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This list of essential geek reads isn't complete — there are plenty of time-travel, tech, and graphic novel editions still to come. Please have your child listen to the audio files before reading each section in the history book! And we're showcasing the best sci-fi narratives, with all the traditional elements of the genre: artificial intelligence, travel to remote parts of the universe, futuristic gadgets, wormholes, apocalyptic political systems, and extraterrestrials.

But in the meanwhile, take a look at our recommendations for science fiction stories every geek must know, and tell us which books you've added to the list in 2015.
Ormsby only teaches 8th grade this year, but she still has her 7th Grade Social Studies information on her website.
Now that you've indulged on the most compelling, classic epic fantasy series, it's time to switch gears.

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