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In his new book, “Instinct: The Power to Unleash your Inborn Drive,” the New York Times best-selling author uses animals as examples of how we can use our spiritual instincts from God to lead us through life.
The 56-year-old senior pastor went on to say that the idea for his new book came when he went on a Safari in Africa and he was encouraged to write it by watching the instinctual reactions of animals in the wild.
According to the father of 5 children, animals are used to relying on their instincts to survive and that’s one of the reasons he used them as inspiration for his new book. During his sermon last Sunday, Jakes told his congregation that “Sometimes, we OD on spirituality to cover for the fact that we’re not naturally fulfilled.
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Here, on an island where lepers from Crete and the rest of Greece had been kept in isolation until 1957, a story about love and pain, separation and fear was born. Although it is small and known as the island of the outcasts, Spinalonga has a rather interesting story to tell. A walk around Spinalonga a€“with some of the finest views of the clear blue waters that surround the islanda€“ will guide you through the pages of the novel. is the official tourism web site for Greece, run by the Greek National Tourism Organisation, where you'll find information on the main tourist destinations, such as cities, beaches, as well as activities, events and much more! Jakes, senior pastor of The Potter’s House in Dallas, Texas, although the Bible tells us that we should rely on scripture to guide us in life and not on our instincts, we can learn a lot from some of God’s creation who are almost purely instinctual, animals. Although Jakes admits that his new book does not use a lot of Scripture to show people the way to go, he believes that they can still learn from the reactions of animals.
He added that if we do this, He will make sure that we keep on the chosen path and live a life full of blessings. He added, however, that although we can learn a lot from studying the way animals behave, we should be careful to act within the bounds of the guidance we receive from the Holy Spirit. But God doesn’t want to be a supplement in your life.” He continued, “He doesn’t want to be a cover or a mask for all the things that are not happening in your life.
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Due to its strategic location, it was fortified and served a variety of roles and purposes over the centuries.

The island forms a natural defence a€?mechanisma€? for Elounda harbour, and in 1579 the Venetians built a mighty fortress here on the ruins of an ancient acropolis.
Strolling around the island takes about an hour, but the serenity of the place and the remnants of its recent history will certainly tempt you into spending much longer.
As well as the trip to Spinalonga you can also enjoy a swim off the beaches behind the Kolokytha Peninsula, before returning to Ayios Nikolaos in the afternoon. Employers want to see that you have a clear idea of what you want to do because it matters to their business. For optimal viewing of this site, please ensure that Javascript is enabled for your browser. The island lay directly ahead and as the boat approached the great Venetian fortification which fronted the sea [a€¦]. The Venetians kept control of the island even after the rest of Crete fell to the Ottomans in 1669 and it remained under their control for almost another half a century until its capitulation in 1715.
A left turn by the old town hall takes you down to the beautiful seafront; take advantage of the opportunity to take some time for a swim here. The city of Heraklion is quite close to Ayios Nikolaos, so you can take the plane or ferry to Heraklion and then head towards Ayios Nikolaos by bus, taxi, your own vehicle, or rent a car.
Today thousands of tourists visit Spinalonga by boat from Ayios Nikolaos, Elounda and Plaka each summer as it is the most popular archaeological site in Crete after Knossos.
You can reach the town from the other main cities of Crete, such as Hania (about 3-3.5 hoursa€™ drive), or Rethymno (app. They may be doing temporary work, be off work sick, be retraining or having a career break.
However, your primary concern when looking for work is to look for a job which is relevant to your profession.
Does your job target relate closely to what you have done in your previous job or educational training? However, most candidates are completely unaware that their attitude is reflected in the tone of their CV by their sentence construction, choice of words and also in their covering letter. If you have the right attitude the opportunities for interviews will increase, but get your attitude wrong and your CV may never work for you!Your attitudeAttitude is the basis on which good management and careers are built, so the key is to be aware of the attitude you portray.

For example, arrogant people tend to write arrogant covering letters showing little or no respect for the prospective employer and they tend to overestimate their role and achievements in their CV. Whereas shy or timid people tend to underestimate their role and focus more on their duties in their CV rather than their personal input or accomplishments. Also people lacking in confidence often try to compensate for this by bringing a touch of humour to the CV or covering letter or by focusing on their outside interests. Try to portray a range of skills and achievements and remember that although this approach may be time-consuming, you will benefit in the long run. Always refer to the job advertisement as this will give you an indication of the types of things to include. A covering letter is an absolute necessity because without it your application is incomplete. Writing covering letters is often harder than writing the CV itself because there is often doubt about what to include and how much to write. In fact they don't add anything to the application and sometimes can even undo the message of the CV itself.
Remember to explain your origin and expertise within the covering letter and to highlight rather than hide any disadvantages. However, if you can demonstrate your personality in the CV, it increases your attractiveness as a candidate.
What you need to do is to conjure up a picture of yourself rather than putting down things you think you should include.Choose words that are applicable to you, words that reflect something about you as a person.
Avoid words such as 'involved with' and 'responsible' but use words that communicate what you are like as a person. For example, show your dependability by writing 'gets into the heart of problems by focusing on critical information and performing the work with minimal supervision'.
Be honest about yourself, focus on your strengths and be positive, and this will be communicated to the reader.Remember that the CV is the one aspect of your job hunt over which you have complete control.

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