rapid fire competition. To achieve necessary high penetration while keeping recoil impulse low, FN used a small-bore approach, creating a round that looked much like the scaled down 5,56NATO round. To made loaded weapon as compact as possible, FN designers followed the idea of American designer Hall, and placed the magazine above the barrels, with cartridges stored in horizontal position with bullets pointing to the left. Plus, it’s engineered for perfect balance and the ability to maintain its tack-driving accuracy, even after thousands of rounds.
The X-Caliber adapter set is available for purchase separately for use with a smooth bore 12 Gauge shotgun.
It seems like because of the size of the adapters, larger size rifle cartridges could not be fired effectively from the X-Caliber. I think this would be a better deal, if you could choose the adapters that you want, as opposed to buying calibers you don’t care about. Perhaps in the future they will offer their adapters for individual purchase instead of selling them only as a set. Since you already know where the intruder will be entering, and your firearm is steadily pointed in that direction, you should be able to accurately land your first shot.
In fact, every round in the revolver’s cylinder will be using ammunition with set penetration depths relevant to your living conditions.
Simply put, FMJ has the highest penetration rate of any ammunition available to the public (AP armor piercing ammo not included).
The bullet will expand, slow, and most likely stop once it enters the human target and expends all of its kinetic energy. This is scientific fact, and if you do not believe us by now, just look at police statistics. Similar to the ogive shape of the common 9x19mm parabellum but with a hollowed out flat nose,  the lead semi wadcutter hollow point will penetrate deep enough into soft tissue to make contact with vital organs while still expending all of its kinetic energy within the target, preventing over penetration and maximizing stopping power. While Hall system employed a rotary feed unit, operated by the bolt, to put new cartridge in line with the barrel, FN designers incorporated a stationary helical ramp into each magazine, which rotates cartridge for 90 degrees prior to placing it into feed lips.
With a total availability of 12 different calibers, it very well could handle just about anything. I do feel that the use of these adapters will likely impact accuracy, especially at farther distances. This is probably the thought process behind desinging it more like a pistol caliber carbine. This is where the big revolvers come into play… Utilizing a big revolver chambered with multiple loads of ammunition will allow for the greatest stopping power and versatility when confronted by home intruders.
There is an excellent chance the first intruder is either going to drop dead in his tracks or go into a state of shock after a hand cannon has gone off in his direction. Often, a JHP (Jacketed Hollow Point) will not penetrate deep enough to reach vital organs, in which case Survival Operations has found the LSWCHP (Lead Semi Wadcutter Hollow Point) to be the ideal type of ammunition used when JHP is not an option. If the large caliber round misses the target completely, the hollow point will often become plugged with drywall or wood and the jacket surrounding the hollow point will carry that bullet through many harder objects. Police officers score over a 90% accuracy rating at the range while landing less than 20% of their shots while in the field.
At the same time, this soft lead ammunition is least likely to penetrate through hard objects in case you miss a target on subsequent shots. This gives it the same stiffness and vibration deadening as a heavy all steel target barrel.
A screw-on thread protector covers the threads when you want to shoot or go hunting without the brake installed. It must be noted that 5,6x30 MARS round was in a sense a direct predecessor to 5,7x28 FN SS90 round, although the latter featured slightly lighter and faster bullet.
Complete ambidexterity was achieved by using ambidextrous controls (including dual charging handles and dual back-up open sights), and bottom ejection. Spent cartridges are ejected straight down through the chute, which exits just behind the pistol grip. The manufacturer’s suggested retail price for the X-Caliber rifle with complete insert set is $750 while the X-Caliber insert set alone is $450. The light weight is especially handy for fast action competition shooters but, hunters will appreciate the light weight too. Finally, simplicity of aiming was achieved by use of integral reflex type collimating sight and integral laser aiming module (LAM).
There are cheaper firearms out there but not another one that I know of that can shoot such a variety of calibers.
The front part of the forward handgrip on P90 is shaped as hand protector, and it can contain integral laser aiming module, which sends either visible or IR laser beam to mark the intended target. For special missions P90 can be fitted with a special silencer, which is used in conjunction with special subsonic ammunition.

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