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Phoenix Joins me to talk Ratchet and Clank, one of the best Science Fiction game series ever and the best kept secret amongst kids.
Ensuring we maintain the Brummie connections, Simon is an expert in Spoons, Self Mutilation and Bread Products. You may recognize his art from covers of early Tarzan and Conan the Barbarian books, and other literature.
If you enjoy this art, you may also enjoy the work of Boris Vallejo, Julie Bell, Luis Royo, and other fantasy artists.

Sad news breaking today on Twitter and online, with numerous sites (including Wikipedia I see now) announcing that the influential Swiss artist H.R. His work often had that combination of contrasting qualities that could repulse part of you while at the same time also fascinating other parts of your brain, making them, for me at least, irresistible. His own frequent nightmares were a rich source of material for Giger, and he drew on other elements, from Surrealism (he met Dali) and of course Lovecraft. Goodbye, Giger, in your honour we will all try to have disturbing nightmares this evening as a mark of respect.

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