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The Ultimate BlizeTec Tactical Rescue Knife: A Practical and Lifesaving 5 Function Survival Tool!
If youa€™re in the military, work in a first-responder profession, or are an outdoor enthusiast youa€™ve probably tried other multi-tools and knives, but if youa€™re reading this then youa€™re looking for a new one and wea€™re happy to share why ours is one of the best multi-purpose knives out there! Unlike other multi-tools which often have small blades that are awkward to use precisely because of all the other handy gadgets contained within the tool, the BlizeTec Rescue Survival Pocket Knife is first and foremost an excellent knife with a strong and durable blade.
With these extra tools, the BlizeTec Tactical Knife is a must-have tool for emergency preparedness, excellent for first-responders, military personnel, outdoor adventurers, and those who love taking road trips. Quality Assurance: The drop-point blade with serrated saw is made from 420 grade stainless steel so it stays strong and sharp. Emergency Preparedness: In addition to the other features that could be life savers in any emergency in which you happen to find yourself, the combined window breaker and seatbelt cutter make this an excellent tool for extracting yourself or others from a damaged car after an accident.
If youa€™re shopping for yourself you can rest assured that the Limited Edition BlizeTec Survival Pocket Knife will see you through any rough or hazardous circumstance that comes your way, and if youa€™re looking for a quality gift for a loved one, the Limited Edition BlizeTec Pocket Knife comes in an attractive gift box with custom fit foam storage trays for the knife and the belt pouch which make this quality tool an excellent and easy gift choice for the military and first responder personnel and outdoor enthusiasts in your life. Give yourself and others the gift of quality and confidence with the Limited Edition BlizeTec Tactical Survival Pocket Rescue Knife! This post was kindly contributed by Jessica Hooley, an emergency prepper and writer of the blog Salt n’ Prepper – Critical Emergency Preparation with Ease. In my quest for ultimate preparation, I found that the average 72 hour kit sold at your local sports outlet isn’t a practical approach to bugging out.
Third disclaimer – I’ve linked several of these items to places where they are available for purchase. Some of these items I have left to your own discretion such as the first aid kit, extra clothes, fishing kit, etc. TIP: Next to my bug out bags I have one clothing bag filled with our hiking boots, wool socks, thermal underwear, 2 long sleeve shirts, 2 jeans, 2 hoodies, beanies and 2 pairs of gloves. Jessica Hooley is an emergency prepper and writer of the blog Salt n’ Prepper – Critical Emergency Preparation with Ease. If you found this article useful, please Vote for Ready Nutrition as a top prepper web site.
I do think you still need a flashlight for walking in the dark and I prefer the headlamp type. They can be used to clean a wound or trade or take the edge off of the hard times you are going thru.
I have four different ways to start a fire, several knives, a machete, saw, signal mirror, several compasses (that way you can compare one to the other so you know without dobt it is performing right), I use dryer lint for fire starting material, I think a book on survival is a good thing to have and a bible…I also intend to get heirloom seeds and above all I think water purification is the most important thing you can have. The list does not include a sharpening stone for knives or one of the small ceramic type knife sharperners.
Just curious why the recommendation is always for matches and not a bunch of disposable lighters?
I would also suggest using pencils instead of pens, as they don’t run out until they, well, run out. The oldest and by far the most interesting of the three is the Henry Repeating Arms AR-7 Survival rifle.
The safety is mounted at the right rear of the receiver and is easy to manipulate, and the magazine release is located at the front of the oversize trigger guard. The beauty of the AR-7 is that the barrel and receiver, along with magazines, are stored in the buttstock—with the buttpad serving to secure all the components. Before I began formal testing for this article, my church’s youth group put on its annual range day where we shoot .22s. I checked the AR-7’s accuracy from the bench with Wolf Match Gold, Remington Golden Bullet, Federal Value Pack and Aguila SE Subsonic, loads that were used for all three guns. To check the AR-7’s consistency, I fired another five-shot group using the Wolf load—removing and reinstalling the barrel between each shot.
The AR-7 acquired a poor reputation during the years it was produced by Charter Arms, so I decided to put more rounds through it than the other rifles—about 1,500 rounds in total.
At first glance the Takedown looks a bit strange because of the noticeable gap between the stock and the fore-end. The Ruger was more comfortable to shoot than the AR-7 because it has a nicer trigger, and groups were also easier to shoot with the Ruger. Usually viewed as a children’s training rifle, the Crickett is a small single-shot bolt-action rifle. In this case he removed the factory stock and fabricated a new one using a simple piece of PVC pipe. The result is simple yet effective with a 12.5-inch length of pull and 31-inch overall length. This Crickett, a bolt action with a manually cocked striker, was customized with a PVC tube stock. The Jaderborg Crickett is a fun little gun to shoot and capable of putting meat in the pot.
I may get paid for ads or purchases made through links in this post.July 14, 2016 By Heidi Leave a Comment This Easy DIY Homemade Survival Kit makes for a really practical and fun homemade gift idea to stash away!
Before your kiddos head out on their next adventure, get them ready with this Homemade Survival Kit! What would you do and where could you go for protection if something in our very unstable world finally does unravel?
A Custom Survival Bunker can serve as a primary dwelling or a vacation home, multi family compound or a long term shelter.
Prestressed concrete is a method for overcoming concrete’s natural weakness in tension.
We are a construction management firm specializing in confidential planning, design and complete construction of your project. I got the inexpensive part down—the meals averaged out to about $3.33 per meal (for one person) with the dinners being slightly more expensive than breakfasts or lunches.
For example, I purchased Monet crackers at the dollar store for less than half the price of our grocery store—same brand, same size, half price.
The other important breakfast idea was to include Emergen-C Super Orange electrolyte replacement packets. These meals will be supplemented with boxes of water and we have Berkey Sport water filters.
Below are the meal bags I have put together: breakfast, lunch and dinner for three days for the two of us.
Since getting my hands on a food saver, I have come to an appreciation of a whole new level of prepping. First Place winner will receive – A $500 dollar gift certificate courtesy of LPC Survival that is good for $500 off anything on their site. Third Place winner will receive –  a one year subscription to Personal VPN service courtesy of unspyable. Also be sure to check out the Preppers Cookbook – the Preppers Cookbook was a joint effort by Wolf Pack members that sent in their best recipes and food prep information and then that information was edited and put together by Bam Bam into a 160+ page cookbook.
Bam Bam, I believe that Cabella’s carries a heavier weight bag material that might make a big difference in this. I have only used it a couple of times and I have not used another brand, so I really couldn’t give a good recommendation.
I have had a china mart one without any way to regulate temp, it’s a waste of good plastic, and I now have a snackmaster, It has a temp control, so it is a step up.
Coals on a small open fire if you can keep the smoke down cooks hot fast and controllable, propane stove’s are great but if you are hoofing it why add one more thing to carry. Some frontier reenacters I knew would do this with rice, dehydrated frozen mixed vegetables and chicken or beef bouillon. On an unrelated note, You can vacuum pack your firearms too, but you will need to wrap them in a tool to smooth out the rough edges so that they don’t poke holes in the bag.
I do not know what I am doing wrong, but I have never gotten the jars to keep a seal using my Food Saver. Bam Bam, one of my favorite grits meals is grits, eggs, bacon, butter, salt and some cheese.
I went nuts with my vacuum sealer when I first got it, even sealed clothing and non-food items for compact packing in my BOB.
What are your thoughts on using sealed packages of noodles in your food kits along with foil-packaged flavoring powders? The Bear Grylls portable solar charger - a lightweight compact integrated battery and solar panel which rolls up neatly to store or carry - from Bear Grylls in partnership with outdoor technology leaders Bushnell. The lightest, most compact portable charger in its class: and most liked for personal use by independent reviewers outdoorgearlab. Flexible thin film solar panels provide excellent power-to-weight ratio; technology is proven in commercial and military uses for remote and portable power. For travel, business trips,hiking, walking, sailing, festivals - anytime you are out and about.
Fast ShippingEarly morning orders go same day; later orders dispatched early the next working day.
Nice job , I would suggest looking up some shading tutorials so the skins don't look so flat.

It is also better than other rescue knives because housed in its elegantly designed handle are a super bright and easily detachable LED mini-flashlight and a magnesium alloy fire startera€”two more tools than the standard three functions of most rescue knives.
The steel liner lock and the anodized aluminum handle secure the blade solidly in place for safe and steady cutting. Similarly, the detachable magnesium-alloy fire starter makes this knife perfect for camping, hiking, hunting, or any other outdoor activity.
The strong steel clip keeps the knife securely in your pocket, or you can carry on your belt in its sturdy nylon pouch. Most ready-made kits are all but useless containing minimal calories and a destitute number of tools for survival. If you’re going to survive a coronal mass ejection, nuclear warfare, EMP attack, natural disasters or anything else you happen to be preparing for, you need to be in good shape. I receive no monetary gain for you purchasing them at these particular sites so feel free to shop around wherever you like.
And yes, I was able to fit all of this in mine and my spouse’s bug out bags each weighing approximately 25 pounds.
The purpose for having a clothing bag is in the case of an emergency occurring in the middle of the night while we’re sleeping (such as a fire) and all we have on our backs is some cotton pajamas – we grab our bug out bags and clothing bag.
Add anything you think I missed, brand recommendations or anything else you feel like sharing in the comments section below.
You can live a long time without food and find several natural things to eat for sustanance, but you can only go without water a few days at most.
At the time of emergency all parties should have someone write their name and personal info on clothing and also on the body* between the shoulder blades on the back or on the chest, just in case.
My personal preference is for each person to have a complete bag even though there is more weight. That being said, my BOB includes : BIC lighters, matches, magnesium stick(s) small packages of kindling (can be bought at various sporting goods stores) and a couple of 9 volt baterries and steel wool pads.
Light, easy to carry and economical, they excel at harvesting small game and can get the job done on larger stuff if you know what you’re doing. Unfortunately, I was unable to get a sample of the Marlin, so I replaced it with something out of my own collection, a custom-stocked Crickett bolt action.
A classic design from the fertile mind of Eugene Stoner, it dates all the way back to 1958. After ArmaLite sold the design, it was produced by a number of companies before Henry acquired it. Insert the receiver into the cutout in the stock and twist the captured retaining bolt (finger tight will do).
The bright orange front sight is adjustable for windage, and the rear sight is an aperture that is adjustable for elevation. Magazines were easy to load, inserted with a simple upward push and locked securely in place. Out of those, I had a dozen failures to eject with Aguila’s Super SE Subsonic, but all the rifles had issues with that load. To take down the gun, slightly retract the bolt and push forward on the barrel release lever located underneath the fore-end while twisting the barrel assembly clockwise. The shift was small but noticeable—although I don’t think you would see the same shift if only the iron sights were used. Just as with the AR-7, this load didn’t quite have enough oomph to provide reliable operation. A simple design, the Crickett has garnered a cult following among backpackers, hikers and preppers looking for an ultralight and foolproof .22 rifle they can customize. After inserting a round into the chamber and closing the bolt, the striker must be manually cocked before shooting.
It was then slightly customized by friend and colleague Todd Jaderborg, who writes for Be Ready! The PVC pipe stock had a wooden dowel epoxied into one end, which was then inletted for the rifle’s action. The design greatly reduces the length when disassembled, and the tube offers storage for ammo.
I’m small-framed, so the gun’s diminutive size and short length of pull is not an issue for me.
Don’t just buy any load and expect it to function perfectly while providing sufficient accuracy.
Do you have a safe place to ride out the STORM? There is still time with our precast pre-assembled facilities.
It can be used to produce beams, floors or bridges with a longer span than is practical with ordinary reinforced concrete.
Safe Rooms are a great alternative still allowing you that same kind of protection that a buried structure offers.
The CSB team’s latest expansion has enabled us to now bring our custom home building skills together with our precast concrete to create your custom bunkers and other underground projects. This gives the owners the peace of mind that their family is safe in their Custom Safe Home.
To improve upon the nutritious part I plan on replacing the processed food with food from my garden that I dehydrate myself. The best breakfast idea I came up with is to put our regular cereal (Honey Bunches of Oats) into a food saver bag, and add dehydrated banana chips (another dollar store find) and two tablespoons of powdered milk. The Korr sides are somewhat nutritious (they at least have green specks that resemble broccoli) but they take 15 minutes to cook. Each meal contains eating utensils, extra napkins, salt and pepper, a drink mix packet and an individually wrapped wet wipe. If we do have to bug out (hopefully in the vehicles so we don’t have to carry all this food on our backs), we will likely be under considerable stress.
Before I got the food saver, our BOBs contained mostly snack foods—peanuts, jerky, granola bars, etc. I wonder if it would be good to put the contents of each bag in an unsealed ziplock bag (for extra protection), and then seal the food saver bag. If you have a vehicle, weight will not matter and if not a good Cast Iron Dutchy is worth more than gold. If I have to choose between a cook stove or an extra rifle or 200 rounds of ammo the stove will lose because if I have the dutchy and can asseble wood smoking racks out of available materials I have essentially rendered the stove a luxery item. You can’t pack ammo this way is it may push the bullets into the cartridge, causing dangerous pressures when fired. I keep most of my dry goods in half gallon canning jars–removing the oxygen will increase the shelf life of my dry goods. Single Player Commands is also necessary to open the chat console for certain mods.The next mod I install is ModLoader which allows infinite items when an item is shift-clicked in the TMI gui. Currently, the SMP version works better while the single-player is glitchy and hard to work with but still usable. These quality features ensure the durability of our knife which we back with a 100% RISK FREE Lifetime Warranty. Health and fitness are essential to survival and this kit is made for people who take that seriously. For instance, when I make my homemade firestarters for our bug out bags, before I seal them up, I cut up half a matchbook and throw them into the package.
It could be the end of both of you if you get separated and vital stuff is missing from one bag or the other. The steel wool pads can be great in high humidity areas where there is moisture in the air. So when I decided to review three different rifles chambered in .22 LR and geared toward survival use, I was interested to see not only how they would perform, but also how they would stack up against each other.
The AR-7 carved a niche for itself and was commercially successful, and 57 years later it not only remains in production but also continues to be a practical piece.
Next retract the bolt slightly and insert the barrel into the receiver while aligning the pin in the barrel with the corresponding cutout in the receiver. But it quickly won me over with its light weight, quick handling, monotonous reliability and decent accuracy.
I was surprised when the AR-7 came out on top, and I know at least one parent later purchased one. As seen in the accompanying chart, Aguila’s SE Subsonic posted the tightest five-shot group in the AR-7—0.60 inch—and the best average. If you don’t like the factory look, there are a number of accessories available for it, including different barrels, stocks, magazines and more. I fired a five-shot group using Wolf’s Match Gold load while removing and reinstalling the barrel between shots. The standard model comes with a short 12-inch length of pull, a 16.1-inch barrel and a 30-inch overall length.
I shot the same loads through the rifle to check accuracy, and the best single group went to the Federal 36-grain hollowpoint at 0.70 inch with the factory aperture iron sights.
But I have to say if my life were on the line and I needed my .22 for defense, I would greatly prefer a semiautomatic.

Prestressing tendons (generally of high tensile steel cable or rods) are used to provide a clamping load which produces a compressive stress that balances the tensile stress that the concrete compression member would otherwise experience due to a bending load.
Our safe rooms can be built to protect their occupant from the most severe storms to the zombie apocalypse. Because the last thing you want is to come out of your safe room before it is safe. From the deepest survival bunker to the largest multi-unit compound, our specialized team can take care of your construction needs.
For those of you who don’t want a buried structure or your property won’t allow it, Custom Safe Homes are a great alternative still allowing you that same kind of protection that a buried structure offers.
The inexpensive part was achieved largely by shopping at the dollar store and buying things from Publix BOGO. This is going to be my next big step in meal planning—to take the meals in a jar idea to an all-new level. I am thinking that I can improve upon the Korr Sides by dehydrating my own veggies and adding minute rice and a bullion cube.
I have added to the calorie count of meals by adding granola bars, power bars and Cliff bars. And we have a forest behind our house for long term cooking needs.) If we bug out, cooking will be an issue. That way you would end up with a perfectly good ziplock bag that you can reuse once you’ve opened the seal on the food saver bag. An eight inch oven can prepare a meal for four or five easily and you cook with any fuel you find, wood, charcoal, propane.
It took a couple of tries to get it seasoned right in the oven (setting off all the smoke alarms in the house several times). You’ll be able to see it working from the fine froth of bubbles coming from the meat. Now that I am thinking in terms of making my own meals from scratch, I think I will include some butter powder, dehydrated scrambled egg and some ham chunks.
We should come up with a bunch of recipes to share just like the cookbook, don’t you think??
I guess this doesn't really count as a mod so scroll down for more.The next mod I would install is Optifine because it reduces tons of lag by customizing the graphics options.
All creations copyright of the creators.Minecraft is copyright Mojang AB and is not affiliated with this site. I put the “96 hour” in quotations because essentially you can make this kit last as long as you need so long and you can supply yourself with adequate food. A good weapon and ammo will be almost as essential as water, especially if your in the city or the burbs.
Although I have a lighter in my bag, the matches will be a back up in case I’m in dire need of fire.
Take your 9 volt battery and touch both the positive and negative contatcs to the steel wool and the wool will begin to glow.
The simple blowback action utilizes a fairly heavy bolt assembly to feed rounds, and the bolt handle slides into the bolt to reduce width for storage.
The AR-7 is not a match gun, and it will never win any awards for its fine lines, but it’s just as capable of putting meat in the pot today as when it was designed 57 years ago. As the name suggests, this model differs from the original by incorporating an easily removed barrel assembly. Practical accuracy was quite good, but the rifle proved a bit finicky at extraction and ejection. And while the .22 LR is a marvelous little cartridge capable of doing impressive feats, you need to place your shot exactly.
From adding a storm shelter or adding an extra addition to your existing dwelling with our Custom Safe Home Division.
Traditional reinforced concrete is based on the use of steel reinforcement bars, rebars, inside poured concrete. By using prestressed precast concrete our homes are designed to withstand all that our environment is throwing at us. The second project, the subject of this article, was to put together some shelf stable meals for our BOBs.
It is very likely that we will encounter good Christian folk who need help; so having a little extra will be a good thing.
Check list: canned cat food, dry cat food, dog food, dog cookies, and catnip to keep my cats totally stoned out of their minds.
Obviously if on the run must be careful with fire, but if you are gonna stop to cook you will be drawing attention to yourself any ways. I need to do some research here, but I imagine that removing the oxygen will extend the shelf life of the products significantly. I recommend you install this mod to reduce a LOT of lag and it's compatible with a lot of mods. Inside was a black synthetic stock, and stored inside this sealed and water-resistant container was a 16.1-inch barrel, the receiver and two eight-round magazines. The standard sights are a bit small and hard to see for my middle-age eyes, so I mounted an old Nikon 1.5-6X scope for testing. Plus, by removing one screw, the barreled action is easily separated from the stock to greatly reduce the length for storage. The Wolf and Federal loads functioned flawlessly, but the Remington and Aguila loads occasionally failed to extract. Plus your home can be retro fitted with a safe area that fits seamlessly with your home and it’s existing architectural design. The requirements were that the meals had to be nutritiously balanced and significantly cheaper than MREs. I have not included gum in any of the meal bags, as we have gum packed in our BOBs already. Pat any oil on jerky dry…cool…freeze for 72 hrs & then store in airtight, insect proof containers in a cool, dry place or freeze or refrigerate. And that’s great news, because I would prefer not to have to open my #10 cans unless absolutely necessary. The next and final mod I would install is Camera Studio Mod that uses the chat console to record time-lapses or show-off your Minecraft creations by using smooth movement. This dramatically reduces the length for storage, and the Takedown has become popular with those who appreciate its ability to be split in half and stored neatly away. The 20-inch barreled action and slightly short stock can then be tucked away in a pouch until needed.
We can also upgrade your homes security and sustainability to keep not only you but your valuables safe too. And I wanted the foods to be as close to our ordinary diet as possible so we don’t suffer digestive shock.
Fresh red meat, rabbits being the exception, contain all nessacery componants for survival if kept medium rare.
However, I think the Hamburger Helper with other types of noodles, such as elbow mac, might work just fine. I don't recommend using this mod if you are a serious normal survival player because this will mess up your world.Another EPIC mod is SDK's gun mod. Utilizing a Precast Concrete system offers many potential advantages over site casting of concrete. We did that about a month ago, and the marshmellows have not shrunk back down, so it is holding it’s seal well. I always add veggies to my Hamburger Helper to increase the nutritional content and change up the taste some. It's the BEST gun mod out there with grenades, nukes, guns (of course), and tons of other features. The production process for Precast Concrete is performed on ground level, which helps with safety throughout a project. You could add dehydrated veggies to the noodles in your vacuum bag with the seasoning packet and have a complete nutritional tasty meal that will feed a family of 4 to 6, for under $2.00.
There's maps for SDK's gun mod and there's also a multi-player version as well.A practical mod is Rei's mini-map that detects mobs and displays the world. There is a greater control of the quality of materials and workmanship in a precast plant rather than on a construction site. However, it doesn't detect mobs or players in multi-player servers.A cool mod also by Risugami is his Elemental Arrow's mod which adds craftable lighting arrows, egg arrows, ice arrows, fire arrows, and explosive arrows into Minecraft.
It also adds a special diamond bow that shoots arrows towards the closest mob (not including yourself).Thanks for reading this blog and if you have any questions, comments, or other cool mods, comment below!

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