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But when their parent's term is up and the first family departs 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., the spotlight typically turns away from them. To celebrate the Fourth of July a€” which happens to be Malia Obama's birthday a€” we checked out what the first children are up to these days. Last fall, Caroline Kennedy landed a role perfectly suited to her lifetime of training in diplomacy a€” as the U.S. The former attorney, 56, also serves as president of the JFK Presidential Library and has written nine New York Times best-selling books on constitutional law, American history, and poetry. At age 70, former first lady of Virginia Lynda Bird Johnson Robb is the oldest living child of a U.S. Robb, whose father signed the 1964 Civil Rights Act and 1965 Voting Rights Act, gave a speech at the 50th anniversary ceremony of the March on Washington last year. Like mother like daughter, Luci Baines Johnson took the helm ofA LBJ Asset Management Partners in the late '80s and completely turned the business around in the midst of economic crisis. Johnson, 66, and older sister Lynda Bird gave an interview to Katie Couric recently, suggesting that their late father would have supported same-sex marriage, as they do. Trisha Nixon Cox, 68, accompanied her father on many campaign stops and state trips during his presidency but has steered clear of the spotlight since starting a family more than 40 years ago.
The longtime stay-at-home mom serves on the board of the Richard Nixon FoundationA and remains married to Edward Cox, whom she wed in the White House Rose Garden in 1971.
A staunch and very vocal supporter of her father after the Watergate scandal broke, Julie Nixon Eisenhower has retired from public life and lives on a farm in Pennsylvania. She wrote a biography about her mother, "Pat Nixon: The Untold Story," and helps manage her father's presidential library.
Michael Ford returned to his alma mater, Wake Forest University, in 1981 as associate dean of campus life. John Gardner "Jack" Ford a€” onceA President Ford's free-spirited, shaggy-haired son a€” grew into a successful entrepreneur, cofounder of Outside magazine, and a former park ranger with the National Park Service.
After appearing at half a dozen Republican National Conventions, Ford, 62, was tapped to serve as executive director of the host committee for the RNC in 1996.

Wild child Steven Ford, 58, joined the cast of television soap opera "The Young and The Restless" in 1981, playing P.I. President Ford's only daughter, Susan Ford, took up photography under the mentorship of White House photographer David Kennerly. Ford, 56, also launched National Breast Cancer Awareness Month in conjunction with the first lady, and succeeded her mother as chairwoman of the Betty Ford Center. John William "Jack" Carter, ran for the first major office the Carter Family has sought since 1980. Donnel Jeffrey "Jeff" Carter, 62, cofounded Computer Mapping Consultants, a computer mapping firm that became a consultancy for the World Bank in 1978. Big brother Chip's kid isn't the only rebel in the family; when Jeff Carter's son was 17, he was charged with burglary and possession of marijuana. Amy Lynn Carter Wentzel became a political activist in the '80s and '90s a€” and was even arrested at a CIA recruitment protest. Wentzel, 46, went to work with her dad on "The Little Baby Snoogle-Fleejer," which President Carter wrote and she illustrated. Michael Reagan was adopted by the actor-cum-president and his first wife Jane Wyman just three years before the couple divorced. The 69-year-old powerboat-racing enthusiast began his career as a salesman with an aerospace defense company, though later tried to follow his dad's footsteps in Hollywood.
The first child of Ronald Reagan's marriage to Nancy, Patti Davis overcame a number of personal obstacles, including drug addiction, self-harm, and an eating disorder, and discovered her voice through her writing. Her first semi-autobiographical fiction novel, however, upset many members of her family, and Davis became estranged from her parents until her father's Alzheimer's diagnosis, when they reconciled.
Ron Reagan, 56, has only ever known his father as a politician, but unlike his father has very different a€” which is to say, liberal a€” political views. The 61-year-old Coral Gables, Florida, resident went from an early career in corporate to a later one in public office, first as as the chairman of the Dade County Republican Party and then as the governor of the Sunshine State. Today, Neil Bush works primarily as a director of Texas A&M's Bush School of Government and Public Service, andA chair of the board of directors at Points of Light, the philanthropic organization founded by his father.

A businessman and active philanthropist, in 1999 Bush, 59, also founded educational software company Ignite!
Her marriage to the late David Eisenhower, President Dwight Eisenhower's grandson, united two of the country's most powerful political families. As a minister, he fosters the holistic development of students, and connects students to others on campus for advice and counsel. She went on to become a photojournalist for news outlets including The Associated Press and Newsweek.
He participated on the Democratic National Committee, pursued a variety of vague business ventures, and married three times. James Carter IV played a large role in the release of the "47 percent" video, which ostracized nominee Mitt Romney.
Eventually she settled down, receiving her master's degree from Tulane and starting a family in the Atlanta area. He finally found his niche as a political radio talk show host, and he hosted a talk show for over 26 years. Now 61, Davis has published more than half a dozen other works since the first, and has also appeared on TV and in movies.
Bush launched his career in the oil industry, starting and selling the struggling Arbusto Energy company, among other successful ventures. Since leaving office in 2007, Bush has campaigned for Republican candidatesA in various other elections but, according to his advisers, will not make a decision on his own presidential candidacy until later on this year. But she stirred a Twitter controversy when she publicly condemned the annual dolphin hunt, a Japanese tradition. Senate seat but was unsuccessful against an incumbent Republican senator in the Nevada election.

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