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There are dozens of different ways to trap small game whether it’s pit falls, using boulders, deep pits and so on. A simple snare can be built with things you can find in the woods such as a small vine or thin tree branch which is a huge plus when in a true survival situation. I prefer to use a hold snare as they are a little easier to setup and the spring snare can be triggered accidentally. Step 4 – Form another small loop at the other end of the wire just like you did in step 2. No matter what type of snare you decide to use, you should set the diameter of the snare for the animal you plan on catching. Worked perfectly and using wire is so much better than small rope mainly because of the rabbit chewing through it.
A Fats and proteins are essential to provide the energy required to survive brutal Mother Nature. A I have always preferred snare traps as they are one of the most effective and fastest to setup. A A spring snare can also fail in colder weather as most branches tend to lose their flexibility in the cold.
A Twist the wire until the loop is tight enough that it won’t come lose or your whole trap will be a failure. A You can drive a branch into the ground for this or with a spring snare the bent branch will act as your anchor point. A You should look for animal tracks or droppings and try to find the natural path they travel along. A When approaching the traps make sure to have a club or something to kill the animal as not all animals will be dead yet.

A When trying to catch a meal in the wild, the more traps you have the higher the probability of your success.
A The second design will flip the rabbit in the air using a bent tree branch causing it to suffocate.
A However, a spring snare is a very effective technique and simply requires using a bent branch as the anchor point connected to a trigger as seen in the photo.
A The height you set the snare off the ground also plays a critical roll as you are trying to catch the animal by the neck. A Some hunters will trap and snare as a sport, and if you do please take the following precautions. In this class I will teach you the best way to make a rabbit snare, which may be the deciding factor when facing a sticky situation. A We are going to concentrate on small game like rabbits as they are usually the most abundant animals and easiest to catch. A I always suggest you take some wire with you in your survival kit when heading into the deep woods. A It has always been my belief that it is a numbers game in the wild, and the more traps you can have set the more luck you will have. A Look for a small opening in the brush or where branches and small sticks have been pushed to the side.
A Check with your local natural resource department on licensing as in most states a special license is required. A The main benefit of trapping your game is that once your traps are set you can focus on other important survival needs such as fire, water, shelter and signaling for rescue. A Also please be responsible and pick up all your A snares that didn’t trigger if you are out for sport!

A This allows the loop to tighten to strangle the animal as they move forward into the snare. As I look back – Philmont Scout ranch, Order of the Arrow and Summer Scout camp were priceless experiences that have helped me with life. I served 23 years and 8 months in the USAF and worked with Force Recon Marines and US Army Special Forces and I can honestly say that my scouting skills learned when I was a kid gave me a huge advantage in trainng because believe it or not the military teaches those same skills. Yea Boy Scouts was the bomb!Reply Jim O'Hara November 10, 2012 at 3:44 pm Once an eagle, always an eagle. Electronic babysitters (xbox, PC, Gameboy, iPod, etc) are no sustitute for dirt, blood and outdoor adventures. Having travelled around the world to some very bad places, I can’t tell you how many times my BSA skills have come into play both in the survival aspect as well as medical.
If it weren’t for its doctrine of religious principles (which I believe in), it might be more prevalent in society. It is totally relevant and there are still tons of young men (and young ladies now in Venturing) that are learning these skills. The biggest problem in the program is volunteers who sit back and say go do this or that without modeling or teaching (that and being flat out rude and nasty to a child).

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