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I met Anthony Quinata at Terrapin Traders, a small new-age shop in downtown Gardner, Massachusetts, where I teach a weekly Paranormal 101 class.
As I soon learned, Anthony wasn’t the kind of person who easily bought into the concept of haunted items. As soon as the doll arrived on his doorstep, Anthony put an EMF detector near it, hoping to see a signature spike on the ghost hunting meter that might suggest a haunting, but was disappointed when the needle didn’t budge.
In 2013, he pulled the doll out of storage and posted a picture of Harold online and was immediately met with stories.
Anthony warned them to be careful with the doll because its left arm was nearly detached from the body.
Vincent drew a picture of the doll and told his mother that the children wanted to get outside to the sunshine but the black blob wouldn’t let them. Soon after he arrived in New Jersey, Anthony came home to discover that one of his dogs was ill. In June, Vincent had told him he needed to go to Connecticut, so when his time was up in New Jersey, he got in his car and began driving, somehow ending up in Massachusetts instead. When Anthony showed Vincent’s picture to a medium friend, she told him that he would meet a man in a coffee shop who was writing on paper who would give him more answers.
He knew about my classes from an earlier visit to the store and was aware of me due to the book I wrote about Gardner’s famous haunted house, the S.K. We met for coffee before the Monday night class and got to know each other a little better. Since the class seemed curious about the doll, I let Anthony take control of the class for the first hour. Anyone who knows me, knows I have a secret weapon to keep me protected from paranormal attachments. Michael must have been surprised when he got the call because I never just outright call him.
By the time the class ended, four of my students had pounding headaches, but we all rallied around Anthony regardless. Jose is a friend of Michael’s, someone who is also capable of battling darkness on the Astral Plane. Over lunch, I interviewed him for this story, wanting to get more information about his experiences with Harold, but also to tell him about Michael’s words. The following night was filled with more restless demon dreams and the next day found me with an excruciating migraine, something Harold frequently does to people he doesn’t like. Michael is coming in tonight to do another cleansing, hopefully cutting our links with the dark energy. I do want to say something about Robishaw’s suggestion after the attack on me that resulted in three cracked ribs.
Julio will be coming to the UK to play two dates at the Royal Albert Hall on May 13th and May 19th.
I’m being attacked,” was the message I received from my new friend Anthony late Monday evening. When he came into the store before my class was due to start this past Sunday, I recognized him immediately, having seen his photo on Facebook recently. Within 24 hours of that fateful meeting, I would learn a great deal more about Anthony and Harold, maybe more than I bargained for. He initially purchased the haunted doll in 2004, at the same time he purchased a handful of other supposedly haunted items, hoping to write a book about his experiences. He even tried to record an EVP by setting a digital recorder near the doll, but the recording was blank when he listened back.

Antony had the foresight to record the session on his digital recorder and was shocked to hear what was recorded.
He wanted more information on the doll from psychic mediums but everyone he approached was already familiar with the doll’s story. While filming, Zak Bagans, the lead investigator and host of the show, picked up the doll and later found three small bruises on his own left arm.
People who watched the episode were inflicted with headaches and felt the presence of Harold looming nearby, as though he came through the television screen to pay them a visit. While some of the information was vastly different, others provided information that was more relevant and easier to validate though. Needing a new place to stay, a friend from New Jersey offered to let Anthony use their house for several weeks.
After taking it to the vet, he learned that the dog’s abdominal organs were crowding his heart and lungs due to a diaphragmatic hernia that neither doctor could explain. A friend who lived in Gardner offered to let him stay with him for a few weeks, so he continued on, knowing he was on the right track. He ordered coffee and looked around for a man who was writing on paper, but he didn’t see anyone who fit the bill.
I’ve experienced the effects of his work many times as he removed negative entities from my home. If this thing was powerful enough to hurt people and cause death, then Michael might be in danger. I thought back to three weeks beforehand when I decided to tackle the subject of demonology for my Paranormal 101 class. After blacking out in the bathroom,  he found himself on the floor with his head resting on the tub.
When I did fall asleep, I was assaulted with horrifically bloody dreams where I was being chased by demons.
I want to thank you, Joni, for making some changes which kept the story more in line with the truth of my experiences. I immediately sprung into action, setting off a chain of events that would leave me pondering the sanity of my life. One person woke up in the middle of the night feeling as though Harold was staring at her from the shadows.
Not long after he made his arrangements, Vincent’s mother sent him another drawing that Vincent had made for him. Through some deciphering, Anthony learned that the name was the former name of a town in New Hampshire.
She wasn’t sure how either of those people would play into his journey, but she felt it was important to pass the information along. When I told him that I was teaching a class the following evening on Demonology, something clicked in his mind. He sat the canvas bag on a folding chair and unzipped it, giving us our first look at Harold.
As Anthony talked, Ken began writing, like he often does when he starts getting psychic impressions. Michael is a Shaman and healer who frequently battles dark energy alongside his spirit guides and a legion of archangels. He works on the Astral Plane, sending a part of his consciousness to the location to battle alongside his spirit guides. He’s been helping me learn how to keep myself better protected, so I trust him as much as I trust Michael. I warned Michael that he might be dealing with a high level demon, perhaps even one of the Seven Princes of Hell, something that Anthony felt strongly about.

I prayed for Michael, asking for strength to see this through, and I prayed for all of my class, hoping I didn’t lead them into a pit of seething danger.
He’s making plans to travel to Connecticut later in the month, following Vincent’s trail of clues. He decided to tuck it away for a while to let the memories die out before he would bring it back out again for a fresh reading.
After telling his story on Darkness Radio, he was put in touch with the production company for the Travel Channel’s show Ghost Adventures.
The hosts of the show brought the doll to a psychic medium near the island, who confirmed that the doll was most definitely haunted. When Anthony came back home after the second vet appointment, the room was filled with fat houseflies.
I could almost see it, snaking tendrils out to each of us in the class, tasting our energy. He’d been offered upwards of $50,000 for the doll, but refused, not wanting it to fall into the wrong hands. I would have asked him to put it in his car, but he had walked to the class, so there was no car to put it in besides my car, which most definitely wasn’t happening.
I felt good about what we were doing, right up to the point where I got a message from Anthony. Had it all really started three weeks earlier when I made the decision to talk about demons, something I normally steer clear of?
They wanted to bring Harold to the Island of the Dolls, a remote island outside Mexico City in Mexico.
She felt there were multiple souls attached to the doll, one of whom was a dangerous woman with mental instability who would hurt anyone who got near the doll.
One of them suffered a ruptured larynx, while the other man had a sudden bout of diverticulitis. The airport code for the nearest airport in New Jersey was EWR, which stands for Newark Liberty International Airport, making Vincent’s drawing more relevant. He reached for the phone, wondering if he should call 911, but realized the call would be for nothing.
Later that evening, my four cats and my dog came barreling out of the kitchen, leaving their full bowls of food behind as they stared over their shoulders in fear.
He put a crucifix and a container of holy water in the box with the doll before sealing it back up. Still others have reported having horrific nightmares after even looking at a photo of the doll. It’s scared and has good reason to be I have called in the whole Legion of Archangels, my spirit guides and Jose’s spirit guides. The list of people who have experienced negative side-effects after either meeting Harold or looking at his photo is quite impressive.
I brought him back home with a heavy heart, feeling I could have helped him through Michael, but also knowing the timing wasn’t right.
This is definitely not a doll anyone should mess with, something I wish I’d know before I invited Anthony to attend my Paranormal 101 class with Harold in tow.

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