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Nala is Carter’s service dog and she’s essential to his efforts to deal with post-traumatic stress. The government doesn’t recognize service dogs as a treatment for PTSD, or at least not a form that it’s willing to pay for. These are just a few examples from our existing library of software available for the VIC 20. What those extra few dollars get you is a simple little device called a Commodore VICMODEM. The Commodore Information Network is also your direct line to the Commodore Bulletin Board, which Commodore owners use to keep in touch with each other, for programming tips, Public Domain Software, and technical support.
Some computer companies think it’s reasonable to ask as much as $500 for telecomputing capabilities such as ours. From Click Americana: 7 new collections of beautiful hand-drawn vintage portraits to color! If this information was useful to you, please take a moment to pin or share this link with others – thank you! Based off of the manga series by Keitaro Takahashi, Jormungand is a middle of the road action series, that is bound to enthrall some and bore others. The series feels reminiscent of Black Lagoon, with the audience having to follow some pretty fringe characters. If there is one major complaint that I have with the series, its that its hands down the cheapest thing to come out of Studio White Fox. The presentation that Funimation has present in their release of Jormungand is a pretty solid one. Jormungand is a solid show, especially in the English dub, but its poor character designs, bland production work and middle of the road story make tough to get through. Ty Carter was awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions during the 2009 battle at COP Keating in Afghanistan, the same battle described by fellow MoH recipient Clinton Romesha in his best-selling book Red Platoon.

The veterinarians tell Ty that Nala has a herniated disc that’s almost severing her spinal cord.
It connects your telephone to your VIC 20 or Commodore 64 computer (resulting in something aptly called telecomputing), giving you access to information such as you see on the screens to your right. You just load it into your Commodore Datasette Recorder and presto (give or take a moment or two), you have access to a vast library of information and games. However, with the Commodore VICMODEM selling for around $100, we feel we’re being a whole lot more reasonable. The series follows Koko Hekmatyar, an arms dealer that sells to various evil elements all across the globe. If you like action shows or enjoy many of the English actors that are part of the dub, then maybe Jormungand may just be worth your time.
He works as a freelance location sound mixer, boom operator, sound designer, and writer in his native Chicago. Any of our readers with the influence to get service dogs covered by the government should get on that right away as well. Normally, you’d have to type a short program into your computer to help it make the final transition into a telecomputer. We begin her story, as she picks up a new recruit for her mercenary team, an African child soldier named Jonah. Hekmatyar, there really isn’t anything that makes her stand out, aside from her albino appearance. Not only this, but the backgrounds, the limited animation and plenty of other aspects that have to do with the production of Jormungand, show that this series was made on a shoestring budget and while they make it work, the shoddy animation work can easily turn people off of the show.
Along with her business guise, a shipping company called HCLI, Koko and her team travel all across the world, selling everything from guns to helicopters and manage to butt heads with mercenaries, governments and even other arms dealers. The best characters are Jonah, who we closely follow as he’s initiated into the group and Valmet, a former FRDF Major, who so happens to be in love with her boss.

Both Studio White Fox and Director Keitaro Monotanga did an excellent job with 2010′s Katanagatari, but that was a shorter series and managed to cut corners through all of its intense dialog sequences. While the HD source looks pretty nice, it really exposes the poor elements that make up the production of Studio White Fox. Directed by Keitaro Monotanga and headed by Studio White Fox, Jormungand is a bullet riddled affair, that is worth watching, but doesn’t break any new ground. We get back stories for a few of the team members, but most of them are just around and provide gunfire and back up, during the hairy situations that come with being an arms dealer. The audio is presented in two Dolby TrueHD sources, the English 5.1 track and a Japanese Stereo track.
There’s plenty of action and gunplay galore, which is one of the best aspects of the series. For everything that I’ve said about the Japanese production, Funimation has made it a point to make this show salvageable, through its fantastic surround track and stellar dub. While I feel that Koko isn’t a compelling character, Anastasia Munoz does an great job at delivering a performance that is both funny and graceful, to make her feel more alive. The addition to the surround mixing and use of it during battles makes for an engaging experience that makes the show more lively that it actually looks. The extras on the set are two commentaries with the English cast, a behind the scenes look into casting the series, with Christopher Bevins and Cris George, textless intro and outro songs and a few trailers for other Funimation shows.
The behind the scenes is rather interesting, due to the fact that they didn’t have an actual casting process for the show, but just decided to look at previous auditions for other shows or just cast people that they thought were right for the project. It most certainly paid off, seeing as how the English dub is the way to go on this release.

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