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The other mod Suggs suggested is a customer fiberglass stock from MPI, hollow (for storing items) and with a detachable butt plate. So you think you’re ready for the catastrophe that will send everything spiraling out of control. Choosing the proper shotgun isn’t always as easy as determining what can do the most damage to bad guys.
No one wants to have to fire a weapon to save themselves, but sometimes circumstances leave few options.
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Pretty interesting idea however I wouldn’t want the kit I would want certain calibers. I love this idea, but would be more prone to purchaseing individual peices or customizeable kits to go with what I have or what I would figure could be most likely scrounged in my AO. This particular one has had 3 rounds at the most through each barrel all it's life, factory fitted scope and scratchless throughout. Congrts brother very interesting gun, plz share what kind of license need for such kind of weapon means two different caliber on one license for one gun or two lic.
Normally, Sauer M30 survival weapon was stored in disassembled state onboard of the aircraft in its aluminum chest, along with supply of ammunition (20 rounds of 9.3x74R rifle ammo with soft-point bullets and 45 shotguns shells, 20 with slugs and 25 with bird shot). For a while, before they apparently quit making anything at all, Pioneer Arms was set to offer such a combo gun, which would have been awesome given the quality of their coach guns. The 870 can be loaded with shells that can put down anyone who is interested in hurting you or your family, while at the same time it can be loaded with slugs to kill deer, or bird shot to kill quail or turkeys. When family or personal protection are at stake, the number of rounds a person has in their arsenal can be very important.

One of the great things about the Persuader is that the barrel is fully interchangeable, the safety is on top, and it comes with an anti-jam elevator. When using a gas operated shotgun, it would be wise to have access to new rubber o-rings to replace worn rings so the shotgun will be reliable in operation. By choosing the best tactical shotguns, by being prepared with spare parts like o-rings, and by having enough ammunition, you can be the survivalist who lives to fight another day. The market will feature organic foods, preparedness supplies and unique solutions from local farmers and small businesses from around the country. Just like all the comments in the INCH posting if the world gets to be as bad a some believe Every Bullet for Every Caliber would count. I mean, its a great idea but if you can’t trust your sights when you go to pull the trigger or each caliber goes off in a different direction it makes it a waste of ammo to try and use.
Barrel and buttstock fold (& disengage) to make it for an easy fit in most shoulder bags of 19inches length and above. And you don't need to be adventurous for it, i had taken my AR7 Survival Rifle to picnics in early days. Introduced in 1930, it was commercially available in several caliber combinations, sporting two side by side shotgun barrels (in 16 or 12 gauge) over one rifled barrel.
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I’m pretty curious to know exactly how these perform, so if any of you have experience with them please post in the comments. But sadly, the company has stopped taking orders and doesn’t even respond to email anymore. When someone is approaching a member of the family with evil intent is not the time to discover that the shotgun you have has a worn or cracked ring. Preparation is more than half the battle, and you can’t wait until the bad things happen to become prepared.

Ours is a close knit community whose goals are to educate our Pakistani Brethren in Gun Safety, Promote Information Exchange and Combine our Knowledge for common benefit. Production of this firearm has been on and off since it's inception in 70's (as per US Air Force requirements - 14" barrel version was the standard firearm for all USAF pilots), and the production stopped in 2008. In 1941, when Hitler’s Germany began military operations in Northern Africa, Luftwaffe (German Air Force) adopted Sauer M30 drillings as wilderness survival weapon for air crews, operating over vast North African deserts.
In the case of crash landing, surviving crew was to retrieve the chest from aircraft, assemble the gun and take it out along with ammunition to provide food and defense against predatory animals. This may come down to personal choice, but the automatic is faster shooting while the pump has fewer moving parts to go wrong in the heat of the moment.
Having replacement rings doesn’t take a lot of space, and they are relatively easy to replace and worth the effort to ensure that the gun will work the way it was intended.
Issued with bird shot and slug shells, as well as with powerful 9.3x74R rifle ammunition, M30 drilling was capable of bringing down almost any game, from birds and up to lions. The Henry is cool because everything (receiver and barrel) all takedown to fit into its waterproof stock.
You can do better, and if you want to do everything you can to make certain that you and your family are taken care of in the event that society becomes unruly and dangerous, you have to do better. Mode of the forward trigger is controlled by the selector lever, located on the tang of the gun. Standard sights include typical shotgun rib with small front bead, and spring-loaded rear blade, zeroed for rifled barrel for 100-meters range.

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