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I just got one and I have to say I am very impressed with the quality of this knife, especially considering I only paid around 13 dollars for it. The sheath is adequate but nothing special and to look at the handle on the knife I was wondering if this was a good purchase but I was really impressed with the blade. I would highly recommend one of these knives and for the price you could get more than a few of them.
True, while partial tang moras are not as strong as full tang knives, that doesn't make them weak either.
I think they are great, I ordered one through a supplier in April, paid for it and it never came. BensBackwoods has the Maartini M571 which is a hand forged carbon steel blade with a semi-rat tail tang all the way to the handle end.

Hey man, your marttiini 571 is really sexy, though it is the Mora 510 with the longer tang.
He has killed almost every type of game in North America with a longbow and has put his skills to test in all types of environments. And, I wouldn't let the lack of a full tang and the presence of a thin blade totally sway one away from using a knife for (say) batoning or something.
Its been SIGMA 3 Survival School’s distinct honor to work with a professional of Mike’s caliber and if you check our instructor resumes, you know we only hire the best of the best! I have batoned with my Buck Diamondback, and there are people who have battoned with Opinel Folders without inflicting any damage to the knife. If you have an interest in making your own bow, need trapping supplies, or primitive supplies then you have come to the right place.

I'm beginning to like and use more thin bladed knives since I generally carry a hatchet when in the woods. To help you along that path to self education, we have everything from bow kits to raw staves, sinew backing, flint points, arrow blanks, furs, primitive quivers, and much more! I’d like to encourage you to either take a class or to try and create your own bow from the informational video above.
Taking a class will serve you best but some people just don’t have the time or budget to get hands on instruction, so we have provided an free informational video below and can provide all the supplies you need to complete your first self bow.

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