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Remember that dumb question your mom used to always ask, “If your best friend was jumping off a cliff, would you?” Of course not!
Excalibur: This cool firework has been at the top of our charts forever – really, it’s that awesome! Black Cat Bottle Rockets: These bottle rockets feature the familiar red-wrapped stick with signature yellow “cat” label from industry leader, Black Cat. Little Dynamite: Popular fireworks don’t have to be expensive, these little firecrackers made by Black Cat are totally affordable at just a couple bucks per pack. Add a literal blast to any occasion, from the Fourth of July, New Year’s Eve or just because your backyard bash needs a little more excitement than a trampoline or garden.

These bottle rockets are consistent performers and make some of the loudest pops around – each fireworks is packed with 50mg of report powder, the highest in the industry. This 1 ?” firecracker has a super-loud bang, maybe just one of the best around thanks to quality craftsmanship and pyrotechnic ingredients. These best-selling bottle rockets are so fun to stick in a bottle and watch fly through the sky – an aerial delight. Firecrackers are great for both day and night use so get enough to see you through dawn, dusk and beyond. These firecrackers are great for playing war games, setting off for celebrations or just general mischief-making!

The Excalibur comes with 24 of the best quality canister shells on the market that break over 250 feet in the sky and over 200 feet wide – the designs of these shells are so cool, they’re patented!
The Excalibur is also bundled with HDPE, single-mold tubes that assure optimal conditioning of the mortar for launching and unrivaled safety standards (cardboard tubes can’t even compete).

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